High Gear, August 5, 2009
Maybe summer has finally arrived. It was hot out, the conversation was spirited inside, the American League East standing are in their proper order, our new President has taken charge, and all is well. Dan Russell offered a thoughtful blessing and the Chicken Cacciatore with Bean Salad and Pasta arrived at the table. Fred Campbell and Assistant DG Mike Garnett were our guests, with Fred being introduced by Bill The Chipmunk Saunders, busily masticating some Banana Nut Cake while introducing him. Donna Bys and Ross LaBella led the Welcome Song.
Sergeant At Arms Jack Ghagan reported on birthdays for Ceil Collins, John Shemo and Bill Saunders. Despite their requests for silence, Carmen declared we would sing anyway. So we did. Dan Larson and Don Pitkin paid for pix in the papers and Dan thanked all who expressed interest in brother John (former East Hartford Rotarian and present Member of U.S. Congress - his two claims to fame) who had a valve replacement yesterday.  According to Dan, the good news is that the surgery was successful and John has a new cow's valve; the bad news is that that Connecticut's share of the Stimulus Money will now be delivered in milk.  Nick Cecere paid for new digs and George Agnelli paid for a nine year old “new” car. George may be the only guy in America who went out and bought a “cluncker” just so he could trade it in and get an new car rebate. Any thing to get his hands on Government money.
Today was a Club Assembly and there were lots of announcements:

    ADG Mike reminded us the Polio Challenge will resume in September. This is the attempt to raise $33 per Rotarian to help cover Polio Plus expenses.
    He also encouraged us to plan to attend the Rotary International Convention next June in Montreal, Canada. The District is reserving a block of rooms and will be hiring buses for participants.
    Bob Richmond is looking for three more players for next Monday's District Golf Tournament in Feeding Hills, MA. Call him if interested.
    Bill Saunders is running the Club Golf Outing on August 19th prior to the Klocks' Picnic. 18 Holes with a cart and a free meal later in the day for only $45. 20 signed up to date with room for more. Bill needs the money next week. Playing a scramble at Twin Hills with a shotgun at 9:30 a.m.
    The Club Golf Committee is meeting next week at 11:45.
    November 7th is Rotary United Nations Day. See President George for details.
    Tuesday, August 18 at six p.m. three trucks are needed along with some strong backs to transport tables and chairs over to the Klocks' for the Picnic. Also need help taking things back at end of Picnic Wednesday evening. Contact Sue (sueklock@gmail.com) if you can help.
    Saratoga Trip is this Sunday. Meet at the Ridge at 8:15 a.m. (Jacoby, that means 8 a.m. for you)
    The East Hartford Book is now on sale on Amazon.com. with the first public sale scheduled for Raymond Library on August 21st.  They will also be available at the Picnic. Remember this is a Club Fundraiser and we are on the hook to sell 500 of these at $21.99 each (buy in batch and you can negotiate the price.)
    We need advisors for the Interact Clubs at EHHS and CIBA. If you can make afternoon meetings a couple of times a month and want to lend a hand working with some terrific young people (my granddaughter was a VP of the Club at CIBA this past year), talk to Sue Klock. We are working with the Manchester Rotary Club about starting a RotaryAct Club at Manchester Community College and need advisors for that as well. See Peter Klock on this one.
Okay, so much for announcements.  President George spent the balance of the meeting reporting on the excellent early start to his Rotary year. To his evident surprise, all committees are actively engaged in setting out goals and objectives and getting underway in planning their activities. What George is just learning is that 90% of Club business runs on autopilot, and members have so much experience doing their thing that the President can sit back and relax or stand up and get involved, doesn't matter. It just gets done either way.
President George also reported on some budget decisions he and the Board have made for the coming year. They plan to use about $11,000 of last year's surplus to help fund an approximate $131,000 Operating and Charitable Giving Budget. Major Fundraising will consist of the Golf Tournament ($22,000 projected), a new Wine Tasting Event ($10,000), Book Sales ($3,300) and the Citrus Sale ($500-600). Dues make up the rest.
As to Charitable Giving, the plan is to increase the Coats for Kids program, and to continue to support but decrease the funding for Project Lead The Way. President George wants us to focus on the Hunger, Shelter and Clothing needs in East Hartford.
In the comment section of the meeting, Jim Fallon suggested the Club examine the possibility of using an assessment approach to fund raising instead of relying on ticket sales and raffles and such. Under this idea, each member would be assessed a certain amount over and above his/her dues to provide monies for Charitable Giving. There was enough interest in this idea that it bears further discussion. To help in that regard, we will be putting up a Forum Topic on the issue on our Website. Please add your comments there when you get a chance.
Also both Heather Summerer and George Fitch requested a more holistic approach to seeking corporate support for Club activities. Instead of nickel and dimeing  companies by approaching companies over and over with each cause, decide at the beginning of the year what is needed and make a single request that can be processed more efficiently. Great idea and Heather promised if we did it, she would get us lots of money.
Enough. So, Ruthie, if Ralph Kramden was a Loveable Loser, does that make Big Papi a Loveable User?  
Doug Willett
High Gear, Wednesday, July 29, 2009

 Presided by President George Schoen

 Rotary song sung by all

 Pledge of Allegiance stated by all

 Special guests

Welcome song led by Tom Galvin and Doug Willett

 Invocation provided by Anwar Hossain

 Menu:  cheeseburger, corn-on-cob, potato salad, water melon

Happy Birthday to:  Yvette Roming

Happy Rotary Anniversary to:  Jacquie Danise (19) and Art Bradbury  (41)                             

Sergeant of Arms, Dan Larson reports:  All those listed above celebrating anniversaries and birthdays paid.  Art Bradbury paid for the marriage of his granddaughter this past weekend.  Louise Mazzoli paid for her son’s visit home from Fort Lewis.  Mike paid for his weekly visit to his nurse.  Don Pitkin paid for being at lunch.  Bill Leone paid for his love of Dan Larson.  Nell owes because Dan made something up about my parking.  Dan, you run it all at Goodwin (a very good thing).  Give yourself break at Rotary….Welcome August SOA,  Jack Ghagan  

Club Runner  Doug Willett thanks all who are engaging in the site.  Doug will have a camera with him at the next couple of meetings.  If you would like your photo on the site, Doug will take your picture and he will assist in the photo upload. Reminder that training and support is always be available. Members who choose to use traditional mail, telephone, etc will continue to participate fully in this manner. 

Club Picnic and Golf Outing, August 19    Picnic at Sue and Peter Klock’s will take place 4:30 – 8pm.  The picnic will serve as August 19 meeting.  Sign up sheet distributed at meetings.  Appetizers/finger delights wanted and spouse/ adult guest welcome.  Picnic contact:  Sue Klock.  Golf outing contact:  Bill Saunders 

For your calendar:


Back to School supplies/dollar donations are needed for East Hartford students, K-12.  New supplies such as spiral notebooks, backpacks, highlighters, colored pencils, markers, crayons, easers…  Please bring your donation to next weeks meeting, August 5 or drop off at Social Services Department, lower level, Town Hall, 740 Main Street, 8:30 – 4:30 week days (Thursday till 6pm)  Contact:  Neal Cunningham 

Of special interest:  Hamden Rotary President, John Karavas is looking to our Club for Big E volunteers.  Volunteers will help at the AMBER/Missing Child Alert ID registration booth.  Dates of Big E are September 11 thru October 4.  President Karavas requests that a member of our Club coordinate volunteers from our Club.  More to follow. 

Committee information:

Raffle winner:   Congratulations to George Finch, ticket # 2847. 

High Gear notes submitted by Nell  Bourgoin, July 29, 2009.

by H. Nell Bourgoin

Presided by President George Schoen 

Rotary song sung by all  

Pledge of Allegiance stated by all 

Special guests


Welcome song led by George Finch and Jim Watts 

Invocation provided by Bob Wood 

Menu:  toss salad, turkey pop-pie, vanilla ice cream w/strawberries 

Happy Birthday to:  Bill Leone and Dan offers best wishes brother John Larson 

Happy Rotary Anniversary to:  Brian Liss (3), Chuck Clark (14) and              Bob Wood (24) 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:  Bill and Beverly Leone (41 yrs)  

Very special hats off to:


Sergeant of Arms, Dan Larson reports:  All those listed above celebrating anniversaries and birthdays paid.  Someone mentioned something about the New York someones.hope they paid.  Red Sox fans always pay. 

At the podium:    Doug Willett led a comprehensive discussion about "Club Runner" including what the site offers and how Club members navigate the site.  A handout/guide was provided to each member. Members are encouraged to complete their individual page "My Personal Information." This initiative, thanks to the work of Doug, Sheryl O'Connor, Sue Klock, Peter Klock, George Schoen and Carol Krantz enables Club members to use our computer capabilities for all things related to the Club. As with anything significant and wonderful, it will take time for many of us to be up-to-speed with Club Runner.  Training and support will always be available. Members who choose to use traditional mail, telephone, etc will continue to participate fully in this manner. 

For your calendar:




Of special interest:  Hamden Rotary President, John Karavas is looking to our Club for Big E volunteers.  Volunteers will help at the AMBER/Missing Child Alert ID registration booth.  Dates of Big E are September 11 thru October 4.  President Karavas requests that a member of our Club coordinate volunteers from our Club.  More to follow. 

Committee information:  


Raffle winner: Congratulations to John Kelleher, ticket # 2766. 


High Gear, Wednesday, July 8, 2009

 Presided by President George Schoen

 Special guest:  Cate Evans, executive director, Chamber of Commerce, South Windsor

 Welcome song led by Louise Mazzoli and John Kelleher

 Invocation provided by Art Bradbury

 Distributed:   (1) Telephone chain list…thanks Chuck and Esther Clarke  (2) Committee list.  (3) Club rosters (see announcements)

 Menu:  meatloaf, mac and cheese, veg melody, carrot cake

 Happy Birthday to:  Ruth Sheehan (June 12)

 Happy Rotary Anniversary to:  Ruth Sheehan, Herb Tischofer (28 yrs) and Jim Watts (25)

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:  Jim and Peggy Watts (35 yrs)                

Sergeant of Arms, Dan Larson reports:  Jay Stewart enjoying her lake home more permanently these days.  Art Bradbury paid for his fourth great-grandchild.  Jack Ghagan should have paid for his highway department attire.  (I loved the orange shirt)  Mike Malinguaggio continues to date the nurse.    Those listed above celebrating anniversaries and birthdays paid.

 At the podium:    Jacquie Danise announced that Images of America East Hartford will be released August 17.  Since every coffee table in East Hartford should sport one, Club members are asked to help market/sell the book.  $ 21.99 per and shipping is available at additional $ 4.50.  Contact:  Jacquie Danise

 Resignations accepted by the Board:  Roy Spillar and John McNaughten

 For your calendar:


 Committee information

 Raffle winner:  #2601, Congratulations President George

 High Gear notes submitted by Nell Bourgoin, July 9, 2009.

High Gear, Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Presided by
President George Schoen

Special guest
:  Herbert Toback, district governor

Welcome song
led by Dave Amberg and Gina Herboldt

provided by Bill Saunders

Happy Birthday
to:  Chirag Thacker
                                Jordan Summerer

Sergeant of arms, Dan Larson reports
:  Ross LaBella paid for showing up.  Guy LaBella paid- the recent Wethersfield tornado hit his neighbor's home versus Guys'.  Guy also paid up for two newspaper pictures of him; the EH Chamber golf tournament and the EH annual breakfast meeting.  

Hat's off to:
 Sheryl O'Conner.  Her daughter Jackie is the recipient of the Orville and Wilbur Wright Award.   Stu Harris' daughter, Julia ranks in the top twenty of the EHHS Class of 2009.  Jeff Larson, son of Dan named Athletic Director and head football coach at New London High School.  Two other Larson gents, Jack and Joey, Dan's grandsons blessed the front page of the JI.  Photographs of Guy LaBella and Don Pitkin were also carried in recent newspapers.

Remarks by special guest
District Governor Herb Toback:  The EH Club is the first of 52 clubs he visits.  He expressed appreciation for our club's work with the Peace Fellows program.  In particular the brisk action by Sue Klock and Bill Secord to accommodate an interested potential fellow.

For your calendar

    July 14:  Goodwin College and the tall ship Half Moon reception.  4:30 - 8pm.  Contact Karen Gilbert, 291.9934
    July 18:  Celebrating 100 Years of Rotary in Massachusetts,  Reception and dinner.  Contact:  Sue and Pete Klock or Ceil and Frank Collins
    July 19:  Past presidents' picnic.  Contact:  Bill Saunders
    August 9:  Saratoga.  Depart 8:15am.  Return 9pm. $50 per.  Contact:  Carol Krantz


    Golf committee to meet at 11:45, Wednesdays through the month of July
    Club rosters distributed.  Contact Sue Klock if you need a roster
    Membership as of June 30, 2009:  89, six honorary
    Annual Programs Fund:  Peter has managed to have an additional $2,318 contributed to the Fundy by members of our club.  As promised Peter matched this amount, sending a total of $4,636 to the Rotary Foundation on June 30, 2009.
    Shelter Box Supporters wanted:  Post cards addressed to Larry King were distributed and members are asked sign and mail them, with the request that Mr. King feature Tom Henderson on his program.
    In appreciation:  Notes of thanks were read from the following:  Connecticut Volunteer Service of Blind and Handicap for the Club's support of $500.  The Town of East Hartford thanks the Club for providing smoke detectors and batteries.

President George received the specially wrapped red box.  With great anticipation, he opened the “gift” of fruit loops.  

High Gear, Wednesday - June 24, 2009

With assurance from on high that the sun will, indeed, shine again one of these days, the East Hartford Rotary Club met, in the rain, at Sunset Ridge Clubhouse. New President George Schoen rang the bell at precisely 12:15 for the start of his year in office. Some club members seemed a little confused as to what George is today, President-elect (cause it's still not July 1st) or President. His nibs himself acknowledged that in the International world of Rotary, he might technically still be “…-elect,” but in the East Hartford world, George was, indeed, installed last Wednesday evening, thus, he is already our “Mr. President.”

In an invocation led By President George himself, he told of Art Bradbury's sister, Pat Baldwin, having died on Tuesday evening in Philadelphia, and extended condolences to Art and his family.

A plate of ziti and meatballs met our palates, with chocolate cake for dessert. All this to the introduction of guests: Kate Evans, Rotarian from So. Windsor; Michael Fitzpatrick, a visiting Rotarian from someplace down south, and our speaker for the day, Joyce Kristof. The Welcome Song was led with good cheer by Glen Peterson and Dan Russell, while Sheryl O'Connor tickled the ivories.

Sgt-at-Arms Jack Sayre told of a couple birthday celebrations; Jim Reik and Tom Galvin (who somehow managed to pay for last year's as well!). Also, Glen Peterson jumped in the air and clicked his heels while paying for the last day of school, sending the little darlings home for the summer. (He didn't really say that; the High Gear editor just made it up 'cause it would seem to have been an appropriate thing to do!)

President George's first list of Announcements included:
o     His “thank you” to Kathy McCabe for a well-earned, and well-run Installation Banquet last week at the Gallery in Glastonbury
o     A thoughtful expression of thanks from Jim Reik on the club's support at the recent loss of his beloved granddaughter
o     Jim Fallon's sharing news of the Golf Committee, already hard at work in planning the Annual Golf Tournament, to be held (mark your calendars) on Sept, 21st at Manchester Country Club. Be thinking about raffle prizes!
o     George Finch brought back a colorful Rotary Club flag from St. Martin
o     The District is looking for a Rotary team leader for the GSX trip to Japan. Great opportunity! Anyone interested, call President George
o     Bill Saunders told of his and Bill Secord's activity on behalf of a Rotary Peace Scholarship. We have a candidate: Gretchen Upheld, late of the Peace Corps and outstanding young woman who would pursue a yearlong course of study (hopefully in Australia) on the many concepts of peace, such as conflict resolution
o     And then, some dates to commit to memory:
July 19 - Past Pres. Party at “the Lake”
Aug 9 - Bus trip to Saratoga
Aug 10 - District Golf Tournament
Aug 12 - Club Assembly (that's a Wednesday noon)
Aug 19 - Picnic at the KLock's

After seeing Larry Hangland win the weekly Raffle, we were introduced by Art Bradbury to today's speaker, Joyce Kristof, Exective Director of the Little Theatre of Manchester. LTM's Cheney Hall is a theater venue built by the Cheney Brothers for their silk company employees back in the late 1800's. Originally constructed for concerts, speakers, plays, etc., it also has served as a temporary hospital facility during WW I's flu epidemic, and a fabric store in the 50's & 60's.  Following a $2 million restoration project in the 1980's, it has become the home of LTM and Manchester Musical Players, as well as filling its original purpose of providing cultural and musical events (concerts, duos, string quartets, etc) each year, but now for a wider audience  from much of Greater Hartford. Ms Kristof is a gracious spokesperson for LTM, and she presented her remarks with charm and enthusiasm.

So, with this first meeting of President George's year, we offer a “Well Done!”  It was also the last scheduled speaker-type program of the 2008-2009 year; seems to this writer that the Program Committee has done a great job all year. Thank you, Sheryl et al!!!

High Gear, June 17, 2009
Once again the Gallery in Glastonbury proved itself a great place to meet, eat, and celebrate, this particular evening, the Going Out of President Sue Klock and the Coming In of President George Schoen. 'twas a happy, jovial crowd, as both old and new friends met  over a favorite beverage and delicious hors d'oeuvres. (Didja notice that the bartender, by now known to all as Chris, remembers your name? Amazing!) After an Invocation from Art Bradbury, in which he asked the Good Lord to be at George's side as he leads us in the coming year, we met the guests. In addition to the usual gathering of PDGs from far and wide, new President George's table included Lucile Bailey, Jay Stewart, Art & Char Bradbury, best friend Pastor Al Turner & his wife Charlotte, George's sister Marge, his darling daughter Donna, and his ever lovely wife and soon to be "Co-President," Peggy. Tom & Art then led a boisterous rendition of the Welcome Song. Dinner, as promised, was wonderfully prepared filet mignon, sea scallops, and chicken. Ummmm!

Fabulous, fanciful offerings, followed one after the other, and here it should be noted that President Sue, in highlighting the accomplishments of her year, paid moving and emotional tribute to the many East Hartford Rotarians, many of them Past Presidents, who made it all possible, among them:
o     "4 Avenues of Service" Award to Bill Leone
o     Recognition of his moving to "Level 3" in support of the Foundation, to Steve Jacoby
o     "All of the Hardware," pin, plague, badge, (no bill?) to new member Marc Glass. Welcome, Marc!
o     Numerous Presidential Citations to our club, presented by DG Jim Dusza. President Sue called up Bill Saunders, Doug Willett, and a host of others (I knew I shouldn't start with names!), in citing the many people responsible.

With the help of incoming District Governor Herb Toback, and with what almost sounded like a marriage ceremony, our new prexy, GEORGE SCHOEN was sworn into office. In the traditional sharing of the wine goblet (a long ago gift from our sister club in Neath, Wales), Sue and George "sealed the deal."  President Sue, in passing the gavel of office to new President George, assured the club of her confidence that "next year will be our best!"

President George, as he introduced his new Board, presented them with colored baseball caps, noting that, together, they resembled a "bowl of Fruit Loops." George's remarks included enthusiastic telling of the goals for his year, among them, support for:
o     Continued new member growth and, as important, their assimilation.
o     Rotary Foundation, for its role as the basic undergirding of all things Rotarian
o     Polio Plus, toward its final eradication
o     Encouragement of the existing Interact clubs
o     Our annual Golf Tournament, with much-needed influx of new members on the committee
o     …and most importantly, the every member support of President George, as he leads the East Hartford Rotary Club in the year ahead!

In a most fitting presentation, and in addition to a diamond studded PP pin, now Past President Sue was given a check for $500 toward the purchase of a Shelter Box!

Kathy McCabe is owed our thanks for putting together a wonderful evening. And, after  saying so, President George (you can tell he's a tenor by the key he started it on) led us in a hearty closing rendition of  "God Bless America." Kate Smith would have been proud!

As a first time participant at the Sergeant-at-Arms Picnic, I had no idea what to expect.  I was less than enthused because the weather was somewhat iffy for an outdoor picnic and the thought of sixty plus Rotarians milling around inside the house in case of rain gave me claustrophobic thoughts.  It turned out to be a remarkable day.  The rain held off.  The lack of sunshine was clearly offset by picnic goers basking in the culinary delights, great company and the gracious host and hostess.

The setup clearly reflected the efforts of many Rotarians volunteering their time and muscles to put the remarkable arrangement together.  Somehow my senses told me where the appetizer table was located. Trying to decide if I should go for the shrimp cocktail or breaded peppers or chicken nuggets, various kinds of chesses, cracker, chips, you get the picture, was tough.  The wise decision for me was to try all of them and I am glad I did.  I will let you know about the consequence when I weigh myself next Monday.

President Sue rang the bell exactly at 5:55 p.m. by my watch.  A flag of the United States was quickly produced so that Dan Firestone could lead us through the Pledge of Allegiance and his occasion appropriate invocation consisting of words like grille, food, thanks, etc.  We found out that it was the day for Sue and Peter's 42nd wedding anniversary.  We all sang happy birthday to Ruth Sheehan and Tom Galvin followed by the uplifting announcement by Tom that he has been cancer free for five years. 

The Membership Committee members were pleased to see President Sue go through the welcoming process with two new members, Dave Parry and Marc Glass.  We were told that the construction of our new website is going well.  Bob Richmond would like to have people sign up for the August 10, 2009 Golf Outing.  You know how to contact him.  The Shelter Box program this year was so successful that the same group will be back in October 2009.  Gil Wishart asked for a show of hands to determine which of the three choices, the backpack, the BBQ set or the bottle opener should be the winning prize for the golf tournament. Backpack was the clear winner. President Elect George delivered a clear message; Rotary means some work and not all play.  Despite my best attempts not to come within 10 feet of President Elect George, I got my committee assignments for the coming year like many others who thought they were attending just a picnic. Good job George.  The bell was rung at 6:10 p.m. to remind people that the best part of the picnic was yet to come.

It will be almost sinful of me to end the High Gear here without giving you the details of the main courses.  It was another gastronomical extravaganza.  The nicely spiced salmon grilled over water (or some magical potion) soaked cedar boards would have won any food contest.  It melted like butter in my mouth.  The people with steaks on their plates seemed to be enjoying their meal just as much as I did.  Bill and Beverly Leone deserve a round of applause.  Ice cream with toppings and whipped cream squirted by Mary Sullivan, leaning out of the window like the Ice Cream Parlor lady out of the serving window, matched the delight of the appetizer and the main course.  New members got the whip cream squirted on their wrist which they had to quickly lick clean to pass the initiation test; just kidding about the initiation test.  The efficiency, with which the group dismantled the entire setup and loaded it on trucks, was a scene to watch.  I left the picnic with no doubt in my mind that this is not the first time the Leones have thrown a picnic like this.

Anwar Hossain

High Gear, Wednesday,June 3, 2009

Well, at least the day started out with sunshine, and it carried thru to our Rotary meeting, where lots of happy shining was evident up at the Ridge! Ceil Collins led us in the Pledge to our beautiful American flag, Carol Krantz offered a thoughtful invocation, and we sat to the wafting aroma from the candles on Dan Firestone’s humongous birthday cake. Some cute little blond gave a very good imitation of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” serenade of JFK, and we were off and running!!! We sat to a tasty but rather glum-looking dish of sirloin tips with gravy over mashed ‘taters, accompanied by the first George Bush’s un-favorite vegetable, limp broccoli. Oh well, Dan’s birthday cake & ice cream for dessert left a good taste in our mouths, right, Moe?

 Guests? We had ‘em today! President Sue called on Ross Labella & Herb Tischofer (& of course, Sheryl O’Connor at the piano) to lead our Welcome Song for: Matt Ryan, Principal of EHHS; Scholarship recipients (see below) and their parents; ole friend Denny Weir and club President Bob Dugger of Glastonbury; prospective members Marc Glass and Dave Parry; and a bunch of delightful entertainers of the “Fantango & Company” troupe. 

 Sgt at Arms (pro tem) Jack Sayre told us that the coffers were enriched by Gil Wishart (8 Rotary yrs); Herb Tischofer and Dan Firestone, birthdays; Luke Blanchard, for an old 26 years (of birth, not in Rotary!); and Stu Harris’ daughter, Julia, for being Salutatorian of her class!

 Scolarship recipients who graced our gathering, along with their proud parents, were introduced by Larry Frazier, as follows:

Kristin Duquette, studying to be a motivational speaker; Ariana Larson (absent, please see below); Julia Harris, Lafayette Univ; Jimmy Nguyen, UConn; and Jessica Gustamachio. A wonderful group of young people; it made us all proud to have them here!

 Notes and news of interest:

     and Ariana Larson is home w/a headache after a night in the hospital caused by a biking accident.;

          hopefully also of good news, good friend Skip Guillemette just had open heart surgery at     

          St. Francis Hospital. We’re sure cards are in order and would be appreciated.

 Remember, INSTALLATION DINNER; When; June 17, 6:30 Cocktails, 7:30 Dinner. Where: The Gallery.

Dinner selections: Filet Mignon, Chicken Marsala, Sea Scallops w/ bread crumb topping. Tariff: $40 pp, due to Kathy McCabe by June 10th. No noon meeting that day, or on the earlier party, before that one, next Wednesday, the 10th, the Sergeant at Arms Party, at Bill Leone’s, next Wednesday.

 Sorry to be so brief in its description, but the Dance Party program, featruring the Fantango & Company troupe, brought to us by Dan Firestone, was something else…you really had to be there. Thanks, Dan!

 Oh yeah, Bill Leone won the raffle; wasn’t that fitting? and Glastonbury Rotary’s Lobster Fest tickets are only $50. Interested? Call Bob Dugger in Glastonbury. That’s all, folks!…so, for the month of June, Arthur


Before I load that file I want to report that the Guatamala project this year collected $4,000 from our Club and money gathered from other District Clubs totalled to 28K plus.  Behrhorst found matching grants that brought the total to $63K.   Sue also produced a check for $2K toward a Healthy Village Project in one of our towns. This can be viewed on YouTube at "District 7890 Guatamala water project part 1"  If you want a direct link, let me know.

YIR, Peter

HIGH GEAR:  Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Our weekly meeting seemed to have a lively bunch of members. It takes an authoritative gong to bring us to order.  The Rotary song, then Louise Mazzoli led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our nation's flag.   George Schoen offered a meaningful preamble to his prayer before the meal, quoting words written by a Guatemalan woman whose village had received the blessing of clean water.  We forget our many blessings.  George gave thanks for the opportunity we all have to put service above self.
    Lunch consisted of an open-faced turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, cranberry sauce, followed by strawberry-rhubarb pie.  That's more food than most ordinary folks need.
    There were many announcements.  Kathy McCabe reminded us that the Installation Dinner is June 17th, sign up by the 10th, $40 per person, choice of filet mignon, chicken marsala, or sea scallops.  The evening is free to new members and their guests! Venue is the Gallery in Glastonbury, lower level.  Cocktails at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:30 pm.  
    President Sue told us that the program today would be in the form of a mini-club assembly.  Lots of things to listen to and to talk about.
    Guests today included James Russell from the Springfield Club, Dave Parry, former New Jersey Rotarian, who is with the BSA here in Connecticut, Michael Williams, guest of Dean Roland, Giglio Miglieft Jr, guest of M. Williams, Ken Messier, representing the Children & Adult Mobility Project, Conrad Thamm, Marc Glass, guest of Steve Jacoby, Claire Litton, who will be an Ambassadorial Scholar, starting her Masters at a University in Perth, Australia beginning in February and Ryan McNeil, who is a student intern working under Herb Barall. And Dick Seidman, former District Governor.
    Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Galvin had a lengthy report.  Bill Saunders paid because his granddaughter, Kristina Liner, was named an O'Brien Scholar, one of the top thirteen students in this year's graduating class at East Catholic.  Lots of intelligence in the Liner family.  And Bill also paid because Neal Cunningham did such a fine job last Wednesday evening, giving a history of baseball---the East Hartford Dovelettes, at the East Hartford Historical Society meeting.  And the Pittsburgh Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Birthdays:  Stephen Bates, 53, Dean Roland, 87, George Agnelli, who paid handsomely, 79.  All wished no singing.  Anniversaries:  Mary Sullivan, two years, and Stephen Bates, 22 years.  Brian Liss paid for some sort of accreditation, but this reporter missed what it was.  And Tom Galvin needs help-vans or trucks-getting stuff to and from for the Sergeant-at-Arms Party at Leone's, 103 Skyline Drive, on June 10th.  Sign-up sheet was being circulated.
    There were multitudinous announcements from the floor and the podium.  The piggy bank netted $16.82 last week.  President Sue told us that the first water project in Guatemala cost $2500, then we got another $2500 put together for a second project, then two non-Rotary Foundations came forth with matching grants, so two more villages will have clean water.  And one or two of the villages, again thanks to our help, have set up Family Centers, for teaching nutrition, health, child care and similar socio-economic subjects.  George Schoen reminded us to turn in our committee preference sheets to him.  Gil Wishart thanked all who participated in the Rock Cats outing.  Under consideration is expanding the outing to include other clubs.  Peter Klock has issued a challenge-he will match dollar for dollar any member's contribution to the Rotary Foundation, designated for the Annual Program Fund, made before the end of June.  Those monies will be part of what comes back to the District, which will be during Sue's DG year!  Claire Litton spoke briefly; she is looking forward to her school year in Australia.  She was born in Canada, lives in Los Angeles, and is in Connecticut to celebrate her Grandfather's 90th birthday.  She enjoys Rotary Clubs, and was complimentary about our singing.  Mike Williams, a former member of the Coffee Club, had as his guest Ken Messier of the Children & Adult Mobility Project.  Ken will be riding across country with others, Avon to Los Angeles, to raise fund which will benefit soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. The push-off is soon, but the contribution forms do not state the date. And there will be an August Picnic in the Klock's backyard.
    The raffle was won by Ruthie Sheehan, who had number 2222.
    Brian Liss:  our goal was thirty new members under the age of thirty, we need just one to make that goal.  And as the rest of us age, gracefully, we hope, we need to think about still attracting new vibrant young members.
    We are unique, benefiting with West Hartford, from the Dunn Scholarship fund, which underwrites advanced study for scholars from East or West Hartford exclusively.  We have interviewed two very good candidates, Claudia Testa and Gabriel Falco.  Those applications have been forwarded to the Dunn Committee.  Any of the Dunn applicants not chosen will have their names submitted to the general District pool of candidates.
    George Schoen:  Golf Committee meeting, 11:30, next week.  George has worked up a proposed budget for his year which reflects our desire not to have raffle.  We still will have the Golf Tournament, and will have to have some other fund raising events.  A wine tasting/auction is under consideration.   The Board will be willing to listen to any and all proposals.  Sheryl O'Connor urged us to look at the website:   http://wwwclubrunner.ca/, we are considering having them oversee our website, or maybe it is an accomplished fact. Click on “Visit Live Sites.”
    Make ups:  George Schoen, Manchester, possibly twice; Sue & Peter Klock, Manchester and District Meeting; Frank & Ceil Collins, District Meeting; Brian Liss, Sue Klock, Bill Saunders, George Schoen, Neal Cunningham, Doug Willett:  Membership Committee.  
    That is probably more than you all want to read, but then again, that's what the meeting was.  It was a good meeting, filled with important information.  The only way to report it is to put it down on paper!
    Good to be with you-have a great week.  Dan Russell

High Gear, Wednesday,May 20, 2009

It was a loud crowd today enjoying pre-lunch fellowship.  Ah, the joy of Rotary. 

It must be the up coming Memorial Day Holiday because we decided to do the Pledge of Allegiance twice.  A little extra patriotism never hurts.  Bill Saunders led the invocation reminding us all about Service above self, being a friend to all, and ended with a request to the Almighty that the day on the course today be a good one.  Golf anyone?

President Sue asked for the introduction of guests.  For being on time today, Steve Jacoby was rewarded with both of our guests sitting at his table.  Steve introduced Bill Doak, Editor of The Gazette, and Dave Perry of the Boy Scouts of America.  Steve and singing partner Carol Krantz led a rousing rendition of the East Hartford Rotary Welcome song. Great job guys! 

After a lunch of stuffed peppers, broccoli, potatoes, and delicious chocolate cake, Dr. Feisty, Tom Galvin gave the Sergeant at Arms report.  Lionel Lessard had a Birthday, and Dave Amberg paid for his 10 year anniversary in Rotary.  Fines today were light - Don Pitkin for the weekly picture in the Gazette, Glen Peterson for his all expenses paid sabbatical to Japan, and Louise Mazzoli paid for the safe return our her son to Fort Lewis, home from Iraq.  Doc Galvin said there are a lot of “stiffs” who have not paid for birthdays yet…watch out next week.

Larry Frazier, chair of the Scholarship gave a brief report.  He thanked the committee for whipping him into shape.  He made note of the effort that was made to make the scholarship selection a “blind process” because many of the applicants are related to Rotary.  All of the following recipients are from East Hartford High School: Kristin Duquette, Arianna Larson, Julia Harris, Jimmy Nguyen, and Jessica Gustamachio.  The students will join us at our first meeting in June.

President Sue announced that there will be a Membership Meeting next week at 11:30 at the Ridge.

Kathy McCabe passed around the sign up list for the Installation Dinner coming up on June 17th.  It will be held at the Gallery in Glastonbury (Lower Level).  Please get your RSVP, dinner selection (Filet Mignon, Chicken Marsala or Sea Scallops) and moolah ($40 per person) to Kathy no later than June 10th.  Drinks at 6:30, Dinner at 7:30, and for the finale, George at the 8:30.  Good Luck George.

President Sue gave a brief recap from the Board Meeting:
o     Board has accepted, with regret, the resignation of Skip Guillmette and Gerry Brady.
o     Todd Gaertner will be transferring to a new club and there are two new proposed members coming our way soon.
o     Board voted for PRIVP Abe Gordon to be a member of the 2009-2010 nominating committee for President of RI 2011-2012 from Zone 32.
o     We will be using $2000 to support the Strong Family Center in Cojomachaj, Guatemala administered by the Behrhorst Partners.  We will present the check for the Water Project at a Manchester Rotary Meeting March 26th.
o     The board also authorized $1500 for the purchase of a new keyboard and stand.
o     We are looking at shifting to Club runner for our website.  It'll take a few months, but it will enhance our web presence.
o     The IB “Shelterless” fundraiser will be May 29 at First Church.  We will be presenting a check for $500 for their fundraising.  Please come by anytime to show your support, and if possible your help would be appreciated flipping pancake for the kids in the morning.
o     Finally, Sue pulled out a pair of handcuffs that were left at their house by Bill Saunders after the Board Retreat.  As Bill himself said, “Watch out for the quiet ones.”  I guess this falls under “Don't ask, Don't tell”.

The Raffle was won by Bill Secord. It's going toward the moving expenses.  Good job Bill.

Our very own Larry Hangland was our speaker today.  As the chair of our International Committee, Larry said, unlike most of what we do as Rotarians, we should all ask “What's in it for me?” because with the exchange programs its all about what you get from being a host, a great Rotary experience.  The three programs are Group Study Exchange, 1 year academic exchanges, and short term exchanges.
Each is experience is unique and worthwhile. 

President Sue ended the meeting with a reminder to all new members (July 1-present).  The club will pay for them and a guest to attend the Installation.  We really want to encourage our new members to enjoy some of our extra curricular activities.  Please come, it promises to be a great night. 

It's been an honor and a pleasure…See you all next week at the Ridge.



Tuesday, May 26, will be dedicated GEORGE STEWART NIGHT.

This night has been selected to recognize and pay tribute to George, a founding member of our league.  Many of our former league members are being invited back to share in the fellowship as only George would have it.  Beverages, the expense of which will be borne by George's sons, Doug and Bob, will be available starting at 6:00.

George's wife, and best friend, Jay, will be in attendance.

You are invited to share some of your memories of George as they related to the league and otherwise. Please plan on staying and sharing your thoughts.


Steve Jacoby, Sue and Peter Klock (4), Frank and Ceil Collins (4) Sheryl O'Connor (3), Mary Sullivan (2), Larry Hangland, George Schoen (3), Bill Saunders (2), Pat Gately, Herb Tischover, Bill Secord, and Dave Amberg

Golf-Committee: Jim Fallon, Bob Richmond, Bill Saunders, Glen Peterson, Yvette Riming, Dick McCarthy, George Schoen, Dean Roland, Jim Watts, G. Herboldt, Steve Tamiso, Kathy McCabe, Gil Wishart, Carol Krantz, and George Agnelli

High Gear, Wednesday, May 13th

We finally got  a perfect Spring day to go along with our Wednesday Rotary outing.  The crowd seemed slow to assemble, but when Acting Pres. George Schoen brought the meeting to order there was a goodly number of Rotarians in their seats.  After the Rotary Song and the Pledge, John Shemo gave a thoughtful prayer in which he asked for comfort, shelter, guidance, protection, and a safe and healthy environment for our Rotarians.  A tasty meal of Hawaiian chicken, rice pilaf, squash, and sponge cake was quickly served.


Following lunch our guests, David Parry, Erica Bourgoin, Ricky Ferrell, and Terry Piscatello were introduced and serenaded with the Welcome Song led by Pat Gately and Gina Herboldt.  Sgt. at Arms Tom Galvin had no birthdays or anniversaries to announce, but he had several Rotarians who had their pictures in various publications - Frank Collins, Ceil Collins, Dan Larson, and Guy Labella!    It was nice to see Leo Christmas back after his long Winter in Florida!


Pres. Sue returned from the district assembly and hijacked back the meeting from George! She had a most important task- the induction of a new member, Nell Bourgoin, sponsored by Jay Stewart.  Sue stressed the importance of new members to our organization!  Keep them coming!!!!!  Sue had several announcements:

1.  She wished to thank all who worked at the Senior Citizen's Prom.  Steve Tamiso was able to get Several gift certificates, and Ed Cassala was able to get many of our supplies at a good discount.  The entire event cost our club $300.70 - very reasonable for feeding almost 200 people.

2.  There will be a New Board Retreat Saturday at 1:30.

3.  There will be a regular Board Meeting on May 18th.

4.  The CIBA Interact  club will participate in a Shelterless night on May 29th on the grounds of First Congregational Church.  Stop by and support them with a donation.  Our club architects will judge their cardboard houses.  Should be an interesting and symbolic event!

5. We will be sending 5 students to RYLA: 2 on scholarship, and 3 at their own expense.

6.  There will be a Memorial Service on May 24th for June Cox, wife of former District Governor Neil Cox, at the Rocky Hill Congregational Church.

7.  Don't forget the Rockcats Baseball Game Friday.  Gates open at 5, Dinner at 5:30.

8.  Chuck Clarke could use help putting out Flags on Veteran's graves, Saturday 5/17at 8:00 AM Hillside Cemetary.

9. On Wednesday, May 20th, Neal Cunningham will give an historical talk on the East Hartford Dovalettes Softball team at the Raymond Library, 7:00 PM.

10.  Next week - Golf Committee meeting at 11:30.  Membership meeting on the 27th.

The Raffle was won by Art Apostol.

A note of concern - Betty Russell is recovering from a stroke at Hartford Hospital. She will go to Riverside Rehab on Thursday. Our thoughts are with her and with Dan.


Art Apostol introduced our speaker, Earl Crown, who presented a program on Long Term Care Insurance.  He indicated the importance of LTC in terms of its financial impact.  The average cost of LTC in Connecticut is now about $310 a day.  He indicated that the rise in Bankruptcies among those in the 75-84 year old group has risen 433% in recent years, primarily due to healthcare costs.   He explained several ways to pay the costs -self insurance, LTC insurance, and various governmental programs such as Medicaid (which is being severly cut back).  He gave some examples of various types of insurance and the coverages of which  one should be aware.  Particularly important is the waiting period before drawing benefits and an inflation rider to keep the policy amount rising with the cost of care.  He said that if you had questions, you could call Art Apostol, who is knowledgable in this area.


Make ups: Sue and Peter Klock (3), George Schoen, Sheryl O'Connor, Mary Sullivan, Pat Gately, Steve Jacoby, Frank and Ceil Collins, Yvette Roming, Leo Christmas, Jack Ghagan, and Brian Liss.


Bob Wood, Pinch Hitting for Heather Summerer

Wed. May 6, 2009

“Rain, rain, go away!” Surely we all remember that riff from our youth, and it still works today, as the sun came out just as soon as Dave Amberg asked: “So, are your clubs in the car?”  With President Sue in NYC, soon-to-be President George rang the opening bell and we moved to the buffet tables for a serve-yourself, but very tasty, repast of pasta, chicken and jello salads, butterfly shrimp, and cookies for dessert.  For some reason, the crowd was thinner today, by at least 2 tables???

today included good friends from Houston, Loretta and Dan Dienst, Dave Parry, Glastonbury, Mary Panyatedes New Alliance Bank, and our speakers, former East Hartford Rotarian Donna Kehoe and her associate, Lydia Sonabria. With  lots of flair, Larry Hangland and Chuck Clarke, helped by Sheryl O'Conner, welcomed one and all with Tom Westbrook's favorite lyrics.

Acting Pres. George told us that the famous Pig collected $34 bucks last week ($20 of it from PDG Dick Seidman), bringing the monthly total to $102.90! Also of note from the dais were these tidbits:

    Distr. Assembly at Clarion Hotel in W. Springfield next Wed. evening, May 13,  (let George know if you can go); all club leaders urged to go; Car pool from Commuter Lot 6:45
    Installation Dinner- DG Herb Toback (and all new club presidents), June 11, 6PM, La Renaissance, $50pp. For meal choices & other pertinent info, call/Email Sue or sign up by May 20.
    May 17th, ,-3PM - Benefit Concert for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and the Michael Abelon Memorial Scholarship Fund. Ryan Campbell (teacher at CIBA) on guitar/vocals) $5 per.
    Sgt at Arms Party at Bill Leone's, June 10.
    Softball at Glastonbury Rotary, July 27
    Committee Meetings at 11:30: May 19 Golf, and May 27 Membership.
    Next week's program: Earl Crown, Sr. VP of One America, on Long Term Care and Estate Planning.

Sgt. At Arms Tom Galvin
told of these offenders who all helped stuff our fine bank: Loretta Dienst for 50 years in the EHWC; Brian Liss and Art Apostol for Red Sox bragging; Bill Saunders for witnessing his partner's Hole in One at the Tallwood Tuesday nite League started by George Stewart in 1969; Birthdays: Spurge Stokes 84 (75plus sang HB to him), Jim Watts and Stu Harris; 25th Anniversary for George & Peggy Schoen; club Anniv's: Pat Gately-4, Herb Barall-17/25, Neal Cunningham-18. Raffle today won by Scott Nosik, lucky guy!

Speakers today
were Executive Director of East Hartford ChildPlan, Inc., Donna Kehoe, and her associate, Lydia Sonabria, a parent, board member and active participant. ChildPlan is a collaborative, non-profit advocacy organization which is dedicated to children and families within our communities. This means they try to coordinate the work of different agencies in the area, reducing duplicate efforts, and attempting to build creative programs for children. With a 501 C3 tax status, they have been successful in obtaining grant money as they've conducted parent training as well as after school programming. Lydia spoke enthusiastically about the value of the parent training she has experienced, giving her confidence to negotiate with school administration, and the tools to do a better job of parenting. A most interesting program; thanks, Sheryl O'Conner, for bringing it to us.

Next week, the pen'll be passed to Bob Wood; meanwhile, nice we could get together
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
The touch of yesterday's summer warmth gave way to a more natural spring-time breeze, complemented by spring-time lovers sitting on the bench in the front of Veterans' Memorial. But we veterans inside had something better - open-face turkey club sandwiches with coleslaw, pickles, chips, and cheesecake. Art Apostol asked for blessings upon our food, our gathering, and our country and for the wisdom to know what we can change in this world and the courage to do so.
Steve Jacoby introduced guest Mark Glass, CEO and chief bottle-washer at Glass Insurance Agency on Silver Lane. Dan Russell introduced prospective member Nell Bourgoin from Goodwin College. President Sue introduced District Governor Elect Herb Toback, here for the first of visits yet to come. Mary Sullivan and Dan Larson, who himself operated under strict and vocal orders from Mary not to mess things up, led the “Welcome Song.”
Sergeant-at-arms report:
Jack Ghagan, resplendent in south-sea-islands attire, celebrated his 82nd birthday with his customary tablemates, bringing their combined ages to 544 years, minus only a few for George Finch. Nick Cecere placed a $1.00 bet on Pioneer of the Nile to win the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. That's $0.50 more than he usually gambles, so everyone should take the tip. Guy LeBella paid for something - that's what he gets for sitting with Larson. Steve Bates and Larry Frazier both paid for their individual receptions of the St. Joseph Medal of Honor from their respective parishes. Party-girl Mary Sullivan paid for the mess she left behind - again. Sheryl O'Connor paid for the graduation of her son from Northeastern University this Friday.  And the sweetest of all - Ruthie Sheehan paid for the wonderful weekend given to her by the club's Yankee fans. The PIG collected $18.50 last week.
DGE Herb Toback, Larson's last friend, announced the dress code for his upcoming official visit to East Hartford as governor - informal dress! He himself attends top-level rehearsals in jeans - for which he has been duly admonished by PDG Karen Pierce. He commented that he enjoyed adding his good voice to our singing. The reason for Governor Herb's presence today was to present the club with a check from the Rotary Foundation for $500, based upon our past contributions to the Foundation. He also noted that he hopes to direct much of the district's charity work during his term to the many needs of distressed communities across our own nation. President Sue pointed out that one of our club's focal charities, Shelterbox, has provided disaster aid to American communities such as New Orleans.
 _Nell Bourgoin has officially applied for membership in East Hartford Rotary.  _The East Hartford/Hockanum River Canoe/Kayak Clean-Up Happening takes place this Saturday beginning at 11:00 A.M. at Labor Field and continuing down the Hockanum River to Two Rivers Magnet Middle School.  _Guy LaBella reminded that everyone is invited to the dedication of the new Goodwin College campus on Friday, May 1, at 10:00 A.M.  _Anyone who still wants to attend the Rock Cats Family Day on May 15 must get in touch with Gil Wishart now!  _Vice President George Schoen will be running next week's meeting, and he and Bill Saunders will be representing us at the East Hartford Middle School Career Day being held next Thursday.  _Catering next week will be short-staffed so we will be picking up lunch kits set up in the side meeting room.  _The program speaker next week will be former member Donna Kehoe, who will talk about Connecticut's Child Care Plan.  _Bill Saunders won today's raffle.
Program: East Hartford High School's Project Lead the Way Program:

Bill Saunders introduced Michelle Hacker, the East Hartford School District's department head for career and technology education, and Steve Socolosky, instructor in the Project Lead the Way program that the East Hartford Rotary Club has supported. Over the past two years, our club has provided $30,000 for the program's required teacher training and for curriculum materials such as computer software. Michelle indicated her gratitude for the club's support for Project Lead the Way and said that the present economy probably would have sunk the program if we hadn't been there to support it. It is an expensive program, but its effectiveness has been tested and its relevance for East Hartford, the home of Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, is obvious. Over a four-year period, the school district will need to allocate $69,490 to implement a minimum of five classes. As each course is introduced (the program has a four-year sequence of classes), the instructor is required to attend a two-week training program at an area university. Steve Socolosky studied for two weeks at Worchester Polytechnic Institute last summer for the course he is teaching this year. Michelle hopes eventually to introduce a biomedical and/or aeronautics course for seniors, along with a capstone course where students design and build an original team project. The new superintendent of schools, Mark Zito, comes from a school district that has implemented Project Lead the Way, and he is very supportive of the program.
Steve Socolosky spoke about his experience starting the program this year with a course entitled Introduction to Engineering Design (IEDs!). He and the students had to learn design software named “Inventor,” and within three weeks the students were showing Steve how it worked. The approach Steve takes is to have students do “reverse engineering” on any number of manufactured products. This technique should please Don Pitkin, who complains that assembly engineers on the shop floor at Pratt and Whitney always had to redo the plans of the design engineers because the plans couldn't be manufactured they way they had been drawn! Steve focuses on accuracy, precision, and the collection and organization of data. His course includes elements of metacognition (analysis of one's own learning process) and engineering ethics (IEDs?). He also provides as much hands-on experience as he can; for instance, his class took a field trip to the Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) in Windsor Locks, where the students were able to experience the structure, operation, and maintenance of helicopters - up close in 20° cold weather.
Next year the program will introduce manufacturing machinery that will allow students to actually build their own projects. Every day there is something in the news that Steve can apply to his classroom.
In the question and answer period, Michelle indicated her excitement that the National Academy of Finance (the parent organization of East Hartford High School's Academy of Finance) also supports an academy of engineering program that uses Project Lead the Way as its curriculum. The school will be looking at the possibility of connecting with that program.

 Scott Nozik (2), eClub; Herb Tischofer, Naples Bay; Jay Stewart, Glastonbury; John Mozzicato (4) and Leo Christmas (3), Charlotte Harbor; George Schoen, Sue and Peter Klock, and Ceil Collins, board of directors meeting; Frank Collins (2), PETS speaker; Pat Gately, East Windsor; Jim Watts, Moe Belanger, Art Bradbury, Frank Collins, and Jackie Danise, Rotary Information meeting; and Roy Spiller, Bill Secord, and Jackie Danise, history book committee.
Respectfully submitted, Bill Secord

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
District Governor Nominee Designate (whew!) Sue Klock opened the meeting, and Anwar Hossain took documentary videos as we sang a rousing version of the R.O.T.A.R.Y song under the guidance of piano lady Sheryl O'Connor. On this Earth Day, Dan Larson delivered the invocation, giving thanks for the change of seasons, the welcome warmth, and new light. He asked for blessings upon President Sue as she undertakes her new duties at the district level. Luncheon consisted of the always-welcome chicken pot pie, salad, and chocolate cupcakes with thick vanilla frosting.
Scott Nozik introduced guest Sarah Kelley, his administrative intern from UConn. He admitted that Sarah had been his student in elementary school-only three years ago. Carol Krantz introduced Professor Dr. Michael Dellnitz, a return visitor from Germany, where he is a professor at the University of Paderborn's Institute for Industry and Mathematics. Carol also introduced Jaime Angulo, a visiting Rotarian from San Jose, CA. After having taken a taxi from Hartford to the Ridge (a maneuver not often seen in these parts), Jaime was given a ride back to his hotel by Dan Firestone (in his
Hudson?). Nick Cecere introduced guest Ted Marena, president of Marena Industries of East Hartford. Assistant Governor Mike Barnett attended today's meeting to give recognition to President Sue for her electoral victory-district governor for the year 2011-2012. “The Welcome Song” was led by Scott Nozik, Frank Staples, and Dan Larson-a Triumvirate reminiscent of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. (Crassus was the one with the money. You decide.)
Dan Larson fined Jim Fallon (in absentia) and George Finch for birthdays, George Agnelli for an anniversary, and Steve Bates for his continued absence even though the tax season is over. Tom Westbrook paid for having his patented “Welcome Song” sung at a Rotary meeting in
Florida, and Chuck Clarke paid for his picture doing the singing-without Tom's written permission. Dan reported that he finally sold his last book of raffle tickets at the district conference. The PIG collected $17.42 for the Foundation. President Sue asked those members who had attended the district conference to stand-Dan Russell, Neal Cunningham, Bill Saunders, George Schoen, Peter and Sue Klock, Dan Larson, Dave Amberg, and Mary Sullivan. Mary Sullivan had actually already done a stand-up routine at the conference with a put-down of Rotary's mysterious abbreviations (RI, GSE, PDG, PHF, PP, ADG, DGNG, RCC, XXX, etc.) and a sterling imitation of Past Rotary International Vice President and UN Representative Frank Collins. Tina Fey watch out!

Those members using a Mac computer to access our club's website need to use a browser other than Safari.  _Bill Leone is looking for 70 missing raffle tickets. If he discovers whose tickets they are before the miscreant owns up, he'll put a call into
Providence.  _Bill Leone reported that the Scholarship Trust Fund suffered from the stock market decline this year (value dipping from $185,346 to $128,544), but that its dividends improved (up to $7,536 from $7,265). Similarly, the Brewer scholarship fund dipped in value (down from $23,372 to $16, 998) but improved in income (up to $1,025 from $1,016). Nice investment work! These scholarship monies are available to students graduating from East Hartford High School, the International Baccalaureate Academy, East Catholic High School, and Cheney Technical High School. The Brewer monies can be awarded to students even if they are related to a Rotary member, but Scholarship Trust Fund awardees cannot be related to a present Rotary member.  _The Rock Cats family night is scheduled for May 15. Money must be in by next week. Forty-nine people have signed up; eighty-nine signed up last year. _The District Assembly is scheduled for May 13 at the Clarion Conference Center in West Springfield. Vice President George Schoen urged all members interested in Rotary's organizational structure to attend. The assembly runs from 7:15 to 12:00 (with breakfast provided). Our club will pay expenses, and we hope to car pool.  _At the monthly board of directors meeting, Jackie Danise and Roy Spiller reported on the progress of our club's Images of America: East Hartford book. Scheduled publication date is around August 15.  _Board of directors action on local charitable giving: 1) Academy of Finance scholarships, $3,000; 2) adult literacy program at Wickham Library, $500; 3) Interval House, $500; 4) Mercy Housing, $1,000; 5) American Lung Association, $500; 6) South Windsor Music Series, $250; 7) Talking Books, $500; 8) East Hartford YMCA, $1000; and 9) local Eagle Scout project, $125. The board also funded our budgeted special international projects: the Guatemala Water Project organized by Rick Lawrence of the Manchester Rotary Club, $4,000; and Women-to-Women, a recovery program focused on women victimized by ethnic warfare in the Democratic Republic of Congo, $500.  _Sue and Peter Klock will be our delegates to the Rotary International Conference in Birmingham, UK, in June; Frank and Ceil Collins will be their alternates.  _The Senior Citizens Prom is next week at East Hartford High School from 2:30 to 5:30 (or time in between). You may park best by using the first driveway into the high school (coming from Silver Lane) and driving around the back of the school to the cafeteria entrance.
Program: Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of the Children's Museum in
West Hartford.
Kevin Sullivan, former mayor of
West Hartford and former Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, began his talk by commenting that he was glad that even in this distressed economy it was possible for anyone to find a job, as evidenced by Dan Larson's lucrative position as sergeant at arms. Kevin noted that he found working with children and small animals much easier than working with politicians, since sometimes children and animals don't fight with each other. The target audience of the Children's Museum is children under 10 years old with a focus on providing science education and hands-on experience. Founded in 1927, the oldest pre-school science museum in the nation, it acts as a gateway, furthering an interest in science that will continue throughout life. Every year, the museum interacts with 20,000 to 30,000 school children in their classrooms. Its present facilities on Trout Brook Drive in West Hartford house a state-of-the art digital planetarium with overhead video projection capability. The museum also operates the Roaring Brook Nature Center and acts as an animal sanctuary and rescue center. Last week, for example, it inherited an apparently abandoned 10-foot-long python! The museum's displays include such interactive exhibits as an excavation station (simulated archeological dig pits), and it is expanding its operations into such areas as teacher training, including partnership programs with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology in East Hartford. An integral part of the museum's mission is to raise career orientation in science, especially among girls. The recently implemented Connecticut Mastery Test in Science has revealed that only 40% of Connecticut's fifth-grade population has a basic knowledge of science-and only 15% to 20% of students in the state's poorer districts. The Children's Museum is anxious to join forces with the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, which will focus on the 'tween-through-adult population. The Children's Museum is unique in that it receives no public funding: it is entirely dependent upon private contributions and memberships. An amazing benefit from membership in the Children's Museum is reciprocal membership in over 200 other children's science museums around the world. In response to a question from Sheryl O'Connor about green technology, Kevin noted that a new facility is in the works and is needed before the museum can do much more in this area. He hopes to raise enough funds for a new, “green” facility by 2014.
Peter and Sue Klock at Bloomfield Rotary; the whole team that attended the district conference in Portsmouth, NH.
Respectfully submitted, Bill Secord

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
The most wonderful thing about having a luncheon run by Heather Summerer is that you get to have dessert first-plates full of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, chocolate chip cookies, and miniature lemon tarts, cannoli, cheesecakes, and crème puffs at everyone's table. An even more succulent main dish was served buffet-style-after a prayer by Ned Lynch, who asked that the food we thankfully received would nourish us for the challenges ahead. And what nourishment! Salmon wrap, fried shrimp wrap, veggie tempera wrap, chicken and roast beef sandwiches, two salads, and a rice and spinach dish. Today's venue at Pratt and Whitney's marvelous museum within its huge hanger was impressive-perfect sound system, looming projection screen, and cloth napkins and table cloths! 
Joining us were Joe Bonillo, administrative intern and guest of Glen Peterson; Patty Toce, guest of Gina Herboldt; Nell Bourgoin, guest of Jay Stewart; and Diane Bazzano, guest of Brian Liss, who got lost escorting Diane from Cabela's next door. Gina Herboldt, Dan Larson, and Sheryl O'Connor (in replacement for her absent piano) led the “Welcome Song.” Heather, tell your bosses at Pratt and Whitney that in support of the arts they should add a Steinway grand to complement their grand display of monstrous jet engines.
Sergeant at Arms Dan Larson fined Bill Secord, Dave Amber, and Andy Andreo for their birthdays. Andy and Roger Nicholson were born on the same day 81 years ago, and Andy contributed a check to the scholarship trust equal to the sum of their ages. Roger reciprocated from his redoubt in the Allegheny Mountains! Nick Cecere paid for “over 30 years” in Rotary; Glen Peterson paid two happy dollars in honor of his administrative intern; Don Pitkin paid for a picture in Hustler (or some other local investigative journal); Diane Bazzano herself paid for being late to today's meeting (Brian Liss thereby missing his chance to be gallant); and Dan himself paid in honor of his father, a career officer on Pratt and Whitney's self-contained fire department, a group duly praised by Heather in her PowerPoint presentation.
And would you believe it, Don Pitkin won the raffle (and turned the cash over to the scholarship fund).
Announcements: Golf committee meeting before the April 22 meeting at the Ridge at 11:30. Past-Presidents' Picnic coming up at Jay Stewart's island bungalow on Lake Pocotopaug in May. Gil Wishart announced that the Rock Cats sign-up sheet will circulate again next week. Herb Barall encouraged everyone to attend the 18-piece Big Band Concert this Sunday at the Cultural Center from 2:00 to 5:00. The
GSE Farewell Party for the visiting team from Thailand will take place at the Storrowton Tavern at the Big E in Springfield on Thursday, April 23, from 6:30 to 8:30. (Let's pray they find everything safe when they return home.) Our Interact Club at the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy is sponsoring the 4th Annual Michael Abelon Memorial Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Walk on May 16 on the high school campus. The club is looking for sponsors, who will get their company logos on the T-shirts given to the participants. Contact Rachel Buck or Jennifer Sawyer at 622-5590. The Interact Club is also holding a fund-raiser to raise money for a Shelterbox by sponsoring an “IB Shelterless” sleep-over on May 1 on the grounds of the First Congregational Church. Club members need donations of large pieces of cardboard to build their “shelters.” For reasons discussed at the last meeting, the Plant Sale has been cancelled. President Sue clarified that Skip Guillemette had not attended the Paul Harris recognition dinner because he did not want special recognition for his club and community service. Next week: Kevin Sullivan from the Children's Museum in West Hartford will be our speaker.
Program: Heather Summerer began her presentation with a video clip that demonstrated the remarkable types of torture inflicted upon each family of Pratt and Whitney engines before being offered to the marketplace. Everyone's favorite test must be the ingestion of bird carcasses, some of whose feathers decorated the rear seat of Heather's family car when her father used it to transport contraband in an effort to escape the watchful eyes of chicken lovers. Pratt and Whitney is one of three United Technology Corporation divisions, along with Hamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky, devoted to aerospace. Even in this shaky economy, UTC's profits have increased 7% over last year. One of many remarkable statistics: 52% of UTC income results from sales outside the United States. Pratt and Whitney itself has 38,000 employees around the world-8,000 in East Hartford and 2,000 in Middletown-including 7,500 engineers. (As Don Pitkin would say, “Pratt and Whitney is not an aircraft manufacturing company; it's an engineering company.) P&W engines power 50% of the world's commercial fleet and the military aircraft of 27 different nations.
P&W's commitment to corporate responsibility includes the donation of $5 million a year to local communities, including $200,000 to the East Hartford Public Schools. Engineers from P&W mentor students in math and science In support of “Quest to Fly,” an after-school program developed by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. P&W also supports the East Hartford summer concert series, the Podunk Music festival, the YMCA's Science Exploration Camp, the School-Business Partnership, and the East Hartford Child Plan program. P&W employees in Connecticut give 10,000 hours of volunteer time to community service, and P&W itself pays $6.5 million in taxes to the town of East Hartford. One of the most significant aspects of the UTC vision for the future is a concerted effort to develop clean energy and the construction of LEED-certified manufacturing facilities. We came away from today's program impressed by UTC's corporate success.
Make-ups: Chirag Thaker and Dan Russell at Rockville; Jackie Danise, Bill Secord, and Roy Spiller at a Rotary book committee meeting; Mary Sullivan at East Hartford Career Day; and John Mozzicato at Charlotte Harbor.
Respectfully submitted, Bill Secord

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Another full house! Spring must truly have arrived, and the snowbirds are coming back. Glen Peterson gave the invocation, giving thanks for the people here with us today and for the providers (people, plants, etc.) of our luncheon fare-and asking us to remember all those throughout the world who are without food at all. The Krause menu consisted of their usual fine pot roast and roasted potatoes together with a mixture of string beans and carrots. Bread pudding topped it off. Steve Jacoby introduced the guest at his table, insurance agent Mark Glass from Glastonbury. Jay Stewart introduced Nell Bourgoin, director of development at Goodwin
College. Don Pitkin introduced former member Dave Malinguaggio, brother of Mike Malinguaggio (who proceeded to deliver a speech about “macaroni”-or some such subject). And Mary Sullivan introduced the person to whom she had sold the winning $10,000 raffle ticket, Nancy Gianetti of Marlborough, along with her husband Todd. We were led in the “Welcome Song” by Pat Gately and Chuck Clarke, both of whom had practiced their technique earlier in the month in a knock-out performance together at a Rotary club in Florida. Nick Cecere won today's raffle.
Sergeant at Arms Dan Larson fined yours truly for misattributing the identity of last week's invocation speaker. (I was thankful to discover Dan's literacy.) Chuck Clarke and Don Pitkin paid for their birthdays (Don's 88th). John McNaughton paid for 21 years in Rotary, and Skip Guillemette paid for 27 years. Spurge Stokes is celebrating 56 years of marriage to Elizabeth Ann. Ted Mosebach got his badge back from Mo Moshovos' chest (I'm not sure who paid the fine). John Oates paid for the article he wrote for a national trade journal. Art Apostol paid a happy dollar for the new home on Lake
Chaffee that he stole from Andy Matos. Anwar Hossein, even though he found his pin in his pajamas, paid for failing the Four-Way Test. Ned Lynch paid $1.00 for the previous day's Red Sox win and another dollar for the Yankee loss. And Carol Krantz paid for her daughter's being named adjutant general of Connecticut's Army National Guard. And just before her presentation of today's program, Susan Holway of the Thomaston club paid a Happy Dollar in recognition of East Hartford Rotary's unique status as “The Singing Club.”
President Sue announced that in an effort to increase attendance at the Senior Citizens' Ball we plan to sell tickets at the door. For that purpose we need two volunteers. The ticket taker doesn't need to be able to stand up, so everyone in the club is eligible! In the light of the great success of the raffle, President Sue is reconsidering the status of the plant-sale fund raiser. We need a full-day commitment from 40 people in order to be able to run the plant sale effectively. She asked for a show of hands for that possibility, and 20 members committed. Sue indicated she would discuss the club's options with the fund-raising committee.
Reminder: Next week's meeting is at Pratt and Whitney's Air Museum/Hanger.
Directions: Enter at the Pratt and
Whitney Silver Lane entrance and keep to the right. Go past the UT Research Center and the Customer Training Center on your left. The Hanger parking lot will be on your left before you come to the traffic lights on Willow Street. Directions are also on the Website. Reminder: The sign-up sheet for the Rock Cats Family Day on May 15 is circulating. Announcement: The golf committee will be meeting on April 22 at 11:00 a.m. at the Ridge. Announcement: The 2nd Annual East Hartford Hockanum River Canoe and Kayak Race is taking place May 3, 2009. The race needs sponsors to pay for insurance, posters, police, etc. Sponsors will have their names/logos printed on the race's T-shirts and on promotional flyers and posters and will receive credit in newspaper coverage. Contact the East Hartford Hockanum River Race, C/O Paula Saaf, 50 Chapman Place, Room 216, East Hartford, CT 06108. Make checks out to East Hartford Hockanum River Race.
The work of Rotary Clubs to provide clean water for impoverished peoples around the world was highlighted in a presentation by Susan Holway of the Thomaston Rotary Club. Eighty per cent of the world's illness is caused by poor water sanitation. The Thomaston club has adopted a project focusing on
South India in communities devastated by the AIDS epidemic. Funds donated by District 7890 help pay for an ingenious water purification devise that uses local sand and gravel to clean contaminated water of 100% of pathogens, 95% of bacteria, and 95-99% of heavy metals. The Bio-Sand Pure Water Initiative was started by a former Peace Core volunteer who revisited the area he had worked in 20 years ago only to find the numerous wells the Peace Core had constructed had failed. The former volunteer took classes on how to build the Bio-Sand Water Filter. Each devise serves 15-20 families. Myrada, a social service group helping AIDS victims, introduced the devise to villages in one of the poorest areas in South India, where 15 to 17% of the deaths are AIDS related. Families hit by AIDS are devastated by loss of income, school drop outs, etc. Support for this program by District 7890 has provided 500 HIV-devastated families with clean water. There is a possibility for district clubs to work together to obtain a matching grant to provide continued support for the program.
George Schoen, Dan Larson, Heather Summerer, and Larry Hangland for the Group Study Exchange.                Respectfully submitted, Bill Secord

In keeping with the international theme of today's meeting, Glen Peterson began our luncheon with an ancient Egyptian invocation praising God for shining light upon the earth and giving life to all beings. Guy LaBella followed with a prayer of thanks for all our troubles, limitations, and setbacks-out of our troubles come our blessings. The club today was blessed with the presence of the Group Study Exchange Team from Thailand and with many members of the Windsor/Windsor Locks Rotary Club, hosts for the Thailand team. Not a single seat was vacant in our Memorial Hall. Special guests from Windsor/Windsor Locks included Past District Governor Karen Andrews, Assistant Governor for Area 7 Pam Nupoli, and Jerry Wistrom, who introduced the GSE guests. Other guests were Janet Hangland and David Parry. Heather Summerer and Guy LaBella led the “Welcome Song.”

Sergeant-at-arms Dan Larson, with uncustomary chutzpah, asked members of the visiting club to stand up to be recognized and then fined them approximately $20 seat tax (which Jerry Wistrom gallantly paid). Larson attempted to redeem his faux pas by offering Jerry outdated Thai 20-baht currency that the leader of the GSE team said might now be worth 20 cents. So much for the Irish empire. Larson also fined Jack Gagnon and Anwar Hossain, who claimed he had left his Rotary pin attached to his pajamas. Sheryl O'Connor paid a fine for her daughter's PhD. defense at MIT scheduled for Thursday.

Bill Leone made a summary report on the raffle. The club sold 3229 tickets for a gross income of $32,290 and a net profit of $21,140! Our only expenditures were $100 for raffle permits from the state and town. Larry Hangland printed the tickets for free, and Tom Westbrook crafted a legacy-level rotating drum large enough to meet state criteria for holding all the stubs for the drawing. That means we have to have another raffle next year. Skip Guillemette's team (Glen Peterson accountant) led the sales figures with 492 tickets sold. Carol Krantz's team was second with 469 tickets sold; and Brian Liss's team was third with 416 tickets sold. George Agnelli's team-he himself alone!-sold 300 tickets, more than double his nearest salesperson rivals Bill Leone (133 tickets) and Sheryl O'Connor (131 tickets). Bill Leone instructed all members to return any unsold raffle to ticket to him over the next week. We need to account for all tickets to conform to state regulations. Dan Larson is still selling his tickets, so he was given a grace period (Lord knows he needs it).

President Sue inducted new member Gina Herboldt, the second new member this year sponsored by Carol Krantz. Gina is a crisis counselor at Interval House in Hartford. Gil Wishart announced a family day to be held on May 15-another Rock Cats baseball game! Jane Goodell, a self-described camp follower from the Windsor/Windsor Locks club, won the raffle.

President Sue announced a mandatory meeting for all new members (those who joined after July 1, 2008) to take place before next week's meeting at the Ridge from 11:30 to 12:00 or after next week's meeting from 1:30 to 2:00. Sue also announced that the sign-up sheet for the Senior Citizens' Prom, scheduled for the afternoon of April 29, will circulate next week.

The Group Study Exchange Team from Bangkok, Thailand, presented East Hartford with a gift of framed golden silhouettes of Bangkok landmarks and a gorgeous scarlet club banner. President Sue gave the team an East Hartford Rotary bell manufactured in nearby East Hampton, CT. Larry Hangland had organized team visits throughout the day in East Hartford. The team's flight from, Bangkok took 27 hours. Their PowerPoint presentation provided us with colorful background on Bangkok and the extensive activities of Rotary District 3330, located in northeast Thailand. This year is the 175th anniversary of friendly relations between the United States and Thailand (formerly known as Siam). The leader of the team, Quanchai Laohaviraphab (Ken) owns a steel products manufacturing mill. Two members of the team-Jirapom Kannsuwan (Gungnang) and Sawitree Muangyai (Kob)-work or teach at Thai universities, and one member-Unchalee Boonyanurak (Unlee)-teaches high school English. Team member Chawengsak Lertritsirikul (“C”) is an industrial engineer who owns an automotive interiors manufacturing company. Among District 3330's many activities are a Clean Water Project and Polio Plus involvement in Thailand itself. Their clock tower project for their city literally towers over our lovely gazebo. We thank the Windsor/Windsor Locks for the unique opportunity to meet these gracious people and to learn more about their country.

Chuck Clarke and Herb Tischofer-Florida; Ned Lynch-e-Club; Peter and Sue Klock, Frank and Ceil Collins-membership conference; Jim Fallon, Gil Wishart, Kathy McCabe, Glen Peterson, Jim Watts, Bob Richmond, Bill Saunders, Dick McCarthy, Carol Krantz, and Dean Roland-golf committee.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Secord
High Gear, Wednesday, March 25th

 The Gallery was already packed at 6:20 with Rotarians, spouses, family members and even District Governor Jim Dusza ready to hear the results of the raffle and honor four members of the East Hartford Rotary Family as Paul Harris Fellows.  The crowd enjoyed hors d’oeuvre, cocktails, and lively conversation.

 Bill Leone was actually calm only 10 minutes before the drawing, testimony no doubt to the many hours he and other members of the Ways and Means Committee devoted to making sure the raffle was well organized.  Mike Haydek, one of the Channel 3 morning news casters, was on hand to spin the barrel (designed and built by Tom Westbrook) and draw the three winning tickets.  Third place went to member Chuck Clarke, who is still in Florida.  Second prize went to Gil Wishart Jr, son of our member Gil Sr.  The grand prize went to Nancy Gianetti, of Marlborough.  The ticket was sold by member Mary Sullivan.  The raffle netted the club about $21,000.  This is a great result considering that only two weeks ago we had barely reached the break even point.  The entire club is truly indebted to Bill Leone and the members of the Ways and Means Committee for all the work they put in behind the scenes to make the raffle a success. 

 The meeting was called to order at 7:30.  We began with the Rotary Song.  Bill Saunders led the pledge and Larry Frazier gave the invocation.  President Sue made some introductory remarks about the purpose of the evening and the work of the Rotary Foundation.  She also told those assembled that the club donated $1000 to the Rotary Foundation in the name of each of the evening’s Paul Harris recipients.

 We inducted two new members: Yvette Roming sponsored by Don Pitkin, and Carol Lawton, sponsored by Carol Krantz.  Welcome to Rotary and our club!

 Dr. Tom Galvin was the emcee for the recognition ceremonies.  It was a great pleasure to be able to honor four members of our Rotary family: Jean Roland, Sam Leone, Bill Secord, and Skip Guillemette.   Kathy McCabe introduced Jean Roland, Roy Spiller introduced Sam Leone, and I introduced Bill Secord.  Unfortunately Skip couldn’t be with us.  After the introductions the recipients said a few words.  It was great to hear from Kathy, Jean, Roy, Sam and Bill.  They all spoke movingly and we learned why each of them is truly deserving of being a Paul Harris Fellow.  Following the introductions the honorees were given their medals and pins by District Governor Jim, President Sue and the member who introduced each of them.  Jean, Sam, Bill, and Skip have all devoted years of service to the club, the community, and even the region.  Each one of them embodies the Rotary motto of “Service above Self.” 


There will be a golf committee meeting next Wednesday at 11:45 prior to the meeting.

 Bob Richmond has a new e-mail address, rich.bob66@hotmail.com.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to get into his old e-mail so if you’ve sent him anything recently and didn’t get a reply, it wasn’t intentional.

High Gear, Wednesday, March 18th

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Richmond and the Invocation was given by George Schoen.  We celebrated St Patrick's Day (albeit one day late) with corned beef and cabbage for lunch.  We had a raucous meeting full of good cheer.

We had 5 guests: Jeff Lee of Goodwin College, Dr Michael Dellnitz a visiting Rotarian from Germany who is at UTC for 3 months, and 3 proposed members Carol Lawton from Met Life, Gina Herboldt from Interval House, and Yvette Roming, who is the VP of Operations for a local Nursing Services company.

Today's Sgt-at-Arms is Jack Sayre.  Dick McCarthy, Carol Krantz, and Steve Tamiso are celebrating birthdays this month, and Carol Krantz is also celebration her Rotary anniversary.  Bill Saunders contributed to remind us who won the Super Bowl, who was it again?  Heather Summerer contributed to celebrate her baby's baptism.  Sheryl O'Connor's daughter won the $10,000 Amelia Earhart research grant.  Glen Peterson made a donation because the Glastonbury Town Council voted to buy land to build his school.  Dan Larson contributed because today is the anniversary of something outrageous he did many years ago relating to Dick Lemieux and blue hair.


    We are looking for applicants for Ambassadorial Scholarships which pay for a year's study abroad.  Contact Bill Secord.
    Please e-mail info about make-ups to Ceil Collins as soon as possible.  You don't need to wait to give her a card.
    Mary Martin will be taking a 6-month leave of absence, primarily job related.
    The District Conference is in April.  Only 15 members are attending, this is very low for us, please consider attending.  Portsmouth, NH is a great town.
    Paul Harris Dinner.  New Wed, March 25 at the Gallery on New London Turnpike in Glastonbury.  The Raffle drawing will be held at 6:30 and the cocktail bar will open immediately following the drawing.  Dinner will begin at 7:30.  The dinner entrée choices are Filet Mignon, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Salmon.  Tickets are $40 each and the money is overdue.
    No lunch meeting on 3/25 because of the Paul Harris Dinner.
    GSE Team from Thailand will be visiting during the 1st week in April.  They will be here for the meeting, which will be held at Pratt. We are looking for vocational activities for them in East Hartford.  Any ideas?
    Ways & Means Committee will meet on Monday, 3/23 at Bill Leone's house at 6:00.
    Raffle Update.  Bill thinks we'll earn at least $10,000 from the raffle.  All tickets must be turned in to his office before Wed.  If you have any last minute tickets you must bring them to the Gallery between 5:30 and 6:00 prior to the drawing.
    Brian Liss reported that we are close to meeting our 3-year membership goal of bringing 30 members under the age of 55 into the club.  As of today we have brought in 26 new members, 3 are being proposed today, which brings the total to 29.  We need just one more by June 30 to reach the lofty goal we set for ourselves.  Golf Committee will meet on April 3 prior to the regular meeting.

:  Sue Klock 5, Peter Klock 4, Glen Peterson 1, Bill Secord 2, Ceil Collins 4, Bill Saunders 1, Sheryl O'Connor 1, Frank Collins 4, George Schoen 4, Steve Jacoby 4, Jim Watts 1, Art Bradbury 2, Moe Belanger 1, Jacquie Danise 1, Jay Stewart 1, Dick McCarthy 1, Steve Tamiso 1, Carol Krantz 2, Art Apostol 1, Mary Sullivan 2.

A Phone Chain was distributed and George Agnelli's name is missing, please add his name to the bottom of the list that begins with Jacquie Danise.


    Steve Tamiso gave a report about the Fireside Chats that occurred during February.  He stressed that several members have requested an evening club assembly.
    Incoming President George Schoen attended the Presidents' Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Nashua, NH last weekend.  Although most incoming presidents take the trip alone, George had special support from the Klocks, the Collins, and Steve Jacoby.  He had fun, has learned a great deal about being a club president, and has become a true believer in the Foundation.  Next year Rotary Theme is, “The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands.”

Three new members are being proposed
for the Rotary Club of East Hartford:
Carol Lawton, classification   01-05 Financial Analyst, Proposed by Carol Krantz
Gina Herboldt, classification 10-01 Community & Social Services Counselor, Proposed by Carol Krantz
Yvette Roming, classification     22-99 Medical/Health Care Provider, Proposed by Carol Krantz
If any East Hartford Rotarian questions or challenges any of these proposed new members, he/she must state his/her concerns in writing via email to Susan Klock (sueklock@gmail.com), and mail a printed copy of the challenge via USPS to Rotary Club of East Hartford, c/o Susan Klock, Club President, PO Box 280722, East Hartford, CT 06128-0722, within 7 days of this notice published on March 19, 2009.

High Gear,  Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A cloudy, drizzly, sorta raw pre-spring day greeted us at the Ridge, making the gas-lit fireplace a warm, welcoming addition. This scribe could tell it's almost spring, though, 'cause he saw earthworms trying to crawl across his driveway!

Ceil Collins
led us in the Pledge, Jacquie Danise trotted out an authentic Irish blessing in honor of ole Patrick's upcoming day, and we sat to a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixin's. (Sure an begorrah, where was the corned beef and cabbage?) Mighty tasty, ending as it did with a chocolate mousse. We were a big, noisy group, with lots of jovial camaraderie going on among good friends.

today included Boy Scouter Dave Parry, a possible Rotary transfer from New Jersey, Yvette Roming, friend and prospective Rotarian friend of Don Pitkin, Cate Evans a visiting Rotarian, and Ralph Petzold, who had joined George Schoen, Roy Spiller, and Jack Sayre in judging entrants in an area science fair. Steve Jacoby and Tom Jarish did the honors with our Welcome Song, accompanied with flair by Sheryl O'connor at the ivories.

Sgt at Arms Jack Sayre
gave us reason to sing Happy Birthday to Larry Hangland & Neal Cunningham; Dan Larson celebrated 12 tumultuous and happy years in Rotary; while Steve Jacoby paid for having astounded all by being there when the opening bell rang! Without a real connection, President Sue told us that “the Pig” had netted $19.73 last week (at least a buck and a half of it in Euros!)

Announcements of note
o     John Shemo asked that we send to him any entrants for Vocational Service Awards; remember that's the same night as the upcoming Paul Harris dinner. (see below)
o     Kathy McCabe reminded us that the Paul Harris dinner is Mar.25 at the Gallery; raffle will be held at 6:30, followed immediately by dinner, (choices: Filet Mignon, Chicken Cordon Bleu, & Salmon) $40 each, due by next Wed, the 18th!
o     Bill Leone reported that we've finally “turned the corner” on raffle ticket sales, which means we're $1600 past the break-even point of paying for the prizes. Any unsold books should be turned in to Bill next week. Meanwhile, sell, sell, sell!
o     Orientation Meeting next week at 11:15 for a couple of prospective members.
o     Board Meeting next Monday at the Cultural Center; remember, anyone can come!
o     Next week's program: reports on our Fireside Chats.

Old reliable Spurge Stokes  had a guest (the Boy Scout!) pull the weekly raffle winner… and it belonged to Don Pitkin who graciously donated it to the club's scholarship fund. Nice gesture, Don!

In a good move which benefited us all, President Sue asked seven of our newest members to stand and identify themselves. We were happy to better come to know: Jay Stewart, a professional volunteer; John Oates, E,H.'s Fire Chief; Charig Thaker, with Russell & Dawson, architects; George Finch, Development officer at a local credit union; Ned Lynch, entrepreneur (as well as long ball hitter & master putter);  Luke Blanchard, sales & service for AFLAC (and chief duck-sitter); Anwar Hossain. Architect; and Scott Nozik, principal of a local Magnet School. Thanks, President Sue, that was a great idea!

Make Ups
included: Saunders, Cape Coral, FL; at Fireside Chats -  J & G Stewart, Cecere, Cunningham, Finch, Mazzoli, McCabe, Bradbury, Sayre, Barall, Hangland, Roland, & Moshovos; and in Charlotte Harbor, FL, twice, Mozzicato and Christmas.

A pleasure to fill in for that absent stellar editor Glen Peterson….


Hi again, all:
I'm sorry, but in checking with Dean Roland while in the middle of writing, I neglected to mention in High Gear the note about Tony Picano being in the hospital.  Dean talked with him this afternoon, said he hopes to go home by Friday, and would welcome phone calls. His room # is 1138, and the hospital # is 548-5000.


HIgh Gear Wednesday, March 4, 2009

 Members sat with their assigned raffle teams.  The invocation was given by Larry Frazier.

 Lunch consisted of salad, chicken pot pie, and red Jell-O.

 Jack Sayre was the Sgt-at-arms.  Tom Galvin is celebrating 26 years of Rotary and Bill Leon is celebrating 39.  Bob Wood paid for a birthday.  Don Pitkin paid for 6 photos in the paper (was that just one edition?)

 Many Make-ups:  Todd Gaertner 4 in Derby/Shelton; Bill Saunders in Cape Coral, FL; Herb Tischofer and Chuck Clark in Naples, FL; Sheryl O’Connor, Heather Summerer, and Frank Collins for Program Committee; Ned Lynch 2 with the e-club; Dick McCarthy 3 with the Ft Myers, FL Sunrise Club; Frank Collins 2 in Valley Forge, PA; Mary Marin at an Interact Club meeting; and Jonathan Ingall in Guilford

Announcements:  President Sue read a letter the club received from Ed Fuda, the Rotary Secretary General due to George Stewart’s passing. 

 President Sue sent $90 to the RI Foundation for February donations to the Pig.

The Sign-up is going around for the Paul Harris Dinner.  The dinner will be held on Wed, March 25 at the Gallery on New London Turnpike in Glastonbury.  The Raffle drawing will be held at 6:30 and the cocktail bar will open immediately following the drawing.  Dinner will begin at 7:30.  The dinner entrée choices are Filet Mignon, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Salmon.  Tickets are $40 each and the money is due by March 18.

 Golf Committee:  There will be a meeting at the Ridge at 11:45 immediately before next week’s luncheon. 

Raffle was won by Luke Blanchard….again!

 Nomination forms are available for the vocational service award.

 Program:  Club Assembly

 President Sue spoke about the need to recruit members.  Although our club is doing a great job bringing new members into the club, there has been no net increase in membership this year because we have also lost members.  She suggested approaching former members who might be interested in rejoining. 

Bill Leon spoke about the need to sell raffle tickets.  The drawing is only 3 weeks away and we have barely reached our break even point.  All the tickets sold from this point forward will be profit for the club.  He shared some statistics about the number of members who haven’t yet sold or turned in any tickets.  Several members were asked to share how they sell tickets.  George Agnelli, always one of the top sellers, is simply very friendly starts up conversations with people and ASKS.  Remember the worst thing that can happen is someone will say no, thanks.  Carol Krantz sent out an e-mail to lots of people explaining that the club is selling tickets and explained how the funds would be used. Mary Martin wore a button that read “Raffle ?” and people asked her about it.

 George Schoen, the incoming president, is working on his 09-10 budget.  Contact him with idea.

 Moe Balanger recommended that we don’t do raffles in the future in preference for hands-on fundraising efforts, which was a perfect segue for Skip Guillemette who spoke about the plant sale coming up during the first weekend in May.

 Art Bradbury related that he and George Stewart had discussed the idea that perhaps the club is spending too much.  Perhaps we should limit spending to an amount that could be covered by the golf tournament proceeds and some small fundraisers without a 2nd major event.

 President Sue explained that in recent years the majority of golf money ($15000) goes to one particular thing such as Project Lead the Way.  We also support a variety of other local and international projects and need to raise other funds to support them. 

Peter Klock, club treasurer, said that 20 members haven’t yet paid their dues for the first half of 2009.  Please send it or bring it to a meeting.

High Gear Wedneday, February 25th

The day was bright, the crowd filled most of the tables and President Sue rang the bell on the dot. Sheryl O'Conner struck up the East Hartford Rotary Song and the meeting was underway. Dave Amberg led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Dan Larson presented a stirring Blessing asking us to remember George Stewart, whom I'm sure, was already fully in the thoughts of all in attendance. He will never be forgotten!

The welcome song leaders were announced...Carol Krantz and Nick Cecere...while Carol and Nick tuned up with the help of Sheryl - Guests Karen Andrews (Past Dist Gov, Nancy Indrigczyk (GSC Team Leader)were  introduced by Frank Collins and the world famous Gil Spencer (Glastonbury).

Jack Ghagan, Sergeant at Arms fined - Frank Collins (birthday), Heather Summers (picture in the paper) - John Kelleher (grand daughter #4) - Dan Russell (birthday) - Don Pitkin (picture in paper). There were a number of early leavers who failed to pay their dollar....Was that fair to all Concerned?

o     Don Pitkin was called to the podium by President Sue to announce that the Nursing Services were sponsoring : JAVA - Jazz - Chocolate”. This will be held at 7PM on Saturday the 28th at the Community Center. Tickets at the door will be $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for seniors. President Sue announced that Don Pitkin had been honored at the annual Republican Lincoln's Dinner for “Excellence in Public Service” and that Don had received a citation form the State Legislature and Congress as well as recognition by Gov. Rell and Mayor Curry.

o     George Schoen repeated the information on George Stewart, Thursday Feb 26th calling hours at D'Esopo's Funeral Chapel 4pm - 8pm. Memorial Service at South Congregational Church at 11am Saturday Feb 28th. Rotarians will have an area set aside until 10:45 when it will be open to others.

o     Past Dist Gov. Karen Andrews presented E.H. Rotary with a check in the amount of $500.00 from “The District Grants”. This is called a Simplified Grant. It is funds coming back through the District that have been donated for various reasons to Rotary International. The check was to Ceil Collins for use in the Dictionary project.

o     Next week the meeting is back at the Ridge! (Club Assembly - Membership issues) PLEASE SIT WITH YOUR TEAM NEXT WEEK!

o     Fireside Chat at Dan Larson's has been rescheduled from Feb 26th to Tuesday March 3rd.

o     Program Committee Meeting before next week's meeting (11:30 at the Ridge)

o     Attny Leone is looking for his coat....Blue almost Black. Dan Larson was checked, but if he took it, it's down at the pawn shop on Main Street.

o     Please get out and sell your tickets for the Raffle. The funds are used by Rotary for good works here in the community, the country and the world!

o     PAUL HARRIS DINNER - March 25th 2009, The Gallery -Glastonbury - 6:30 Cocktails - 7:30 Dinner - Signup sheet will be passed next week - $40.00 per person Due March 18th.

Our speakers this year have been excellent and timely. Today Dan Firestone introduced Dave Ogle, who has a resume far too long to list here, but let it suffice to say he is an international expert on the Indian Sub - Continent. Its' conflicts, the effects of the several hundred years of British occupation and American medaling. He spoke of how the division of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh has affected the development of the modern day Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the various tribal forces we are at odds with today.

High Gear Wednesday, February 18th

Our Day was on the grey side, as we prepared for a light snow this evening, but the Spirit of Rotary was in abundance. Talk was of Basketball, politics, and food. The opening pledge was led by Frank Collins, and our Blessing by Gill Spencer. Lunch flowed out of the kitchen, a crisp tossed salad, a heaping portion of lasagna. No one went away hungry today. This may have been the first day I ever remember without a guest, so no song, also a first. Dan Firestone acting as today’s Sergeant at Arms and he had some interesting Birthdays Mike Malinguaggio (joined Rotary Aug 28th 1984.…..but only gets credit for 3 yrs) Andy Andreo - 26 yr Rotary , Donna Bys - her birthday, Don Pitkin - picture in paper, Frank Collins - picture in Rotarian, Brian Liss a first birthday party for his son. Happy Birthday was serenaded to Donna. Announcements:

  1. If you wore a navy overcoat to today’s meeting, please check to be sure you have yours, it might be Bill Leone’s.
  1. The Polio Pig sent 13.95 to Rotary International and on this note President Sue mentioned that East Hartford Rotary has been receiving back several substantial amounts from both Rotary International and the District for various projects that have been done, such as Polio Plus, Dominican Republic Project, Shelter Box, and the banner we have supplied to the high school Interact club. Andy Andreo was called to the podium and presented a pin for his personal donation to Rotary International, which come back to East Hartford in support of the projects listed above.
  1. There is a rumor that you don’t have to sell The Cash Raffle Tickets, that we have enough funding for the year. THIS IS FALSE. We do have the funds set aside to cover if necessary. If we fail on selling the tickets it will be necessary to cut back a number of the good works that are planned for the rest of the year. Please sell your Raffle Tickets!
  1. On the same note, those who have not paid their dues, please do. East Hartford Rotary has sent your payment to the International already, so things are tight!
  1. Please go to your Fireside Chats. Sponsors please talk to your new members of the importance of the Chats. If you are going to miss, Please call the Sponsor and set up at another.
  1. Golf Committee meeting next week before the meeting
  1. Meeting next week is at South Congregational Church
  1. E H Rotary is purchasing Tee shirts for the Interact Club

Gil Wishart won the weekly raffle. Our Program was presented by our own Anwar Hussain. It will be difficult to do a synopsis in a paragraph, but: The basic thread was that there are 1.25 million humans, with most of the same hopes, desires, and wishes. Most of the Moslem world is situated in Northern Africa, The Middle East, and Malaysia. The Religion that they follow is ISLAM In the United States there are about 7 million. They can be your neighbor, your doctor, or your teacher. They are straight & gay - good & bad, Republican and Democrat. Some will follow the strict rules we see on TV, but most will be dressed just like you. The Religion of Islam follows the lunar calendar, so that their holidays move from year to year. There are two main ones holiday. Ramadan is 30 days of fasting during daylight. This is followed by Eid-Al which includes lots of food. Islam was founded 575 years after Christ was born by the Prophet Mohammed. They believe in all the prophets such Jesus Christ. The Koran was oral for 200 years and then a gathering of scholars transcribed it and it stays the exact same today. The works of Aristotle, Plato, and many others of the Greek philosophers were originally translated into Arabic and thus preserved. God Bless our forefathers that allowed us to have a meeting as we did today in the Spirit of Rotary and Freedom to think as we please and act as we please as long as we respect the rights of others. Make Ups: Bill Secord, Lebanon, NH, George, Avon, Canton & Simsbury Old Granpa John

High Gear Wednesday,Feb 11 2009

A spring like day had the snow melting, the streams running to the river and ice floes moving. Spring thaw in Feb! Fellowship was all about our noon day gathering at the “Ridge”. The Bell rang and Mediterranean Chicken with artichokes, gravy, potatoes and squash followed up with a rolled ice cream cake, all in all a good day on the food. Before the introduction of guest, we had some brief comments by Pres. Sue on the Raffle with comments from Bill Leone that right now if we were at the end we would be losing 7,000.00 dollars……so let’s get going on selling tickets. If your team captain happens to not make a meeting, please turn in your sold books and funds to Bill Leone. Several guests were introduced: Mary Sullivan ~ Victor Petroni and Guy Labella’s guest Gregory Goodstein Don Pitkin ~ Yvette Roming VP Nursing Services, John Shemo ~ Dave Jackson AND our welcome song was led with spirit by Glen Peterson and Arthur Bradbury…..I must say it always better to have at least one member that can carry a tune……in this case they both could! This month’s Sergeant at Arms, Jack Sayre had the following payers: John McNaughton for his Birthday, no song - Glen Peterson for (1) his school having won an award “Magnet School of Excellence” a national award, (2) The school was mentioned on NBC 30 and the Hartford Currant because 4 teachers going to Houston Micro gravity fly and finally (3) his school may end up in Glastonbury -- Spurgeon Stokes 28 yrs in Rotary - Larry Hagland - 9 years in Rotary - & Pat Gately a Granddaughter Katherine Caroline Miano Born 2/10/09 and lastly President Sue came clean with her birthday…..a limited chorus responded. John Shemo spoke on “The Vocational Service Award” East Hartford Rotary presents each year and asked for suggestions for this year’s recipient by March 4th. Pres. Sue mentioned that Fireside Chats began last evening at the home of Bob and Debby Wood (no S). It was a pleasant evening enjoyed by all and you get a make up! Announcements for this week: Next week & the following week Rotary will be at South Congregational Church The Polio PIG brought in a total of $37.69 last week, which included 21.00 from the raffle and 1.00 from Tom Westbrook (to make our donation to the EH Fire Dept and even 3,000.00.) Thank you both! Membership Committee will meet next week before the noon time meeting Mary Sullivan requested help in the form of speakers for Career Day which is presented by the School Business Partnership and Sponsored by EH Rotary Email make ups to Ceil Collins at Frankceil@aol.com attention Ceil. Timeliness is next to … Next week’s program “The Muslim Culture” will be presented by our own Anwar Hossain Pres. Sue called Luke Blanchard to the podium with Louise Maszzoli, who was sponsoring him for membership. He was inducted, presented his goody bag (NO invoice) and Louise was presented her new pin as a Sponsor. Everything was just “Ducky”. Neil Cunningham won the raffle. John Shemo presented his personal friend and business associate of the past several years Ron Zappile. Ron is the retiring President of UTR, which is the United Technology division responsible for the management of 4,900 locations, 10,606,000 sq feet of space in 60 countries. Ron led us through the establishment of his unit, and how with the crew of only 4 he was able to bring the power of 36,000 people to bear and get a handle on what UTX really owns and leases. The long and the short of it, he has been able to bring 300,000,000.00 Dollars back to the corporation. Sounds like United Tech is going to miss that man! His Trivia for the day “every plane that fly’s in the world today, fly’s with at least one part mfg by Hamilton Sundstrand” Let’s try one trivia for the club “ What was the name of the radio show the Lone Ranger’s nephew starred in?” Correct answers received at J2MCNTIP@AOL.COM before 2/17/09 will share a piece of my birthday cake! Make Ups–Bill Saunders, Coral Gables, FL, Steve Jacoby, Glastonbury & PrePETS, Herb Tischofer & Chuck Clark Naples (5)

High Gear Wednesday, Feb 4th

The day started with a puff of fresh white snow, enough to cover the fading snows of the past months and sparkle with the bright blue sky of our noon day meeting. We came together with talk of Super Bowl - pitchers & catchers can’t be far away. A blessing of hope for the ages both new and old from Jack Sayre got us started. We broke the normal pattern with the early introduction of Gloria Stokes (East Hartford’s Fire Marshal) being presented a giant check in the amount of $2,999.00. These funds are for the "Make Dreams Real Project". They will be used to purchase fire detectors for homes with children who cannot afford them. Gloria thanked Rotary and mentioned previous programs that Rotary and the E. H. Fire Dept had worked together for the benefit and safety of the public. Our meal was served as she spoke. It was Pot-roast, green beans, mashed potatoes, with apple pie to follow. Jackie Danise was called upon to introduce our only visitor, Craig Williams. Craig received our usual serenade led by the duo of Ned Lynch and Danny Boy Larson. Our Sergeant of Arms Jack Sayre had a very good day: Peter Klock 19 years in Rotary, Art Bradbury a new great-grandson Ty Patrick Rindge, John McNaughton a new granddaughter Ruby Rose McNaughton (named after Lucile Bailey’s Mother), Mike Malinguaggio married 63 years, Nick Cecere- birthday, Neil Cunningham picture in paper, & Roy Spiller 32 years in Rotary Announcements:

  1. The Pig sent 60.00 to Rotary International
  2. Membership Committee meeting rescheduled to Feb 18th
  3. Rotary will meet at South Church on Feb 18th and Feb 25th
  4. Kathy McCabe made a special thank you to all who supported her during her mother’s passing
  5. Steve Tamiso asks that we please attend the Fireside Chats - A great way to get into the swing of Rotary and to get to know the other members. Get directions if you need them…Call and change the date if not good for you, and let both Hosts know of the change.
  6. President Sue - TIME TO Push on your raffle tickets
  7. Sheryl O’Connor: SW Cultural Arts concert on Friday at 7:30pm Feb 6th is FREE &. It’s at the 1st Congregational on Old Main St. Pratt sponsored a Quartet from the Czech Republic. Seating is 1st come!
  8. Next week the speaker should be very interesting regarding UTC’s Realty issues

We welcomed two new members to the club: Scott J. Nozik sponsored by Glen Peterson John H. Oates sponsored by Roy Spiller In addition to the new member packets presented to Scott and John, Roy and Glen were presented with a special Rotary pin showing the number of new members they had sponsored……very nice. During the induction there was some fun banter about the 4 way test, Glen was able to rattle it off…..in the right order and without peeking….again very nice……Guess who won the raffle for this week….Glen Peterson. The funds were donated back to Rotary International, Thank You Glen. Make Ups: Bill Secord - Lebanon-Riverside (2), Herb Tischofer - Naples Bay (3), Chuck Clark - Naples Bay (3), Dan Russell - Juniper-Palm Beach, Ned Lynch - E-Club, Pat Gately - Vernon & Glastonbury, Rotary Information Watts, Tamiso, Belanger, Bradbury, F Collins, Danise, Liss, and Wood Frank Collins, PDG, and Complimented President Sue on the meeting organization and introduced our speaker, the new President at MCC, Dr. Gena D. Glickman. Dr. Glickman covered a range of information on MCC as well as the community college program as a whole. A few highlights include the fact that they share in the use of the 4 way test, enrollment is up, there are 1,195 community colleges, and total enrollment is 11.5 million with 50,000 in Ct. MCC is the largest, the average age is 25 and getting younger…it was 29 Ole Grandpa John



I missed the first few minutes.  Sheryl filled me in.  After the Rotary song, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bill Saunders and the prayer by Ted Mosebach.

Our attendance is getting back to normal after the holidays and streak of bad weather. An unusually large number of guests made the meeting even more enjoyable.  Going alphabetically by the last name, our guests were Luke Blanchard, Michael Doyle, Jeff Euting, Tony Healy, Debbie Kaprove (Acting Supt. Of Schools), Pat Kennedy, Scott Nozik, John Oates and Tom York. Excuse me for any spelling error.  Neil and Doug led the Welcome Song. 

Glen Peterson, our Sergeant At Arms, reported brisk business in sharp contrast to the “market” yesterday. Glen reported birthdays for Brian Liss & son (both on Sunday), Mary Sullivan, Steve Tamiso, Tom Westbrook, anniversaries for Moe Belanger (his daughter also published her second book of poetry), Dan Firestone, Sheryl O'Connor, Tom Westbrook, Obama Dollars for Art, Neil and Glen and photo for Don Pitkin.  

Guy Labella extended the invitation for Senator Chris Dodd's presentation on Healthcare at Goodwin College, One Riverside Drive on 1/23/2009.  Please mark you calendar for Fireside Chat dates which are February 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 and 26.  Our weekly raffle winner was Gil Wishart.  Debbie Kaprove read several letter of thanks for the dictionaries from the elementary school students including a hand drawn poster which President Sue indicated will be posted at the Hospitality Suite. 


Official notice of proposed new members:

3 new members are being proposed for Rotary Club of East Hartford:

_Luke Blanchard_ Classification: Insurance & Risk Management. Proposed by: Louise Mazzoli

_Scott Nozik_ Classification: Administrator-Elementary Education. Proposed by: Glen Peterson.

_John Oates_ Classification: Fire Fighter. Proposed by: Roy Spiller.

If any East Hartford Rotarian questions or challenges any of these proposed new members, he/she must state his/her concerns in writing via email to suehklock@gmail.com or fax to (860) 657-8727; call (860) 461-7139 to report having done so, and mail a printed copy of the challenge via USPS to Rotary Club of East Hartford, c/o Susan H. Klock, Club President, PO Box 280722, East Hartford, CT 06128-0722, within 7 days of this notice (January 21, 2009).

Other announcements:

Board meeting Tuesday, Jan. 20th, following actions - 

Accepted resignation of Kim Beauregard and agreed to termination of Andy Matos, both due to their inability to attend 50% of Rotary meetings, especially inability to attend 30% of our own club's meetings during the past year. 

Board agreed unanimously to fund projects in the approved budget: a local project to provide smoke detectors to families in East Hartford with the help of the fire marshal and the fire department. 

An international project to help a clinic providing support to pregnant women who have AIDS or are HIV positive and their partners to help ensure the birth of HIV-free infants.  This is an approach developed by Dr. Stephen Nicholas, a Rotarian, at his hospital in Harlem and now being used successfully in the Dominican Republic.

Locally, $3000, and internationally, $2000, in furtherance of this year's theme, Make Dreams Real, attempting to reduce the rate of child mortality, deaths from preventable causes. 

Makeup by Board Members attending Board Meeting: Bill Secord, Ned Lynch, Pat Gately and Jenn.

The closing bell rang at 1:25 p.m.                                ANWAR HOSSAIN



I am beginning to get the lay of the land                  

President Sue sounded the bell at 12:15.   A sunny but bitter cold day reminded us that winter is fairly entrenched among us.  On the cue the piano came alive, so did the enthusiastic singers.  We must sound great because Mike Barnett, our District Asst. Governor, sang praises about how well we sing. Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a heart warming invocation by Mary Martin. Guests included Luke Blanchard, Mike Barnett and our speaker, Prasad Menon. Bill Saunders circulated a list for people to sign up for hosting Fireside Chats. Lunch of salad, bread, beef bourguignon and chocolate sponge cake hit the spot. 

President Sue did a show and tell with gift wrapped box, streamers, cake mix, icing, etc. about the CBIA Birthday Gift Giving project that is in progress.  Fellow Rotarians, please keep an eye for colorful boxes that some local businesses will be displaying to support this great project.  Sergeant At Arms, George Schoen reported arrival of John Kelleher’s #3 granddaughter, Stu Harris’ daughter Julia’s picture in the Gazzette for new swimming record at E. H. High, George Stewart’s 45th Rotary anniversary, Tom Westbrook’s granddaughter’s acceptance at Vassar and birthdays for Steve Jacoby, Jack Sayer, Heather Summerer and Anwar Hossain. Needless to say, the cash pouch that George was holding looked like our pink piggy.  Not to be outdone by George, President Sue reported retrieving $22.80 from pink piggy.  Not bad for pocket change.  Gil Wishart informed us that Portland Seadog will be playing New Britain Rock Cats on May 15 and wanted us to make this year’s attendance as great as last year.  Tickets are $23 for adults.  Amelia Piano Trio, sponsored by S. Windsor and E. Hartford Rotary Clubs, will be performing at Wood Memorial Library in S. Windsor.  If interested, call Sheryl O’Conner who will save front row seats for you.  Best of all, it is free. 

Mike Barnett reminded us that January is the Rotary Awareness Month.  He complimented us on our singing ability and great attendance record.  He emphasized the need for new members but to also ensure retention.  He encouraged us to attend the upcoming conferences.  Rockville club is having a Bowl-A-Thon to bring awareness about child abuse.  Last but not least, he asked us to place an ad to assist Gov. Jim’s project for the Year- Book.  

President Sue thanked Heather Summerer for raising $4,000 at Pratt & Whitney to help Rotary’s Career Day Project.  Information Committee meeting next week will be at 11:00 a.m.  Mayor Curry will be our guest next week along with acting superintendent of schools. 

Folks, let me tell you that the raffle winner baffled us all.  It happened.  Luke Blanchard won the raffle two weeks in a row.  This probably will go in the history books of this club.

Frank Collins introduced our presenter, Prasad Menon, who just returned from an NID trip in Nigeria.  As a professional photographer, his images of the children, the poverty, and story of determination in the face of all odds, tribal hierarchy and an unexpected riot moved us all.  Their group of 13 inoculated 8,000 children in one of the highly vulnerable areas in Nigeria for Polio.  Prasad, our hats off to you for participating in a noble endeavor. 

Frazier, Fallon, Amberg, Apostol, Hangland, O’Connor, Cunningham, Mather, S. Klok (?), C. Collins (?) made up for the meetings missed. 

The closing bell rang at 1:25 p.m.





As a first time writer of High Gear, I might not be able to give the polished professional content that you have become accustomed to.  So feel free to send your feedback and I will make the corrections.


President Sue sounded the bell at 12:15 against the backdrop of a rain and sleet filled cloudy day at the Ridge.  The Rotary song sounded just as robust as usual despite a somewhat smaller number of attendees.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, Ted Moseback gave the invocation reminding his fellow Rotarians about the joy of sharing, service and fellowship.  Luke Blanchard was our only guest today.  Luke, thanks for braving the weather to join us. Lunch consisted of salad and bread followed by chicken pot pie.  Dessert was ice cream cake with chocolate topping.


Sergeant At Arms Jack Ghagan reported Mike Malinguaggio’s Birthday, Bill Saunders’ 47th Anniversary along with his grandson passing the 6th actuarial examination. President Sue reported that our Pink Piggy collected $68 in change during December.  Not bad for pocket change.  Sue and Peter attended a roaring meeting Lions Club meeting on Monday.  All kidding aside, the Lions Club is interested in learning about international activities from the Rotarians.  Motivated by an earlier email from President Sue to help CBIA students succeed in their gift giving project, our fellow Rotarians showed up with a substantial pile of gift wrapping paper, shoe boxes and related paraphernalia.


Next on the agenda was the announcement for the Scholarship, Youth Service and Community Service meetings next Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at the Ridge.  Invoices for membership will be going out next week.  Our District Governor will share his NID experience in Nigeria at our next meeting. Our guest Luke Blanchard was the lucky winner of the weekly raffle.


Moving on to the yearly “Raffle”.


Bill Leone was our featured speaker who shared with us all the nuts and bolts about this year’s “Raffle”.  It will be a cash raffle with $10,000, $1,000 and $100 as first, second and third prizes.  If you have not picked up his flyer that he distributed today listing procedure and the architecture of the nine teams, please do so.  Tickets are $10 and the drawing will be at The Gallery on 3/25/2009 at the Paul Harris Awards Dinner. During his presentation he also highlighted the various rules and regulations governing such raffles. 


We were sorry to hear that Tony Picano’s wife passed away.  God bless her soul.


The following members made up the meeting they missed last week:


Marry Sullivan (eClub)

Anwar Hossain (eClub)

Frank & Ceil Collins (Wethersfield/Rocky Hill)

Jay Stewart (Glastonbury)

George Finch    (eClub)

Many other members (Bell Ringing and Community Meetings, Glastonbury)


The closing bell rang at 1:28 p.m.


HIGH GEAR, Wednesday, DECEMBER 31, 2008

Winter was sure taking advantage of the last day of the year.  A heavy wind driven snow, unplowed parking lot, and unshoveled walks greeted the 19 brave Rotarians who ventured out for our last meeting of the year. Inside, however, Ceil Collins had put together a great cheese, cracker, pepperoni, and mixed nut selection to go with the wines of the day.  After watching the door for stragglers, President Sue called the meeting to order around 12:15.  With no musical accompaniment we struggled through the Rotary Song and then saluted the Flag.  Bill Saunders gave a brief blessing - God is Great, God is Good, and we thank you for this food!  The brevity sort of fit the unofficial all time low attendance mark.  The meal, with the opportunity for seconds, was a hot openfaced turkey sandwich, mixed vegetables, and cranberry fruited jello, followed by a nice slice of holiday ice cream roll.

President Sue reopened the meeting by calling upon Sgt, at Arms Jack Sayre for his report which was a good day for so few people - Bob Wood paid for a 48th wedding anniversary, Dan Russell paid for Granddaughter Emma's early acceptance to Vassar,  Jim Reik for being late after trying to get to our meeting at the Cultural Center, and lastly, for a great note and check from Todd Gaertner who will be leaving our club due to a new job.  George Stewart congratulated Bob Wood who was able to brave the weather with his two new knees, and then thanked our waitress, Brenda, for shovelling the back sidewalk to make it easier for us old folks to get into the building!  Sue mentioned that the Polio Pig had a total of $34.78 for the week of 12/17.  Good work!

Bill Leone stated that there would be NO ways and means committee next Monday, but that we would kick off our cash raffle next week -$10,000 first prize, $500 second, and $100 third!

Frank Collins explained that there was a challenge to Sue's appointment as District Governor nominee.  All clubs will be asked to vote on whether or not to support the challenge.  If 7 clubs support the challenge, the matter will be settled at the District Conference.  Our club voted unanimously not to support the challenge.  Sue is the official designated  District Governor Nominee, chosen in the correct and official manner,

We closed in the time honored and traditional manner with our rendition of Auld Lang Syne led by Tom Westbrook.

May you all have a safe and prosperous New Year!

Bob Wood




A cold, damp, and dreary day greeted us as a reminder of the winter that is yet to come!  Snow and more snow is in the immediate forecast, almost guaranteeing a white Christmas and holiday season.  President Sue got us started with our opening routine, although in somewhat  of a confused order.  The Reverend Ted gave the invocation in which he gave thanks for the fellowship we share, and for the oppoprtunities to make a difference in today's world.  Lord, help make us what you intended us to be! The luncheon was a super buffet of roast beef, chicken, various pastas, salad and breads, all followed by an assortment of cookies and brownies.

 Following lunch, Pres. Sue called for the introduction of guests - Jennifer Fissette, Soundre Anguelles, Robert Dugger, and Scott Nozik.  They were serenaded with the Welcome Song led by Stu Harris and returning Snowbird and soon to be a new Paul Haris Fellow, Sam Leone. Sgt. at Arms Roy Spiller admitted to not doing  a good job and even paid a fine in repentence for his lack of diligence!  Roy mentioned that only about one third of the club participated to date in the bell ringing.  He still has some openings - so call him if you can help on the 20th.  Collections seem to be down this year.

 President Sue reported the  following items concerning upcoming events and the recent Board actions.

1.  $15,000 was turned over to the Board of Education to complete our $30,000 commitment to Project Lead the Way.  We will have a program on this project in the near future.

2.  We have paid for two Shelter Boxes at $!,000 each.  We hope to get a $500 grant from the district.

3.  We have given $2,000 to the Heifer Project.

4.  We have received $500 from Pratt and Whitney for the Dictionary Project. Thanks to Heather Summerer.

5.  We have sent $5809 to Polio Plus this year.

6.  The Holiday Raffle netted $235 after paying for the DJ at the Party.

7.  Membership is down to 87 active and 4 honorary members.  The Board accepted the Resignation of Don Munson.  He will be missed.

8.  Steve Jacoby thanked Dave and Chickie Amberg, Cynthia and Jim Reik, and Herb and Reggie Barall for their part in the Holiday Fest Dance Festival.

9.  Spurgeon Stokes talked to Albie Trieber who now lives in New Jersey.  He is doing well and would appreciate calls from his Rotary Friends.

10. Bill Leone has called a Ways and Means Committee Meeting for Monday, January 5th at his house - 6: PM - He will feed you!!!!

11.  Pres. Sue  presented Helen and Brenda with their annual Holiday gratuity.

12.  Bill Saunders won the Raffle.

13.  Sue announced that Linda Secord's Mom had just passed away.  Our thoughts are with Bill and Linda at this time.




Sheryl O'connor was called upon to introduce our program - The Next Edition - a group of singers from East Hartford High School.  This is a very talented group of about 25 gifted singers who provided us with a brief medley of songs.  They started with a rendition of the National Anthem, and continued with a traditional Irish folk tune, a French Madrigal, and concluded with a more traditional holiday song.  We enjoyed their music, but would have loved to hear more!


HIGH GEAR, Wednesday, 12/10/2008

It was a bleak and rainy night outside the Gallery, but on the inside, the Holiday Spirit was very much in evidence.  About 100 Rotarians and their guests were amply treated to a great spread of hors d' oeuvres, antipasto, passed stuffed mushrooms, bacon and scallops. and a full open bar!  What could be better?  Our opening Rotary song gained some momentum as we got into it.  The true name of "Holiday Party" came to fruition when our invocation was shared by Art Bradbury, Dan Firestone, and Anwar Hossain, representing the world's three great religions. Art asked for  the blessing of this gathering, for family and friends.  Dan briefly explained the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah as the happiest Jewish holiday and the 8 days of celebration.  Anwar explained Islam's holiday of Eid-Ul-Adha as the 2nd most important holiday in their tradition and a day of celebration.

This was a great show of the diversity in today's world. 

Following the invocation our meals of Roast Beef, Chicken, or Stuffed Shrimp were served. Accompanying the entre a great butternut soup, salad, potatoes, vegetables, and a dessert was served.  Very nice - Thanks Kathy McCabe for arranging such a great meal!  Tom Westbrook and Art Bradbury were called upon to lead the Welcome Song.  New member Jonathon Ingalls even jumped in to help!  We had some special guests - Lucile Bailey, Rita Brown, Mary Anne Horn, and Scotty Howat with his son and son's wife.  Nice to see them all!  Assistant Governor Mike Barnett and his wife were also our guests.  Mike said a few nice words about our club and its importance in the District.  We truly make a difference.  We did have three birthdays - Carol Krantz, Dan Larson, and Guy LaBella who were sung to by the Italian singer CiamPaolo DiGrazia.

Some announcements by the President!  Sue thanked Ceil and Frank Collins for hosting a new member gathering at their home last weekend.

She also thanked Ceil for organizing the Dictionary project.  Bill Saunders, Pat Gately, Mary Sullivan, Ceil Collins, Peter and Sue Klock helped distribute them as did Don Pitkin who delivered to the Pitkin school.  Great Project..  IMPORTANT DATES -12/17 AT THE RIDGE - HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT BY A HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC GROUP -12/24 -NO MEETING -12/31 WINE AND CHEESE AT SOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH at 11:30.  The winner of the Christmas Tree Lottery was George Schoen.  Hope it's a good payoff!!!

The highlight of the meeting was the annual announcement of our club's Paul Harris Awards.  This year our Board decided that we would present four awards - three to club members and one to a non member.  Three are to be funded by giving to the Foundation, and one to be funded by donating to the Polio Plus campaign.  The three funded through the the Foundation will see a 50% return to the District in three years.  The Polio Plus donation will help in funding the current campaign to eradicate polio.  A total of $4000 has been committed for these awards.  The Paul Harris recipients for 2008-2009 are:  Non Rotarian - Jean Roland.  Rotarians -  Bill Secord, Skip Guillemette, and Sam Leone.  Congratulations to all!

Save March 25th 2009 for the Paul Harris Recognition Dinner.  

The Meeting was adjourned to Dancing with the DJ and some singing by CiamPaolo!  Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Bob Wood -  Until next week at the Ridge!!


A great day at the Ridge and a great day to be an East Hartford Rotarian. A sunny December day made for the hearty Rotarian golfers.
President Sue gaveled us together close to the 12:15 mark - depending upon which watch one chose to use! After the appropriate opening activities Dan Russell gave the invocation and asked us to give thanks, praise, and promise for the new day, and to work to use our resources thoughtfully.  A tasty meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and beets followed.  Dessert was an apple crisp.

After lunch Pres. Sue announced that she had a ring and a handbag which was left at the International night.  If it's yours, call Sue! We had two guests today - Scott Nozik and Luke Blanchard.   They were serenaded by the Welcome Song, led by Ned Lynch and Mary Martin, with Sheryl O'Connor at the Piano.  Sgt. at Arms Roy Spiller announced that he had a good day with annivesaries for Bill Saunders (9), and Sue Klock (11).  a wedding anniversary (37) for Dan and Dorothy Larson, and birthdays for Kathy McCabe and Dan Larson.  Even Sgt. at Arms Roy paid for a picture in the paper, and a new grandchild!

The Following announcements were made!
1.  No noon meeting next week - Our Holiday Party is Wednesday, December 10th, at the Gallery in Glastonbury -6:30.  Call Kathy McCabe if you need to make a reservation!
2.  The Polio Pig netted $28.52, last week, and $70.00 for the prior 3 weeks.
3.  Ceil Collins is looking for help delivering the 3rd grade dictionaries next week.  Call her if you can help out.
4.  Herb Barall and Steve Jacoby need help for the Holiday fest on Saturday.  Call to volunteer!!
The Raffle was won by Ned Lynch - maybe it pays to lead the Welcome Song!

The Regular Meeting was adjourned and the Annual meeting was called to order.   A quorum was deemed present, the minutes for last year's annual meeting were distributed and accepted as printed.  The Treasurer's report was given by Peter Klock.  As of 12/2/2008 our balance was $28,423.42, with project commitments of $15,000, or approximately $13,423.42 of usable funds.  There are still funds deposited in the East Hartford Community Projects account.

Bill Saunders was called upon to announce the slate of officers for 2009-2010.  They are as follows:
    Past President     Sue Klock
    President          George Schoen
    President Elect     Celia Collins
    Secretary          Peter Klock
    Treasurer          Sheryl O'Connor
    Director          Pat Gately
    Director          Anwar Hossain
    Director          Mary Sullivan
The slate was voted and approved.  Another Director will be chosen by the Board.

In other new business, an amendment to the Club Constitution was made to allign it with the Rotary International Constitution in terms of attendance requirements.  This change says that a member must attend or make up at least 50% of a club's regular meetings and attend at least 30% of the home club's regular meeting in any half year. Voted and approved.  The Club Bylaws were amended to allow the Board to determine the method of voting on nominations for officer or board positions.  This can now be either voice or ballot voting.  The other change had to do with the assignment of directors to various Club service committees.

President Sue gave a brief President's report .
1.  We will continue to work on membership, particularly new members under 55.
2.  We will give 4 Paul Harris awards - 3 to the Foundation, and 1 to Polio Plus.  We have already contributed $2970 to Polio program.
3.  We will continue to support Heiffer, Shelter Box, a Dominican Republic Aids Project, and a new library project.
4.  We have just charterd a new Interact Club at CIBA!
5. We will deal with local projects after the first of the year when we will have a better handle on our budget.

Meeting adjourned!       High Gear by Bob Wood - see you next week!!!

High Gear, Wednesday, Nov.26, 2008

Well, without old reliable Ted Mosebach at the other end of a pen, the Chairman took over the job for the day. (Ted just underwent shoulder surgery and will be incapacitated for a few weeks). As he’d been requested to by Rev. Ted,  PP Bill Saunders stepped up to offer a blessing when President Sue called on Jim Fallon to do the same, which he so ably did. Get all that, did you? Things really did get straightened out and we sat to a most tasty meal of pasta with sausage, topped off with chocolate cake. Of course, we’d started the festivities with a layout of wine ‘n cheese, ‘n crackers, ’n other tantalizing nibbles, so the decibel level was way, way up!

GUESTS today included East Hartford’s new Fire chief, John Oates, PDG Dick Seidman, Sheryl & John O’Connor’s daughter Jackie, member-in-waiting Luke Blanchard, and this writer’s lovely wife, Charlotte. Pat Gately and Stu Harris, with Sheryl O at the keyboard, led a rousing Welcome Song.

Good to see back in our midst Leo Christmas and Todd Gaertner.

Sgt-at-Arms-for-the-day Jack Sayre told of a bundle of fines levied from Richmond (20th anniv), Schoen (his 7th), new father Finch, Sheryl O (2 kids home for the holidays), Pitkin (no picture!), Christmas (for being here), J. Stewart (birthday and for ratting out some others), Saunders (for wearing Heather’s badge), Peterson (14 years of marriage along with some bliss), and ABB’s pix.

President Sue told of The Pig’s having collected $17.55 polio dollars last week, and guest Dick Seidman reported that 2/3’s of the District’s clubs have thus far raised over $55,000 for the same. And while on fund raisers, Peter Klock reported Citrus sales of $611 (compared to $524 in 2007).

That well-known catering firm of Leone & Shemo, Inc. was given a standing “O” for their work in presenting the Southern Italian Carmen Extravaganza last Saturday night. Bill listed a whole raft of people (11) who worked their tootsies off making it such a grand affair, and especially thanked Labella, McCabe, Moshovos, Westbrook, Sullivan, and Krantz (sounds like a law firm!) for their day-long contributions. A really terrific party, you guys! And such music…Mamma Mia!

Of special note in the coming holiday daze (mark your calendars!):

PROGRAM for the day featured Jonah Cohen, the grand Poobah of West Hartford’s Science Museum, telling us all we’ve ever wanted to know about liquid nitrogen. Fascinating experiments happened before our very eyes, bouncing, then frozen balls, the deadened sound of a pewter mug, when frozen, but turning mellifluous when warmed; and we were even treated to a taste of home made ice cream in any flavor we wanted (as long as we wanted chocolate!). “Mr. Science” presents this little show before all kinds of children’s groups and was pleased, we hope, at his reception before this one. (Just as a curious aside, and not meaning to take anything away from today’s program, this scribe wonders what happened to the age-old East Hartford Rotary club’s tradition [every year since I joined in 1968] of a Thanksgiving message on the day before Thanksgiving?)

Make-ups were reported by Peter & Susan Klock in Holyoke, MA and Glastonbury. Way ta go!

And next week, boys ‘n girls, it’s been rumored that Bob Wood, he of the repaired knees, will rise from his bed of therapy and start coming to meetings again, prompted by his assignment as High Gear Editor for the month of December! It’ll be good to see you, Bob…we’ve missed you!

PS- President Sue has a silver ring w/a green stone found near the fireplace on Sat. nite…

Anyone lose one like that?

High Gear November 19, 2008

    The High Gear review of the festivities this afternoon begins before the meeting started.  There we were, patiently standing in a remarkably long line to get into the dining room, and we were willing to pay to get in!  Sort of reminded me of church on Sunday morning.

    Speaking of church, there is one interfaith worship opportunity in East Hartford (of which I am aware) each year.  It is the Thanksgiving worship hour the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, this year hosted by Faith Lutheran Church on Silver Lane.  There will be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Islamic participation.  Bring a can or two of food along for the town Food Banks.  It is an opportunity to worship with our religious neighbors and friends of different traditions.  I promise, you'll be glad you came.

    The Rotary meeting was called to order just a bit past 12:15pm back in familiar surroundings of the Ridge.  Jim Fallon offered a well constructed prayer of gratitude for our family relationships, Rotary friendship and service to causes greater than us, and a petition for peace in the world. Jim prayed so well, in fact, that President Sue, apparently inundated with involvement by tall bald guys today of religious persuasion, introduced Jim also as the High Gear editor.  I thought that being confused with Jim was rather flattering to me, but I was a bit embarrassed for Jim.

    Next week President Sure promises a fun and interesting Day Before Thanksgiving Meeting beginning with wine and cheese at 11:30am.  If it's a little early for you, you don't need to drink wine in order to come, you can just eat cheese.  I'll probably do both, but then, I'm a Congregationalist.

    Larry Hangland and Neil Cunningham led the Welcome Song in honor of many guests.  Good friend John Mitchell from the South Windsor club, Luke Blanchard_ the man from AFLC, Diana Creamer a friend of Sheryl O'Connor, Tom Danehy a friend of Glen Peterson, and Karen Andrews and Barbara Bertrand from the Windsor Locks Club.

    Sgt at Arms Dan Firestone got Don Pitkin for his picture once again in the paper (Does Don have any money left after so many fines of this type?), Art Bradbury celebrating his 83rd birthday and he asked everyone over 80 in the club to sing the birthday song to him, and Sheryl O'Connor paid $1.50 for seeing Art Bradbury in tights.  Not to worry, I think he was acting or something.

    Jack Ghagan warmed our hearts by reporting that the East Hartford High School Honor Society came by his house unannounced and raked his yard leaves.  What a great town and wonderful young people we have!

    International Night begins at 6:00pm, November 22nd at the Ridge.  Dress comfortably and casually but no jeans.  There is an open bar.

    The club Holiday Party will be on December 10th at the Gallery in Glastonbury starting with 6:30pm cocktails and then dinner at 7:30pm.  Guests are welcome to join in the festivities.  Dinner selections are Prime Rib, Chicken Marsala, or Baked Stuffed Shrimp.  The cost is $40.00 per person and due by December 3rd.  There will be no noon meeting on that day.

    Remember that we are collecting toys and gifts for 10-12 year old children.  Please bring your contribution of toys to the December 3rd meeting.  Town Hall Social Services will pick them up on that day.  Examples of toys are: educational gifts, MP3 players, CD players, arts and crafts kits, and gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Bob's.

    The club is once again ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at the Stop and Shop on Silver Lane.  We are committing the club for the four Saturdays before Christmas beginning with November 29th.  Each volunteer rings for one hour.  There are sign up sheets at each Rotary meeting.  If you can not sign up then, please give Roy Spiller a call.

    If you have not yet turned in your money for Thirty Day of Change please bring it to the meeting next Wednesday.  If writing a check make it out to Rotary District 7890.

    Bob Wood is recovering well from knee surgery and expected to come home today.

    Mike Malinguaggio won the raffle and reported that it was the first time since 1984.  But who's counting?  Mike immediately took the money and ran, literally, as he needed to leave early.  Which raises the question, if you pay to leave early, and then win the raffle, did you pay to leave early?

    Sheryl O'Connor introduced her friend Diana Creamer, a retired teacher from Hartford, who established a tutoring program for Manchester students.  It runs 18 - 20 Saturdays each year but there is also need for part-time tutors who might share responsibilities for a student, as well as a need for substitute tutors.  There is also a need for folks to help provide snacks, some books and school supplies.  Diana reported that this is the most satisfying work she has ever done.  Surely.  I am certain that the most important work I have done has been work for which I was never paid money.  What has been your experience?  If anyone in the club would like to help in some way with this tutoring program, contact Sheryl.

    President Sue called a Club Assembly to order.  Bill Saunders and Dan Larson presented nominations to the club for Board of Directors for the period July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.  President, George Schoen;  Past President, Sue Klock; President Elect, Ceil Collins;  Secretary, Peter Klock;  Treasurer, Sheryl O'Connor;  Director, Pat Gately;  Director, Anwar Hossain;  Director, Mary Sullivan;  SGT at Arms will appointed by the new Board within two weeks of the Annual Meeting.  These nominations will be in High Gear for the next two weeks.  Election of the new Board will take place at our Annual Meeting on December 3rd.  

    Bill Leone mentioned that date, time, and place for all club events should be in High Gear for at least three weeks before the event.  This High Gear editor agrees.  It is really, really, really, helpful if those details can be given to the High gear editor in writing at least at the beginning of the announcement period if not each week.

    The next Paul Harris dinner will be March 25th at the Gallery in Glastonbury.  How's that for advance notice!

    That President Sue.  Always tryin' to think ahead.

    Ted Mosebach

High Gear Wednesday, November 12th

    Our meeting opened at the other Congregational church at 12:15 PM sharp.  President Sue rang the bell and after the song and the pledge Ceil Collins led us in prayer thankful for our food and for those who have served our country in the military past and present.  I thought lunch was great today; open face roast turkey sandwich, corn with some colorful things in it, and candied sweet potato.

    One guest was introduced_ Luke Blanchard; friend of Louise Mazzoli, otherwise known as the man from AFLAC.

    New members Jonathan Ingolls and Jen Vamvakas met one further right of passage by leading us in the welcome song and they did a fine job.  The only requirement left for them now is the naming of the last ten Presidents of Rotary International while whistling the theme song.  Maybe they could do this during wine and cheese the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    Dan Firestone, intrepid Sgt. at Arms, got John Mozzicato for an anniversary and Larry Frazier and Heather Summerer for birthdays.

    Art Bradbury reported the Bob Wood has undergone corrective knee surgery at St. Francis hospital and is in good spirits and recovering well.  He will be in hospital, room 5106, phone 714-6245, until Friday at which time he will transfer for rehab to the Glastonbury Health Center.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bob for a speedy return to family and friends.

    John Shemo's son Kyle is recovering from some serious burns.  Please God continue to be with the Shemo's and bring comfort to Kyle through this terrible time.

    Those attending International Night are encouraged to pay the cost of their reservations by next meeting.  The theme is Italian.  It promises to be great fun as well as delicious.

    The fruit from the Fruit Sale will be arriving some time next week.

    At the Rotary Foundation Meeting this past week President Sue received a certificate honoring our club for meeting its pledge to the Foundation five years in a row.  Our club has always generously support the Foundation's work.  This year our pledge is $9,000.

    Next week we are back at the Ridge (I'm right about it this time) with the Program and Membership Committees meeting at 11:30 AM.

    Our club will be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army leading up to the Holidays again this year at the Stop and Shop off of Silver Lane.  Sign up sheets are on the entryway table for Wednesday club meetings.

    East Hartford Chamber of Commerce Auction, Friday, November 21, 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM was announced.  It will be held at the Marco Polo restaurant with the cost at $30.00 per person or a table for eight at $200.  Our own Dan Larson is serving as auctioneer.  Dan is worth $30.00.

    Gil Wishart has tentatively scheduled another trip to a Rock Cats baseball game for May 15.  

    If you have not brought in your contribution for the Thirty Three Days of Change please do so if you can by next week.  Proceeds are utilized in support of Rotary's campaign to stamp out polio.  If writing a check for this, please make it out to Rotary District 7890.

    Money Bags George Stewart became even more flush after winning the raffle.  Second and third drawings for two nice appointment books were won by John Mozzicato and Gil Wishart.

    A Holiday Party for the club is scheduled for December 10th at the Gallery in Glastonbury.  Dinner is at 7:30 PM.  Guests are welcome.  Dinner selections are Prime Rib, Chicken Marsala, or Baked Stuff Shrimp.  There will be no noon meeting that week.  A sign up sheet will be going around at Wednesday meetings until then.

    Remember that we are collecting toys and gifts for 10 - 12 year old children.  Please bring your contribution of toys at the December 3rd meeting.  Town Hall Social Services will pick them up on that day.  Examples of toys are:  educational gifts, MP3 players, CD players, arts and craft kits, make up kits, and gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Bob's.

    Make Ups:  R.I.H.Q.    Frank and ceil Collins, Sue and Peter Krok;  Foundation Dinner:  Frank and Ceil Collins, Bill Saunders, Steve Jacoby, Jay and George Stewart;  U.N. Day:  Frank and Ceil Collins, Peter and Sue Klock;   R.L.I.  Peter and Sue Klock, Sheryl O'Conner, Don ?, Steve Jacoby, Brian Liss;  Plainville Rotary, Peter and Sue Klock;  CIBA Chartering Ceremony:  Sue and Peter Klock, Bill Saunders, Mary Sullivan, Mary Martin.

    An interesting program was presented by Sandy Blummer of the Hartford Club.  Sandy participated in a group study exchange to northern Sweden.  Its cold there.  A fascinating, beautiful country and culture.  I think I'll try it in summer.

Ted Mosebach


High Gear, Wednesday, November 5th

We met in post election bliss or remorse, depending upon political affinities, in South Congregational Church (known around here― I write this from my office― as the other Congregational church) on a beautiful fall day.  South Church has done a great job hosting our meetings!  I wonder if the preaching there on Sunday morning is as good?  I think President Sue should go and find out.  She could give us a full assessment at our next meeting.  The least our President could do, seems to me.  Anyway, thank you South Church for all your gracious hospitality!   Back at the good ole Ridge next week.

Cheryl O'Conner helped open the meeting with a rather stirring accompaniment of the Rotary song.  I almost started to dance!  You go girl!  John Shemo opened with prayer seeking divine guidance for our newly elected national leader and the team he will soon assemble.  An excellent job by John.  Maybe he could go along with Sue on Sunday morning?  It would be another perspective. 

There were some fines rendered by Dan Firestone the ever diligent Sergeant at Arms.

Mike Malinguaggio (spell that without looking it up) paid for having his picture in the paper while he was at an Italian parade.  I guess they are good spellers in Italy.  Ceil Collins paid for a Rotary anniversary, Frank Collins for a Rotary anniversary and a wedding anniversary (wait a minute, what about Ceil?), Glen Peterson, because his daughter's smart and got straight A's, Stu Harris because his daughter's smart too and swims great and is number two in the East Hartford High School senior class, Andy Andreo paid for something but I can't read my writing, Nick Cecere for his 2007 Rotary anniversary (yes, that date is right).

George Schoen paid to announce that the other Congregational church is presenting a choir concert.  For a mere five bucks you can be transported to spiritual heights just by listening.  The date is Sunday evening, November 16th.  A bargain for your soul.

New member Chirag Thaker was welcomed into the club.  His sponsor is Dan Russell who got a pin and a tag because he has been a sponsorholic.  Chirag’s is an engineer working with Dan’s architectural firm and seems to be the kind of quality member the club needs, not to say that we are not all of some quality or another.  Great job Dan!  Welcome Chirag!

A basket was passed to help pay for the Rotary Float in the Rose Bowl Parade.

International Night is at Sunset Ridge on November 22nd.  John Shemo is planning another grand affair.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

The Paul Harris awards committee will meet next Wednesday at 11:00 AM at the Ridge.  If I understand correctly, this Committee consists of all previous Paul Harris award recipients.  Recommendations to the Committee for recipients this year can still be made by contacting Jim Watts directly.

Joan Dorn wrote a note of thanks for our help with the Coats for Kids Campaign through social services at town hall.

Ways and Means Committee is meeting at Bill Leone’s.  If you are a member of that Committee please check with Bill about the time.  I could not write fast enough.

Art Bradbury expressed appreciation for the condolences he received from club members upon the loss of his brother.  Our best to you, Art.

New member Jonathan Ingalls won the raffle.  Just goes to show it pays to be a Rotarian.  Quickly.

 The club decided to hold a plant sale fund raiser sometime in mid spring with the helpful leadership of Skip Guillemette, a great guy but another name spelling challenge.

 John Shemo led an interesting program around the issue of attracting good talent for the business and vocational life of the Hartford region.  Some things about this look encouraging at this time, others do not.  Metro Hartford Alliance, with whom John is employed, tracks statistics about this.  Thanks for your work, John.

 Guests from last week and this week included Rick Varner and Scott Nozik brought by Glen Peterson, Luke Blanchard a guest of Louise Mazzoli, Jack Martin an acquaintance of Mary Martin, and Marie Keizen from the Manchester club.

 Next weeks meeting will be held at the South Congregational Church on Forbes St.

 Have a great week!




High Gear, Wednesday, October 29th

Well, today’s meeting was certainly different.  We gathered in the atrium-like showroom of FREIGHTLINER where tractors for tractor-trailer rigs are usually displayed.  The interior has a slightly cobbled floor and the walls are reminiscent of an old world streetscape.  The acoustics were the complete antithesis of those at “the ridge” in that it was quiet, and, unfortunately, hearing was sometimes difficult.

          We picked up our box lunches—choices of ham & cheese, roast beef or turkey sandwiches (special order:  veggie) with tasty potato salad, mixed fruit, a cookie and a candy, plus chilled drinks.  President Sue rang the bell, Art Bradbury gave us a key, we sang, then Sue asked us to face Bob Richmond, who was wearing a flag pin in his lapel, for the usual salute.  George Schoen gave an excellent invocation.

          As we began eating, John Shemo took the microphone and called our attention to the invitations on the tables for International Night, November 22nd, featuring Italian Cuisine.  A sign-up sheet was circulated.  Should be an evening filled with good food and fellowship.

          Ceil Collins was not in attendance today, so this scribe did not get the green “guest cards” with names carefully filled out.  I got a few, and we’ll leave it to next week’s writer to search out the missing information. Guests included Jack Martin (Mary’s husband) Scott, Rick, Ken and Chirag Thaker.  Tom Westbrook and Art Bradbury led us in the Welcome Song.

          Jack Sayre, Sergeant-at-Arms, reported fines from Don Pitkin for his weekly picture in the paper, Carol Krantz, for her daughter’s picture in Hartford Magazine with Joe Liberman, taken in Iraq where she’s serving in the Army, Judge Herb Barall for his picture on Channel 30 a 7:00 am depicting him dancing an Argentine Tango, Guy LaBella for his picture at a function with John O’Connor drinking Johnny Walker blue (whatever that is) Larry Frazier for thirty-one years, Kathy McCabe for fifteen years and Jack Ghagan for thirty-five years.

          President Sue thanked those club members who spent part of Saturday with kids from the Interact Club cleaning a portion of the trail which winds through East Hartford following the Hockanum River.  They met on Ecology Drive, and eventually stopped the kids who were enthusiastically starting to clean the landfill—that would have taken years!

          Chuck Clarke, Dick McCarty and Sue Klock spent part of Sunday morning at Burlington Coat Factory where fifty deserving and needy kids got new coats for the winter.  This is a program wherein we partner with the East Hartford Health & Social Services Department. 

          Rotery Leadership Institute participants:  Sheryl O’Connor, Brian Liss Don Munson.

          Chuck Clarke has represented Rotary on the Patriotic Commission for seven years, needs help this coming Saturday, to place flags at Veteran’s Headstones at Hillside Cemetery in time for November 11th..  Be there at 8:00 in the morning.

          Dan Firestone announced that our Fire Department is willing to do a CPR training session—a four hour class, need at least six participants.  Cost:  $55 per person.  Contact Dan next week if you are interested.

          Peter Klock’s citrus sign-up sheet circulated.  The fruit is great, and price is good, and the small profit the club makes goes toward our dictionary program. 

          If I heard correctly, John Shemo’s son was badly burned in an accident and is in hospital in Bridgeport.

          Make-ups:  Peter and Sue Klock at the Evanston Lighthouse Club in Illinois.

          Kathy McCabe won the raffle.

           Sheryl O’Connor introduced our three speakers from FREIGHTLINER.  Marty Paganini, Vice President, welcomed us and gave a short history of how and why Freightliner happens to be in East Hartford.  The owners have built the business up to where they have a hundred employees.  The business generates well over $50 million per annum in revenue.  This is the place to come if you need a real rig:  $86,000 to $126,000 a pop, 7 miles per gallon, 450 horsepower—not quite a Corvette, but similar is some aspects!  Marty finished with a human interest story about a special kid who had serious cancer.  Christine Jones who is in charge is sales of smaller van-type vehicles happens to be a member of the Avon-Canton Rotary Club, spoke not about her job, but the human interest aspects of it and her life.  And Jim Lyons is a Sales Manager who specializes in designing and getting built fire trucks.  Those you do not buy off the showroom floor, but order to your very own special specifications. Jim’s specialty is life saving apparatus. He is a former firefighter, as was his father and grandfather.  And Jim had a special interest story about the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  All three speakers held us spellbound.  What a fascinating place.  Thanks to Freightliner for having us. 

          N.B.  Doug Willett’s new address:  dougwillett96@gmail.com


                                      That’s it for my month—Dan Russell


High Gear, Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As I sat down to write this, on a very cool New England evening, I was told that it was snowing in Buffalo.  We should count our blessings; winter cannot be too far away!  The warmth and conversation around the Rotarians tables is something hard to match.  We are privileged to share it.  President Sue hit the bell, Sheryl hit the ivories, and all was in order.  Pat Gately offered the invocation, quoting some of St. Francis of Assisi’s famous words.

Lunch Menu: rolls and butter, meat loaf with gravy, mashed potatoes, string beans, chocolate cake, the usual beverages.  It was appropriate for a fall day.

Frank Collins called to the front Ruthie Sheehan and George Stewart, and then did a short quiz:  who were the five past District Governors from East Hartford:  Ray Miller, Spike Spiegal, George Stewart, Frank Collins and Jimmy Sheehan.  Dick Seidman, from the Hartford Club, also a PDG, joined the group.  Then Frank asked President Sue to step forward, and he announced that the District Nominating Committee had chosen her to be one of the next District Governors.  By my figuring that would be in something like 2010-2011.  What an honor for Sue and for East Hartford!  We all doubt that the challenge period will produce anything negative.

Guests today:  PDG Dick Seidman, Luke Blanchard, guest of Louise Mazzoli, and guests of Dan Larson:  Mais, Jalal and Maha, all young ladies from Jordan, all in the military, who are at Goodwin College to study nursing.  Mary Sullivan and Tom Jarish led the Welcome Song, and a fine job they did.

We seem to have enough weekly announcements to fill a society column in an upscale newspaper!  Larry Frazier’s mother died recently; our sympathies to Larry and his daughters.

President Sue announced that at the Board Meeting earlier in the week the Board approved the expenditure of $600 which will send two young women to a vocational school for an entire year in Calcutta, India.  

Paul Harris nominations are needed—the Committee will meet November 12th.  Three from the Club, one from the Community—that’s the number of nominations needed.  Make suggestions, fil out a nomination form.

 There will be an evening gathering of newer members and their significant others late November/early December.

President Sue announced that five local churches are sponsoring a six-session seminar, Demystifying Islam.  Our own Anwar Hossain is one of the presenters for two sessions, his wife Diana, for one session.  We surely are a multicultural community. 

International Night will be November 22nd, at Veterans Memorial Clubhouse, cooking by Bill Leone and John Shemo:  Carmen’s Night—southern Italian fare.  It should be a great lot of fun.

The sign-up clip board for our Annual Citrus Sale was circulated.  Talk it up.  The fruit is great, it usually earns the Club about $500, which should cover the cost of the dictionaries we give to the East Hartford school kids.

The Vocational Service Committee is sponsoring next weeks meeting, at the FREIGHTLINER, 222 Roberts Street, East Hartford.  Dan Larson suggested overflow parking next door at 290 Roberts.  Box lunches will be provided:  any special needs, contact a member of the committee:  John Shemo and John Kelleher are chair and vice-chair. 

President Sue announced that East Hartford had an excellent at the District Leadership Workshop. 

East Hartford Social Services Department is looking for volunteers to help distribute food share non-perishable items, twice a month.  This will be a fairly long-term commitment.

Art Bradbury will be playing King Pellinore in the Little Theater of Manchester production of “Camelot” which opens on Halloween. It plays for three consecutive weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with Thursday added to the middle weekend.  Cost:  $23, $21 for seniors; box office:  647-9824.

George Shoen announced:  South Congregational Church, Liturgical Concert, 4 pm, November 16, $5 donation, includes refreshments.  Good music!

Jack Sayre, Sergeant-at-Arms  report:  late arrivals, early leavers, Glen Peterson for various sins (no specifics), Art Bradbury and George Schoen for announcements, Art Apostle and Jack Ghagan for anniversaries, Don Pitkin for his picture in the paper (almost as bad as Rupert Murdock) and Dan Larson for having so many guests from Jordan, and especially for the birthday of Mais.  We sang!

Today’s speaker was Kiran Jain, Director of Marketing for Bradley International Airport.  Kiran has a number of college degrees, a couple of children who attend St. Christopher School here in East Hartford.  She is originally from Kenya, which explained the slight hint of a British accent.

Bradley is developing as a medium sized hub—over two hundred planes a day, flying to as many as thirty-eight cities.  It is located, as we are, in the middle of a wealthy and intensely populated region.  Eight million passengers per year.  She said that flying prices are not likely to come down, that fuel prices have not yet stabilized.  And baggage prices are probably here to stay. 

Airlines will be flying thirty percent fewer flights, than last year, over the Thanksgiving weekend—they want the planes full.  The short- lived Northwest flight to Amsterdam got off to a very successful start, but the winter was difficult—no one flew.  January, February, March, they “tanked.”  Bradley is trying to get the service reinstated, probably on a reduced basis, but we are up against other airports.  These things take time—flight planning takes place six to eighteen months in advance of actual taking off.  Kiran suggested that we use our frequent flyer miles before the airlines holding them combine with some other carrier.

Kiran was knowledgeable and interesting.  

High Gear for October 15, 2008

Autumn days don’t come much nicer than today—mild temperatures and bright sunshine.  For some reason, our group seemed more subdued than last week—but then, we didn’t have twenty-some high school students to engage in conversation.  President Sue appeared preoccupied by the fact that our guest speaker had not shown up.  She rang the bell on time, we sang saluted our flag, and then Frank Collins offered the invocation, in praise of volunteers and all that they can do.

Lunch was breast of chicken, roasted veggies and squash or sweet potatoes with apples  Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream adorned with a couple of strawberry slices.  Only two guests today:  Mayor Melody Currey and Chirag Thaker, who has been proposed as a new member and who had just met with the Rotary Information Committee. Apparently it was a very interesting information session because Chirag asked many questions.  Anyone who has any objections to his membership must get them to President Sue within seven days. George Finch and Pat Gately led us in the Welcome Song.

There were many announcements:  Leo Christmas has been missed.   We are concerned about his health, which has been a struggle.  Leo is being treated for myasthenia gravis caused by an abnormality with his thymus gland.  He is at home after a recent stay at the hospital.  Cards would be appropriate, because he’s having difficulty speaking.

District Conference will be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, April 17-19, 2009.  It will be a joint effort between Districts 7890 and 7980.  There will be lots of demand for rooms, and the hotel is not huge.  Register by November 15th and you save significant dollars.  President Sue has copies of the registration form:  suehklock@gmail.com.  The combined District Foundation Dinner will be Thursday, November 6th at the Farmington Marriott.  Past RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe will be keynote speaker.  Cost:  $65 per person.  If we put together a table of ten, the cost drops to $60 per person.  Let President Sue know if you are interested.

East Hartford Social Services has again asked us to participate in the annual Toys for Children Program.  The need is up, and they want gifts by Friday, December 5th.  We’ll concentrate on older children, ages 11-12.  Educational gifts, MP3 players, CD players, art & craft kits, make-up kits and gift cards to such stores as Wal-Mart, Target and Bob’s are suggested.

Fall Membership Evening for Area 6 Clubs will be Tuesday, October 21st, 7-9 PM at Manchester Country Club.  Chairs or a representative of the Membership Committee, Foundation and Public Relations Committees should attend. 

Polio Plus Pins were available for the taking.  Banks are available for your change during the $33.33 for the month campaign.  Peter Klock is again heading up the Citrus Sale.   Sign-up sheet was circulated. 

The Vietnam Traveling Wall Exhibit will visit East Hartford, and will be on display at Rentschler Field October 15-19.  The exhibit is 8 feet high and 370 feet long, and bears the names of 58,260 men and women lost or killed during the Vietnam War.  The exhibition opens at midnight, that must be today, and will remain open through 7 PM on October 19.  Various ceremonies will include a 612 rider motorcycle escort, a Marine Color Guard, a Drill Team, and Drum & Bugle Corps.  Enter Rentschler at the north end, Blue Parking Lot. 

Neal Cunningham reported on the manning of the Marathon Water Station.  A great time was had by Art & Charlotte Bradbury, Neal himself, David & Nicole Donsbough, George Finch, Dan Firestone, Pat Gately, Todd Gaertner, Rosemary Hogan, Anwar Hossain, Dan & Dorothy Larson, Mary Martin, Barbara & Courtney Mcilrath, James & Lisa Watson, Bob & Debby Wood, George & Jay Stewart, Dick McCarthy, Frank & Ceil Collins and Gil Wishart.  That group could hand out gallons and gallons of water! 

Meeting on the 29th will be at Freightliner on Roberts Street.  Time to put on thinking caps, and come up with some nominations for our annual Paul Harris Awards.  Jim Watts has forms and instructions.  It is a fine way of honoring  members or individuals from the community who have done that little bit extra.  That’s what Service above Self means.  Rotary has honored more than one million persons in this manner, and when you consider that $1000 has been donated to the Foundation for each of those individuals, it adds up to a lot of money.  Flu shots will be available at the Lung Association on Ash Street on November 6th.  Ross LaBella won the raffle.  Our donations to the South Congregational Church food pantry are making a difference; keep it up.

Sergeant-at-Arms report:  Payees:  Peter Klock because his phone rang, Sheryl O’Conner had a birthday (she played, we sang), Don Pitkin had his picture in the paper again.  Jim Reik paid for being appointed Harbor Master for the Town of East Hartford.  Glen Peterson paid because his school received $3000 from Bob’s Stores.  Dan Firestone because he has a crazy cat.  Doug Willett paid minimally because of the Rays audacity. And our speaker, State of Connecticut Comptroller Nancy Wyman, paid $5, $4 for her grandchildren, and $1 for the invitation to speak.

          Nancy’s message was in complete opposition to the weather outside—doom and gloom.  At this point she is predicting a $300 million deficit for the fiscal year, and a $500 million shortfall in structured monies, something which was not totally explained.  The governor has thirty days in which to come up with a plan of action and revision when our budget is off by that much.  She threw a lot of numbers at us.  Some $500 million (shortfall?) was carried forward from last year’s budget.  As we all know, Wall Street and the economy are in chaos.  Five percent of Connecticut’s work force is in the financial industry.  Not good.  Possibly the $300 million shortfall might be covered by our rainy day fund, which is $1.4 billion.  Nancy does not want to touch the grants to cities and towns, because doing so would directly affect individual tax payers.  The future is difficult to predict.  Nancy is charming, has a great sense of humor, and obviously a very professional grasp on her duties as our Comptroller.

          On a sad note Art Bradbury’s brother died this week.  Our sympathy goes to Art and his family.  Nice to be reporting; three weeks completed, two to go.   

High Gear October 8th

Charrier Hall at South Congregational Church, our temporary meeting location, was fuller than usual today.  There were perhaps twenty from East Hartford High School, participants in our annual Job Shadow program.  That’s more individuals than in some Rotary Clubs!  We began as usual, the bell, the Rotary Song, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a succinct invocation by Ted Mosebach, who asked that we might learn to always share.  Lunch was garden salad, garlic/herbed bread, ziti with meatballs, deep fried zucchini, followed by a ying and yang of vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Introduction of guests included Heather Sommerer who thanked the assemblage for all the greetings and cards on the birth of her baby.  The students took the prize today—they displayed an incredible array of talents and interests.  In no particular order, we were pleased to welcome Sandy Phengsomphone, Shantae Bond, Mike Ryan, Todd Aikens, Shalaya Mack, Troy Hester, Jessica Edwards, Mike Huynh, Duke Asare, Kristin Owen, Emma Dingle, Timothy Dang, Bernard Benjamin Tim Shea, Matt Kenyon, Chad Sobo, Shaniqua Dent, Shawntie Allen, Eliana Medina, Avery Fusick, Manas Raval and Joshua Gorda.  Other guests:  Chirag Thaker, guest of Dan Russell, Ralph Gray from East Hartford High School and Assistant District Governor Michael Barnett. At some point the “kids” were asked to stand.  The rest of us applauded.  Talk about feeling surrounded!  The Welcome Song was led by Glen Peterson, who is getting quite professional at it, and George Schoen. 

Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Sayre reported:  More Belanger “paid big” for a seventy-seventh birthday, and asked for silence.   Sam Leone paid for a birthday, Glen Peterson for a TV appearance with a bunch of 5th graders.  Jim Reik also “paid big” for an anniversary, and Steve Jacoby, for an anniversary.  President Sue displayed a full page full color RI advertisement from USA Today.

Announcements:  Mike Barnett, ADG, reported that the District Conference will be April 17-19, 2009, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Early registrants receive a $50 discount.  The conference will be casual, the hotel has somewhat limited space, so the idea of signing up early has merit.  The Foundation Dinner, which is also featured in the current District Newsletter, will be at the Farmington Marriott on November 6th.  Cost will be $60 per person.  Great speakers are guaranteed.

Neil Cunningham reported on the Water Stations for the Hartford Marathon on Saturday.  Weather forecast is good.  Streets will be closed at 7:30 am, so Neil wants all those participating in handing out water to be at East River Drive before that time.   The doughnuts will be there too.

Mary Martin had a phone call from a Rotarian in a corner of New York State to far away that it is almost in Canada  That Club is looking for volunteers to weigh fish at a Carp Fishing Tournament which will be on the Connecticut River for three days, October 15, 16 and 17.  Interested:  Call Kathy Kelly.  Her phone:  315-250-3310.  There will be twenty-four fishing teams competing.

Nomination forms for Paul Harris Nominations are available:  read the instructions, says President Sue.  November 22nd will be our International Night (Southern Italian cuisine) with Bill Leone and John Shemo charge. October 15 is the deadline for signing up for the Rotary Leadership Institute “lunch and learn.”  Cost will be picked up by the Club.  Next week’s speaker:  Nancy Weiman, Comptroller of the State of Connecticut.  Our 33 Days of Change program is under way.  Remember it is our way of having each member, over three years, contribute $100 to Rotary’s POLIO PLUS campaign.  Apparently Sam Leone just wrote a check, just prior to leaving for Florida. Pamphlets for polio eradication are available on the ‘handout table.”  Chuck Clarke won the raffle.

Our speaker today was Ralph Gray, who teaches at East Hartford High School.  Ralph was recently surprised by receiving the Invest Teacher of the Year Award.  One of the programs at EHHS is an “Academy of Finance” which is under the aegis of the National Academy Foundation.  Students are a true cross section of EHHS.  Many of them, through the program, get very interesting jobs related to finance during the summer break. The program is an outgrowth of the insurance industry, looking for young people to come into the companies. Many of our students have gotten not only internships but college scholarships.  Ralph called upon three of our student guests to tell about themselves.  Shawntae Allen, who spent the morning with Art Apostle, wants to be a Wall Street investor. Avery Fusick, who spent her morning with Mary Sullivan, currently has an internship with the Travelers.  She was interested in seeing the workings of a smaller company.  Mike Ryan, who spent the morning with Tom Galvin, commented on the knowledge and craftsmanship involved with dentistry.

We can never know how the morning’s activities might affect some of these young people.  Years ago, a young man from EHHS spent the morning at my office, thinking he might be interested in architecture.  He went to an architectural school in Philadelphia, graduated, worked for my firm, did his apprenticeship, took his exams, became an architect, and then was hired away by a much larger firm. We still talk occasionally.  We closed with one verse of “My Country ‘tis of Thee.”    Then students and sponsors gathered for a series of group photos.

Nice to be writing--- Dan Russell

High Gear October 1st

It’s hard to believe that 2008 is now seventy-five percent gone!  But here we are into October already.  After a heavy morning downpour complete with thunder, the skies clears and the day became delightfully sunny—just right for our weekly Rotary Meeting.  President Sue wandered around a bit, gavel in hand, looking for all the world as if she were ready to give someone the biz—but she only attacked the bell, gently.  How fortunate we are to have Sheryl at the keyboard.  Rotary Song, Pledge of Allegiance, a fitting invocation by Bob Wood, and the Krause Crew served lunch:  beef stew in acorn squash shell, grilled veggies, rolls and butter, followed by pudding with a dollop of whipped topping.  Tasty.  The Reverend Al Turner, Pastor at South Congregational Church, joined us for lunch, guest of George Schoen.   Al took the opportunity to tell us that the East Hartford Food Bank needs are currently greater than usual.  There is a spot for us to drop off non-perishable food items in the hallway.  Let us each try to remember to bring at least one item weekly.  

Guests today:  Dick Kelley, PDG, member of the South Windsor Rotary Club, Al Turner, as above, Vidya Iyer, from Glastonbury, guest of Peter Klock, and Joy Bittner, guest of Mary Martin.  Glen Peterson led us in a spirited rendition of the Welcome Song.

 Jack Sayre began his month as Sergeant –at- Arms.  Jack Ghagan paid for his grandson Jacob’s 15th birthday.  Donna Bys and Dan Russell had anniversaries, Ned Lynch and Brian Liss were late, and paid additional monies for something to do with the Red Sox.  Guy LaBella paid for his picture, as President of the Chamber of Commerce, in the newspaper.

 President Sue announced that the Polio Pig netted $140 in September.  PDG Dick Kelley spoke about the Polio Plus Campaign, begun some twenty-seven years ago.  The District’s goal then was one million dollars.  Our current goal is a hundred dollars a member over the next three years, all of which will be put into matching the incredibly generous grant from the Gates Foundation—one hundred million—but that is what it will take to truly eradicate polio from the face of the earth.  South Windsor will be hosting a Golf Tournament to get their three year goal met early.

 Dick then talked about Rotary’s Ambassadorial Scholars and the Dunn Scholarship Fund.  He has served on the District Scholarship Committee for well over a decade, and today he was delighted to introduce Joy Bittner, an East Hartford resident and native, who will be our next Scholarship recipient, traveling abroad for a year’s study in September 2009.  Joy stood out above a field of ten applicants.  She is very attractive, well spoken and obviously bright, with bachelors and masters degrees to her credit.  Dick then opined that world peace will come through Rotary, one step at a time—let us not leave it to the politicians!

 Other announcements:  Jim Watts is soliciting nominations for our annual Paul Harris Awards.  Sheryl O’Connor reminded us that the Job Shadow Program is next Wednesday—Rotarians are to pick up students at East Hartford High School at 8:00 am, and after a morning at various businesses, take the kids to lunch,  and then return them to the High School. Some car pooling after lunch may be available.  October 29th, we will have lunch off site—at the Freightliner on Roberts Street.  Neil Cunningham wants all those signed up for the Water Station to be sure that they are signed up on the web site, because that will give those workers a Hartford Marathon Jacket.

 The weekly raffle was won by Ross LaBella.

 Our speaker today was our own Frank Collins, an incredible Rotarian:  Past District Governor, Past R.I. Vice President, trainer at PETS.  He’s been to seventeen International Conventions, many Zone Institute gatherings.  Frank and Ceil have participated in N.I.D (Immunization Day) in Nigeria and Egypt.  He chaired East Hartford’s Redevelopment Agency for twenty-one years.  His list of awards would fill anyone’s living room wall.  Frank purpose was to talk about the Rotary Leadership Institute, which was begun and is run by Rotary volunteers, started in the early 90’s by David Linett in Northern New Jersey.  David was disheartened, as a District Governor, by the lack of knowledge Rotarians had about opportunities beyond their own clubs.  The Institute has grown and grown, now circles the globe.  A typical Part I Session would include:  a Welcome; Rotary beyond the Club; Membership Retention; Introduction to the Foundation; Leadership and Team Building and Service Projects.  That’s all in one day.  Good training for anyone in business, for anyone who aspires to be a club officer, and certainly a necessity for anyone wanting to go on to the District level or beyond. The Institute continues through Parts II and III, and becomes a “graduate program” in Part IV.  There is a Session, one day, October 25 in Chicopee, Massachusetts; costs are reimbursed by the Club.  Anyone can attend.  President Sue and Peter have attended three sessions, she is entirely enthusiastic.  Knowledge never hurt anyone

.Makeups: Don Munson, East Longmeadow; Mary Martin twice, Ambassadorial Scholarship Committee Meeting, Worcester Massachusetts; Anwar Hossain, E-Club; and Steve Jacoby, N.E. Links, Ambassadorial Scholarships. 

A lot of material was covered in today’s meeting!  Nice to be with you.---- Dan Russell

High Gear September 24th

We meet (again) at the “South Church” for our regular Rotary meeting, and, yes, it we’re still in a string of beautiful days though a tad nippy around the edges.


After our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Pres. Sue called upon Bryan Liss, who delivered a thoughtful prayer to the Almighty for all of us and our continuing efforts to make this world a better place.

Pres. Sue followed with reminders of several Committee Meetings, all at 11:30 AM next week  .  ALSO Carol Krantz (ckmetlife.com) is now in charge of keeping our website up to date weekly.  Keep her email address handy so you can send her changes or additions as needed.

Golf Committee Chairman George Schoen reported that our 21st annual Golf Tournament was the best of all for overall receipts.  The weather was beautiful and the golfers had a great day.  Bill Saunders reported that Nick Cecere won two nice clubs in the Raffle and his team won low net and the putting contest.  In a spirit of generosity, Nick said he gave the loot  to the “Liars Club of America”.

RAFFLE:  George Finch:gave to Herb Tischofer for Sgt/Arms Fund (generous GF, but unnecessary).

George Schoen, who sponsored  Jonathan D.  Ingalls, presented him to the Club as a new member, and President Sue gave him a proper welcome with the credentials to make it all legit. 


Committee Meeting of Note:   Ways and Means Committee:  October 1, 2008 at 6:30 P.M at                                    Bill Leone’s house – Supper provided.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Bike tour this weekend.  Contact new member, Jonathan Ingalls.

More:  Ruth Sheehan : Condolences to Friends of Yankees;  Art Apostol: Congrats To Friends of the

             Socks (?);   BIRTHDAYS:  Peter Klock and Ned Lynch.

CLUB ANNIVERSARIES:  John Shemo (27 years); Dean Roland  (35 years}                                                           


GUESTS:  Ravin Dran (Russell); Chris Hartenstine (Peterson); Paul LeBlanc 

VISITOR:  Atty. Deborah Eisenberg (Glastonbury).


Our speaker today was Doug Willett who gave us a very well-prepared summary of his Membership committee’s work in setting out some conditions of our Club a few years ago, describing among other matters the average age of our members then and the critical need for the Club to encourage bringing in new and younger members to expand our membership and at the same time lower the average age of our members.  It’s evident that the effort to accomplish these goals has been successful to date, but the need to continue these efforts goes on.  “Time and Tide wait for no man”.   Doug then continued to describe a broader approach with specific goals outlined for the future.  Great job by Doug and his group.

COMMENT:   Create a copy of the Power Point Presentation for circulation among the Members, or at least among committee chairs.  If a copy of each “slide” could be made into a pamphlet for each member that would be best.   Too bad Doug’s talk wasn’t taped as a “model” for circulation among other clubs and go as far in that direction as is reasonable.  Our concerns are not unique to East Hartford.


We closed as Pres. Sue rang the Bell.



High Gear  September 17th

This time we meet (again) at the “South Church” for our regular Rotary meeting, and, yes, it was a sunny day.


After our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag,  Pres. Sue called upon Carol Krantz, who led us in prayer to the  Almighty to bless us all and our efforts to further the purposes of Rotary.

 Welcome Song was led by Steve Tamiso and Herb Barall and accompanied by Sheryl O’Connor at the 88’s.

Pres. Sue followed with reminders of several Committee Meetings, all at 11:30 AM next week.    We need a piano player for next week Volunteers call Pres. SueALSO Carol Krantz (ckmetlife.com) is now in charge of keeping our website up to date weekly.  Keep her email address handy so you can send her changes or additions that she may need.

Golf Committee Chairman George Schoen reminded us that a few more volunteers are needed to help out on game day, the 21st annual Golf Tournament  .  Place:  Manchester Country Club.  Monday (next) September 22nd .    George also reported that 130 golfers (10 more than last week and probably a cut-off number, but check with George).  We do need more Raffle prizes, and Monday is the drop-dead date to get raffle prizes delivered.  See George

NOTE TO ALL:  Jonathon D.  Ingalls, having been proposed for membership and, having gone through the procedures, will be voted on for admission to the Club on September 24th, unless an objection to his admission is made to President Sue in writing prior to such meeting.

Sheryl O’Connor said she has 25 E.H. students lined up for ”Job Shadowing Day” at 8:15 a.m.

October 8th .  Pretty impressive.    But do we have 25 Rotarians still working?  Oh, I get it.  Each Rotary job holder shepherds three students through his or her day work day and one “mature” Rotarian takes one student to the Coffee Club.   All kidding aside, good job, Sheryl!

Committee Meetings of note:  International Committee Next Wednesday , October 24, 2008 6:00  P.M. at Tom Galvin’s house. 

 Ways and Means Committee:  October 1, 2008 at 6:30 P.M at Bill   Leone’s house – Supper provided.

Water Stations:  Neal Cunningham is looking for help to pass out water cups to the runners in the Greater Hartford Marathon on October 11th.   How about some volunteers?  

Board Meeting:   To vote, inter alia, on a proposal to make a donation of $500.00 to the Raymond Library for weekly book purchases.   You Board members know the date and time.


This week’s announcement on special happenings were made by Sgt At Arms Herb Tischofer for various and sundry events such as pins and badges and specifics such as:      Wedding Anniversaries:  Herb and Reggie Barall (56 years);  Bill and Linda Secord;  Glen and Lauren (Cragg) Peterson –Birthday  George Schoen (71) ;  Anniversary: Glen Peterson    Also, the family picnic at Wickham Park last Sunday – good fun, good games (Credit Glen Peterson).


MAKE-UPS, CLUB VISITORS AND GUESTS:  Herb Barall and his wife, Reggie; Also Ian  Picken.   

                          With make-ups being on the low side, Pres. Sue reminded us that there are some easy ways to keep attendance at a higher level, one being to have committee chairs turn in the names of members present at committee meetings to the attendance committee or to the collector of luncheon cards at a regular meeting.  It would seem that those working the Golf Tournament next Monday should be given an attendance credit.  Each one gives up a lot more time than they would at a regular meeting.  There are other occasions which would also qualify.

The raffle was won by Art Bradbury (sorry, Ruth, you gotta be here!).   

Pres. Sue also mentioned Mercy Housing and presently a need for shoes to wear in job interviews, thus shoes which are decent looking and wearable (not ready for the trash bin).

SPEAKER:  Pat Gately introduced our speaker, Kathy Randall, a former President of the E.H. Board of Education and an ace member of the E.H. Lions Club. And before she got into her recruiting mode, she recited a few areas the Lions have a special interest in,  namely,  student scholarships, eyeglasses, Fidelco.   The E.H. Club has 44 members, 25-30 usual attendees, etc. etc. and now onto the recruiting program.  At this point Pres. Sue worked the “misdirection play”  and soon we  were singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet land of Liberty…”.

Amen for this week except for the following “P.S.”

P.S.  Last weeks winners in the great Rotarian poetry quiz were, in the order of answer receipts:

First:  Joan Brow                The Poem :  “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

Second: Larry Frazier          The poet:      Robert W. Service, an Englishman who migrated to                        Canada at about the age 20 in 1894, became a  newspaper writer, freelance writer and poet.  Wrote occasionally about the Alaskan Gold Rush and the areas  near and about Dawson (City).                                        

Third:   Sue Klock

Fourth:  Tom Westbrook  

Opening line of poem:  “There are strange things done ‘neath the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold;”  …The Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood run cold”  etc.

The clues, most  of which point to Alaska, are:

                               a)    A furnace.  The boiler in a derelict boat on the edge (“marge”) of Lake Lebarge, in which the tale teller built a fire in the boat’s boiler  (furnace) to cremate Sam since Sam had made him promise to do, so Sam (from Tennessee) would once again be warm.  And he was, and was smiling a big smile when the story teller, after a long wait, opened the boiler door was told by                         Sam to shut the door.  It was the first time he was warm since he left Tennessee .

                              b)   A recent new figure on the big political scene.  Sarah Palin, Governor of the State of  Alaska and Vice-Pres. nominee.

                              c)   Red-Nosed Rudolph. -  A reindeer somewhere in the area of the North Pole.

                             d)   The Dawson Trail.   – Dawson, a ‘City”  roughly in the middle of Alaska, and the Dawson Trail ran into and out of the road (“trail”) to Dawson.

I had some fun and four others did, too.  But given the many Rotarians in our Club, the percentage of participants led to a “cease and desist” order.

“Mmmmm”  Two men and two women?  Try again?  Nahhh!     …..BUT,  “You may talk o’ gin and beer when you’re quartered safe out ‘ere, ‘ An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it; But when it comes to slaughter you will do your work on water, ‘An you’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got it. …. ”                    

 High Gear -- September 10, 2008

Again we meet at the Sunny Ridge for some Rotary fun and serious stuff.

Pres. Sue called first upon Stu Harris, who delivered a thoughtful prayer to the Almighty to bless us all and our efforts for the common good through Rotary.

Pres. Sue followed with reminders of forthcoming Committee Meetings, all at 11:30 AM next week, which are as follows:  Program Com., Public Relations Com., Golf Com. (a couple of volunteers needed by George Schoen to help out on game day).  George also reported that 120 golfers will tee off and 120 sponsors will have signs posted on the tees in their honor.  George must have twisted some arms,

AND BIG NOTE TO ALL:  We are meeting next week at South Congregational Church and continuing thereafter at the Church for an undetermined number of weeks.  For next week, we need help in setting up tables starting at 11:30 AM;

NOTE TO ALL NO.  II:  Jonathon D.  Ingalls, having been proposed for membership and having gone through the procedures, will be voted on for admission to the Club on September 24th unless an objection to his admission is made to President Sue in writing prior to such meeting.

A huge amount of money was collected by the Sgt At Arms Skip Guillemette for various and sundry events:   Birthdays:  Empress Mary Martin, Bob Richmond (silence), Art Apostol,   Wedding Anniversaries:  Jack Ghagan and Sam Leone; Wedding Anniversary and Birthday  ;  Dan Larson – 2 Announcements (maybe heard one if he actually said Diamond George Agnelli repaired two watches sans charge for 2 Jordanian visitors;   Picture in paper -Don Pitkin.

The raffle was won by Ruth Sheehan.  Way to go Ruth!  Skill does it every time.

MAKE-UPS:  At a nearby Rotary Club:   Jim Watts, Art Bradbury, Frank Collins, Jackie Danise, George Stewart, Brian Liss.  At a farby Club, Steve Jacoby, Amsterdam from whence he brought a banner and presented it to Pres. Sue.                                               

VISITORS:  Dan and Loretta Dienst (Frank Collins, looking good and we’re all glad to see him back so soon after his ordeal); Trenishia Gibbs (Brian Liss); Jonathan Ingalls (George Schoen); Peg Spiller (Roy); Ian Picken, visiting us from Jolly Olde  (BobWood).

 Many thanks to Art Bradbury for his most welcome assistance in feeding the undersigned 99% of the meeting info, or this could be a one liner: “We met, we ate, we left”.

 And now the Program presented to us by Tom Spiller, Assistant Fire Marshall for the Town and Todd Lomento, Medical Officer from the Fire Department.  A very interesting presentation followed by many questions from those present.  The discourse revolved around an Automatic External Defibrillator

(A.E.D.) for use in emergency 911 situations when a person is in dire circumstances from heart failure and/or other emergency.  They are used by the respondent medics or trained EMT’s to use directly on the patient in his/her home, or wherever, to restore heart function by electric shock, if needed, or other means to keep the patient alive until transport to a hospital can be made. The A.E.D. gives out its operating

procedures automatically, guiding its operator through each step with recorded voice instructions.  Not cheap at $2,000.00 a copy but life-saving under practically any conditions.

Our guest speakers also distributed to all a “File of Life” kit for placing on your home refrigerator or other convenient spot.  This is to be filled out with personal vital health statistics to in sure proper for home occupants, including prescriptions used, general health matters, etc.  This kit is being circulated by the Fire Department and is sponsored by the East Hartford Housing Authority.

Again, a good program of interest to all.



P.S. No blame to Art for the following:

A surprise quiz of interest to some, to a few or to none – as follows:

What is the name of a certain poem, the location of its tale and its author?

The first line of the poem is “There are strange things done ‘neath the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold;” 

You may have read it during you middle teen years (Tom Westbrook and/or Bill Leone in Form III or IV).

A couple of clues: a)   A furnace.

                              b)   A recent new figure to the big political scene.

                              c)   Red-Nosed Rudolph.

                              d)   The Dawson Trail.


P.P.S.   Good luck.                                         



High Gear -- September 3, 2008

Seemingly a smallish gathering, the numbers swelled before our eyes, or was it the shiny new silverware? Labor Day usually marks that inevitable dividing line between summer and fall, but this one really felt like a summer one, with more than a little heat and humidity. Dave Amberg was well prepared to ask for the blessings of divine guidance through not only the meal, but also the Rotary year ahead.

Even before the meal was served, President Sue rang us into order for a few important messages from our sponsor (actually, from Sheryl O’Connor!), to wit: 1) the So. Windsor and East Hartford Rotary Clubs are co-sponsoring a series of nine Cultural Arts classical music concerts (freebies) beginning on Oct. 26th and running through May 3, 2009; and 2) Oct. 8 will be the date of our Job Shadowing Day adventure for EHHS students. Needed are Rotarians to pick ‘em up, host, teach, mentor, bring them to lunch at Rotary, and then return the kids to school. Lots of planning needs doing, so it’s imperative that sign-ups happen by next Wednesday, the 10th. And then Glen Peterson told of the Family Committee’s next venture, a picnic at Wickham Park on Sept. 14, 1 to 4:00PM. A  Sign–up sheet started around. We all know how successfully the Rock Cats venture turned out, so lets all get behind this picnic idea; bring your own food to grill and beverage to drink; there’ll be games to play and a real bonding opportunity for the East Hartford family of Rotary.

While all this info was being offered and digested, stuffed peppers (now there’s one we haven’t seen in a long time!), mashed potatoes, and green beans claimed our attention, followed by some very tasty cake for dessert. The main meal always provides a good chance to try out the Welcome Song for our Guests with different leaders, and today they were Ed Casella, Mo Moshovos, and the increasingly reliable Sheryl at the helm. (I feel sure Don is smiling down at us every Wednesday noon!). Good job, guys! Oh yeah, the Guests were Chirag Thaker, Maria Keiser, Jonathan Ingalls, and today’s speaker, Jim Kate.

Sgt. At Arms Herb Tischofer used his Bully Pulpit to make a convincing case for conscientious “greeters” each week, so that visiting Rotarians (or any visitors) feel welcome and at ease. President Sue echoed this refrain with an appeal for assigned Greeters to be on hand at 11:45. Herb also reported on Glen Peterson’s 48th birthday with a request that all under 48 rise to serenade him. Due to the spirited membership drive activities urged by Doug Willett, there were actually 7 or 8 members rising to fill the bill. President Sue told of her goal this year to assign new members to committees immediately after joining, thus helping in the assimilation process.

Subbing for Golf Committee chair George Schoen (in attendance, but suffering from severe bronchitis), Bill Saunders cited the short 2 ½ weeks ‘til tournament time, and urged members to come up with raffle prizes and hole sponsorships, both of which are basic to producing a financially successful tournament. It was noted that pre-meetings next week include the Golf and Family Committees, both at 11:30, and the Rotary Information Committee at 11:15. (There was undoubtedly an agenda today, but for some reason it seemed sort of inside out; probably just my note-taking). Oh yes, the raffle winner was guest Chirag Thaker (Dan Russell probably bought him his ticket!)

We heard from President Sue that the Rotary PIG took in over $139 during August, with the district-provided oinkers soon to be gracing the mantle in all of our homes. And we learned that next week’s meeting will feature Leroy’s son Tom Spiller, the Town Fire Department’s Asst Fire Marshall, as he educates us with a demonstration of one of their new defibrillators. Sounds like something we need to know more about. And if we needed any more evidence of a fast approaching fall season, we learned that our meetings will commence at South Congregational Church on Forbes St. on Sept.17th, only 2 weeks away (for the annual conversion of the Ridge into a Haunted House!)

Reported make-ups included Gaertner in Bristol; Bradbury, Schoen (along with former EH Rotarian Roger Nicholson) in Saco Bay, ME; and a whole host of us, perhaps working at the Klock’s picnic: Saunders, Fallon, Schoen, Wishart, McCarthy, McCabe, Roland, Peterson, & Frazier.

Program today, introduced by Pat Gately, featured our town’s Coordinator of Recycling, and a retired former union electrician, Jim Kate. On a subject which more and more involves all American’s, Jim cleared up a number of issues, questions and concerns about what, when, how often, where and  how we should be disposing of lots of things that once simply filled our trash barrels: plastic, batteries, newspapers, and all kinds of hazardous waste. We learned how to find out what other towns are doing, and when, about annual electronic recycling, by clicking onto WWW.CRRA.org. And we learned (or at least this reporter did) that Jim Kate spends about 3 hours of each workday acting as “big brother” in actually peeking into our rubbish barrels, at the curb in front of our homes, to make sure we’re not breaking recycling rules, or laws, as spelled out in town ordinances. Yes, there are warnings and, ultimately, fines for not following them. Most interesting, and very informative.

This was a fill-in job today for Gerry Brady, who hopes to be with us and then back at his computer keyboard next week. Nice we could get together.                                         


High Gear -- August 27, 2008

The kiddies returned to school today, so the summer is rapidly drawing to an end. But you couldn’t tell that by the large, enthusiastic crowd that gathered at the Ridge to celebrate a significant milestone in the history of East Hartford Rotary. Today is not only the 88th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in this country, it is more importantly the 20th anniversary of women in the East Hartford Rotary Club. Our first woman Rotarian, (along with Barbara Benson), and our first woman Club President, the Empress, Mary Martin, celebrated her Club anniversary today.

Since her admission to the Club, women have come to make up more than 20% of our membership, and we are currently benefiting from the administration of our third female Club President, Susan Klock. And the contributions made by longest tenured woman Rotarians Mary Martin, Kathy McCabe, Jackie Danise and Carol Krantz have made a world of difference to our Club and provided an example for our less tenured Rotarians, both women and men, to emulate. Who was the intrepid Club President who risked his administration to bring in Mary and Barbara anyway? The name is lost in time.

Our guests today for a ample buffet were Tim Bartles, Maria Keiser from Manchester, Jonathan Ingles once again, and Ray Johnson, local historian. Kim Beauregard and Dan Firestone provided leadership for the Welcome Song and Dan Larson, departing from his usual demeanor, offered an appropriate grace.

 George Finch, American Eagle Credit Union and Kim Vamvakas from Goodwin College were inducted into our midst today. They mark the 30th and 31st new members inducted since the start of our 30 Under 55 Campaign two plus years ago, and bring the number of new members under 55 to either 21 or 22, depending upon verifying a couple of birthdays. We have 10 months to come up with another 8 or 9 qualifying members, so keep that is mind as you are out and about in the community.

Sergeant At Arms Nick Cecere had another light day today with fines from Don Pitkin who paid because his picture wasn’t in the paper this week, causing us undue embarrassment, Todd Gaertner, who paid to celebrate his daughter going off to college, and the afore mentioned Mary Martin, who paid handsomely for her Club anniversary.  Club President Sue singled out Kathy McCabe for her outstanding contributions to the very successful Club Picnic last week.

Jim Fallon rose to make the case for the rapidly upcoming Golf Tournament. We need to confirm today the golfers who will be playing. Not eventually before the Tournament on September 21st, but today! We make our money from key sponsors at $150 a pop, and we need those signed up today. We need raffle prizes declared and delivered to Larry Frazier today. Suffice it to say, we are now in crunch time and that sucking sound you are hearing is our Golf Committee trying to keep its collective head above the water hazard and out of the sand trap. Do what good Rotarians do in these circumstances.

More great news today. We have been informed that our nominee for the Gladys and Robert Dunn Scholarship, Joy Bitner, has been selected to receive the $23,000 stipend for a year’s study abroad in 2009-2010.  Many thanks to Mary Martin who nominated her, and Bill Secord, who helped her through the process. Rumor has it that Miss Bitner, who was home schooled here in town, and who has spent her summers working with the poor in Latin America, blew them away in her interviews. Take that, West Hartford Rotary.

Sign up next week if you haven’t already for the Family Picnic to be held Sunday, September 14 from 1-4 p.m. at Wickham Park. We will be at the McGraft Pavilion and you can bring your own picnic lunch. Grilling facilities are available and all are welcome, kids, grandkids, rug rats, dogs, horses, the more the merrier.

In this week’s non program, Jackie Danise and Bill Secord reported to the Club on the East Hartford “Images of America” project.  This will produce a photo book covering the history of East Hartford and the committee (add Roy Spiller and Ray Johnson) is looking for historical photos, prints, ephemera, etc. by the end of the year. The stories will be told in captions under the pictorials. All proceeds will go to the East Hartford Rotary Scholarship Funds. Contact Jackie, Bill or Roy for more information or to submit material. It is projected to be ready for the 2009 Holiday season.

Our first official program begins next week with James Kate, East Hartford’s Recycling Director scheduled to present.

And to close this month’s High Gear assignment off, some even more great news. Frank Collins survived his extensive operation and arrived home this day tired but thankful. Drop him a line.

That’s it from the beach. Go Rays. WDOUGW


High Gear -- August 20, 2008

East Hartford Rotary has had a lot of great picnics and outings over the years, and some of them may have been equal to last night’s affair, but certainly none in my memory outdid this one. It was a large crowd, more than 90 strong, with a rich mix of old friends and new faces. It was great to see Scottie and Ann, Roy and Peg Spiller, the Liss family including the six month old future Rotarian baby boy, Rita Brown, and so many other Rotarian spouses and old and new friends.  Our hosts President Sue and Peter Klock set up extra tables and they were put to good use. It was a beautiful evening, with the sun shining and the air carrying more than a hint of the upcoming autumn season.

The set up was a little different this year, with hors d’oeuvres and desserts provided along with the main meal. There was a wide selection and everything was delicious. Sausage and Peppers, Stuffed Mushrooms, Meatballs, Cheeses and crackers, Salsa and Chips, Olives.  Followed by Chicken, Salad, and Potatoes. And topped with ice cream treats. And all for just $5 per person.  Somebody is either robbing the food locker or someone with deep pockets is subsidizing this affair on the q.t.

The committee that put it all together and deserves our thanks was led, as usual, by the indefatigable Kathy McCabe with lots of assistance from Ed Cassela, Ruth Sheehan, Ceil Collins, Neal Cunningham, Larry Frazier, Tom Galvin, Louise Mazzoli (did the work but was unable to attend), Bob Richmond, Dean Roland, Tom Jarish and Tom Westbrook.  Not mentioned but I suspect doing more than his and her share were our hosts, Peter and Sue. PP Dan Larson did triple duty collecting the fees, impersonating a minion of Price, Waterhouse to deliver the Golf Outing results, and acting as official bell ringer. More on the last later.  Art Bradbury did his usual job of providing a thoughtful invocation.

The Golf Outing was another success on this beautiful late summer day. The pacesetters were the team of Bill Saunders, Chuck Clark, George Schoen and Doug Willett but they were followed closely by the team of Dave Amberg, Art Bradbury and Bob Mayo (Steve Tamiso’s son-in-law), and the team of Jim Fallon, Glen Peterson and Steve Jacoby. A good time was had by all.

There were few announcements today but again the Club is reminded that the Youth Service and the Vocational Service Committees are each meeting next Wednesday at 11:30 at the Ridge. (May be a good way to reduce the number of announcements each week is to require our President to stand on a diving board above a pool of cold water during this portion of the meeting. Seemed to work well tonight.) No raffle or Sergeant At Arms report was offered this evening.

Your High Gear editor was having too much fun eating and drinking and conversing to take many notes tonight, so this is all there is to this week’s edition. Other than the closing incident of Danny and the Bell.  It seems that a 150 pound bell is just the thing to cause Danny Boy to unleash his aggressions by pounding the hapless bell so spiritedly that the bell detached from its stanchion, plunged to the pool deck, and scattered Jack Ghagan, Larry Frazier and all the others who were seated in the vicinity. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men were required to lift and reposition the unfortunate object. No one had the heart to look for cracks in the bell’s surface, but suffice it to say that Big Dan will not be invited to Philadelphia anytime soon.

Well it looks like the Bronx team is turning out to be somewhat less than Bombers this year, so we are reduced to rooting for the Rays and the Twins to join the Angels for the chance to meet Manny’s red hot L.A. Dodgers in the post season.  Who you pickin’, Ruthie?




High Gear -- August 13, 2008

Great turnout today to welcome newly minted District Governor Jim Dusza of the Holyoke Club. The DG has already visited 42 clubs since the first of July and finally got around to the best of them all today. More on his remarks below.

Guests were plentiful today including visiting Rotarians PDG Dick Seidman (he needs to start paying dues!), Ralph Gray and Maria Keissler of Manchester, Rotarian candidate Jennifer Vamvakas, potential Rotary candidate Jonathan Ingalls of American Financial Services at Founders Plaza, and my favorite Rotary Annie, the inestimable Diane Willett. 

Great to see Moe Belanger back after a rough couple of months at the Lake. Rumor has it that he has a brand new motorized wheelchair that comes with a GPS system and a Harley Davison tattoo. The word in Coventry is “keep the kids in the house and out of his way. “ At least until he learns to steer and stop the thing.

Following up on Jay Stewart’s truly memorable invocation last week, PeePee Bill (Saunders that is) quieted us with a thoughtful message about the precarious nature of the world and the opportunity Rotarians have to make a difference. Several of us were looking for the roman collar but none was to be seen. Tom Westbrook and Art Bradbury and Cheryl O’Connor (let us not forget dear Cheryl) lead us in a rousing rendition of the Welcome Song.

Sergeant At Arms Nick Cecere reported on birthdays for Gil Wishart (77), Herb Barall (76) and John Shemo (55); Rotary anniversaries for PRIVP & PDG Frank Collins (38 years) and Marion Martinez (1); and, the big one today, the 61st wedding anniversary of George and Jay Stewart. There has to be a special place in Heaven for anyone being married to George for 61 years. Maybe you can help the rest of us get in when our time comes, Jay. 

Just a few announcements today:

v     George Schoen asked that those who plan to play in the Golf Tournament, please, please fill out the needed forms. We need to commit to the Club on the number of golfers to expect.

v     President Sue reported on several nice thank you notes received this week.

v     The Youth Service Committee and the Vocational Service Committee will both be meeting in two weeks, August 27th at 11:30. 

v     No noon meeting next week – Club Picnic at the Klocks’ starting at 5 p.m.  All members are encouraged to be there or be square.

At this point, PresSue introduced our new District Governor, Jim Dusza, the youngest DG is some time at the tender age of 44. He runs his own business, something involving warehouses, and still finds the time to spread the message of Rotary. The details of his bio were a little sparse at the meeting but his focus and enthusiasm for Rotary was very evident in his energetic remarks.

DG Jim urged us to “Make Dreams Real” by considering how we can help reduce the tragic fact that more than 30,000 kids die every day from preventable causes. We can do that by contributing to international efforts to reduce polio, measles, and malaria and by supporting water and literacy projects around the globe. But DG Jim particularly challenged us to think “local” – what are the things we can do right here in our community to cherish and protect our children?

DG Jim followed this challenge up with another we can all take pride in and achieve without great sacrifice. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already written a check for a Matching Grant to Rotary International for our Polio Campaign to the tune of $250,000,000. Rotary needs to raise $100,000,000 to keep our end of the bargain. DG Jim is asking every Rotarian in the District to participate in a “33 Days of Change” campaign, wherein each Rotarian will agree to place loose change in a piggy bank provided from September 2nd to October 4th. The goal is to collect on average $33 from each Rotarian each year for three years. If we can get the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world to do the same, the needed match is a layup.

In addition to the R.I. Theme for the year, DG Jim has one of his own for the District. “What can the District do for you?” From updating the District Conference to make it more informative and more family friendly (and more affordable), to expediting the awarding of District funds in matching grants, to a District Resource Guide, to help with attracting new members, DG Jim is determined to give back to each Club as much as he can. He is full of ideas and enthusiasm and is off to a great start.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you next week at the Klocks and, in the meantime, keep rooting for Michael Phelps. He is a once in a lifetime athlete, a seemingly unaffected kid, and he is setting records that we are unlikely to see challenged in our lifetime. Let’s enjoy him pure before the Great American Marketing Machine inevitably begins to shove him down our throat.

So as baseball’s most dynamic announcer says whenever ARod goes yard…Seeeee Yah.      WDOUGW

High Gear -- August 6, 2008

The seasons spinning round again; the years keep rolling by.  Harry Chapin

Another Rotary year is well underway and President Sue has taken charge of the house as well as the garage, the outbuildings and the summer cottage at the beach.   Her command presence at the podium and enthusiasm for all things Rotary should serve us in good stead this year. We are fortunate to enjoy such a rich continuum of leadership in this key position. 

Lots of activity today, particularly in the depths of summer, with committees meeting everywhere, and a large and boisterous crowd enjoying Rotary fellowship.  Dan Larson and Brian Liss led the Welcome Song to greet visitors including PDG Dick Seidman, ADG Mike Barnett, old buddy Fred Campbell, Ted Marina, guest of Nick Cecere, and Julie Lipton, sister of our newly minted Treasurer and First Gentleman, Peter Klock.

Jennifer Vamvakas, from Goodwin College, one of two prospective new members, was also present.  Jennifer, and George Finch, American Eagle Credit Union, who couldnt stay for lunch, but did attend a Rotary Information session prior to the meeting, are hereby posted for membership and anyone with any objections to their inclusion in the Club should notify President Sue and/or the Board of Directors within seven days.

Sergeant At Arms Jack Sayre announced the birth of a granddaughter to Pat Gately last Sunday, Elsa Catherine Gately could it be that the old fashioned names are also spinning round again?  Bill Saunders and Ceil Collins paid for birthdays (the years keep rolling by), Mary Martin paid for being all over the media, and Stu Harris paid to brag about his daughter, Julia, a member of the LEHY Swim Team who competed in the YMCA National Swim Meet in D.C. last week. And, finally, one Jack Sayre paid handsomely for fifty, count em, fifty years of wedded bliss with the divine Miss Jan (speaking of the years rolling by). Dan Russell won the weekly raffle.

Lots of announcements today with a couple of calendar reminders:

                       August 20th is the Club Picnic at the Klocks, just below the Ridge starts at 5 p.m. - $5 per person all food provided by the committee (unlike past years when canapés and desserts were assigned alphabetically).  (Aside to newer members this event is always a highlight of our Rotary Fellowship year and you are urged to get a baby sitter if need be and to participate with your significant other there is no better way to get a glimpse of Dannys underwear.)

                       Steve Tamiso is running a Club Golf Outing the same day at Tallwood beginning at 8:45 a.m. Call Steve is you would like to join the Scramble. (Again to new members golfing skill is definitely not required to have a good time.)

                       The Saratoga Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes Trip to the race track is this coming Saturday. Those who signed up are asked to be at the Ridge to board the bus at 8:15 a.m.  Snacks and drinks will be on the bus but you are on your own for dinner.

                       A more important Golf outing is just weeks away and Chairman Schoen is once again pleading for raffle prizes, registrations and sponsorships as soon as possible. Of course, we all know that the vast majority of these will come in at the last possible second, but George remains a good natured, mild mannered optimist.  You would ease his anxiety if you could overcome your deep seated propensity for procrastination and just do it now.  

                       The Community Service and the International Service Committees are meeting next Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. prior to the luncheon meeting.

                       East Hartfords Summer Youth Festival is celebrating 44 years of enjoyment this summer and has presented us with a handsome plaque thanking us for our support over the years and recognizing the contributions of one its founders in loving memory of Don Hallquist.

Our summer schedule non-program today was a Club Assembly.  President Sue announced that the Board has approved both her calendar and her budget for the year. The calendar includes no meeting on December 24th and a wine and cheese meeting on December 31th.  President Sue has folks looking for hands on community projects, and plans to increase our International contributions, including contributing to the Polio Rehab program she and Peter visited in India.  PDG Seidman gave us a heads up on a special Polio Plus fundraising project seeking a $100 contribution from each Rotarian over three years. More to come on this. Our World Share commitment to the Rotary Foundation has been set at $9,000 this year.  Doug Willett announced that we are within striking distance of our three year membership goal of 30 new members less than 55 years of age by next June.  More to come on this. Jim Watts outlined the work of Rotary Information which strives to put prospective new members in a position to decide to join or not. Larry Hangland reviewed the Clubs intent to get back into the Youth Exchange picture and discussed some of the challenges with this. More to come.

Next week is our District Governors Visit so President Sue would appreciate a great turnout to hear what DG Jim has to say. No suits or ties are required. So other than a shout out to Ruthie, asking whos your Manny now? Ill bring this first High Gear of August to a close.   WDOUGW

High Gear -- July 28, 2008

No Wednesday meeting this week because . . .

It was a warm and sunny Monday evening in Glastonbury.   A beautiful  summer’s eve for enjoying a friendly softball game against our annual arch-nemesis, the Rotary Club of Glastonbury.  The G-Men were finely decked out in matching blue shirts.  We weren’t.  The East Hartford All Stars led early in the game with a score of 6 to 3.  You shoulda seen the plays made by Todd Gaertner at first base and George “Face Plant” Schoen at second!  Players also included both LaBella’s, Ned Lynch, Tom Jarish, Steve Bates, Coach Neal Cunningham, and assorted and very welcome sons.  The final score?  Wait’ll next year!

By 7p.m. about 35 East Hartfordites had repaired to the pavilion for a delicious dinner of prime rib, smashed spuds, tomato salad, and a fruit and custard-style parfait.  Quite yummy.  Neal Cunningham did the honors of thanking Glastonbury for their fine hospitality.  Since we were not on home ground, we dispensed with our usual announcements, raffles, and fines.  It was nice to see that Rotary raffle graft and corruption exists at other clubs as the young son of one of their players was tapped to pull the raffle ticket, and miraculously pulled his own!  A fine Rotary tradition.

I guess now is a good time to clean up the errors and omissions of last week’s High Gear.

The picnic at the Klock’s lovely home will take place on the evening of Wednesday, August 20 (Kathy McCabe will honcho this).  Earlier that day there will be a golf outing at the Tallwood Country Club.  Steve Tamiso (568-6310) is organizing the sporting part of the day so make your checks payable to him by the 12th.  Steve says the cost of playing golf with a cart is only $45, and that includes a contribution toward prizes.  If you decide to play, present yourself at Tallwood no later than 8:30 a.m..  Get your team together.

Maybe it was the large cowboy hat that was covering my ears last week, but oh boy did I get the wedding anniversary report wrong.  Please be advised that the Bradbury’s have enjoyed 61 years of wedded bliss as of June 28, 2008 and that the Wood’s have also been married long enough to not have given birth to any children far in advance of their wedding day.  My apologies!

The Family Committee is to meet with Chairman Gil Wishart at 11:30 a.m. at the Ridge next Wednesday, August 6th.

The Membership Committee has been called to a meeting by its chairman, Doug Willett, at 11 a.m. at the Ridge next Wednesday, August 6th

Mysterious “snitch” from K.M. regarding Dave Amberg:  he is known to steal eggs out of a robin’s nest.  No, I don’t know what it means.

Finally, and with much sadness, we have learned that Past President Frank Kreson passed away on Saturday.  Please consult the local obituaries for an announcement of a memorial service.  We may activate the “phone chain” to spread the news when it is available.  If we do, please be sure to call the person listed after your name, and if you only leave a message, then also call the next person to be sure the word gets spread in a timely fashion.  Frank was a lovely man.  A very soft spoken and self effacing gentleman.  We will miss him.

That’s all from the Empress of the World.  My “High Gear” duties for July are done.  See you next week.


High Gear -- July 23, 2008

Howdy, pardners!  We sure had a rip roaring time at the New Members-sponsored Country Western Barbeque today.  Weather conditions meant we were in the gym at the historic East Hartford Community Cultural Center.  It was a neat venue for our buffet of bbq chicken, chili dogs, corn on the cob, and apple pie with ice cream.  All catered by “Bobby T’s”.  I, for one, went away stuffed.

The meeting started with an invocation well done by Todd Gaertner.  Sixty-two members including a number of friends, family, and just plain guests answered the call of the chuck wagon triangle.  We were lucky to have both Art Bradbury and Tom Westbrook to lead us through the Rotary Song and the Welcome Song sans piano.  Guests included our own Fred Campbell, Frank Staples’ niece, little seven year old Kyesha Rucker, and members of the Kim Beauregard entourage (Michael Nappi of Inter Community Mental Health Group, Joyce Screen, and Debbie Ward).

Both the raffle and Sergeant-At-Arms fines were waived due to our temporary venue.  Still in all Sergeant Dick McCarthy voluntarily received “donations” from the following for their wedding anniversaries:  Bob and Debbie Wood ( 23 years); Art and Charlotte Bradbury (a whopping 40 years); and Tom Jarish (holding his own at 19 years).  I guess Rotarians make good lovers.

Bob Wood handed in two make ups from the Rotary Club of the Bridgton Lakes Region from Down East.  Reminder to everybody to hand in your make ups and let the Club Secretary know if you have attended a committee meeting on behalf of our Rotary business.  That counts, too, as a make up.  Don’t be shy!

Anyone interested in playing in the District Golf Outing must give their registration information sheet to Bob Richmond by August 7 (actual date of the tourney is the 11th).  The outing will take place at the Oak Ridge Golf Club in Feeding Hills, MA.  Cost is $110 per player but only $30 if you want to join the group for dinner only.

Times a’wasting for giving your back to school donations to Ceil Collins.  August 6th will be our last day.  Needed are filler paper for binders, highlighters, and markers.  Ceil is happy to accept cash and do the shopping for us.

This just in:  Past President Frank Kreson is in Hartford Hospital and could really use a get well card from every person in the Club.  Please address your card in care of his sister-in-law Jane Cline, 446 Main Street, Apartment 104, East Hartford, CT  06118.

It’s almost time for our annual softball battle and joint dinner meeting with the Glastonbury Rotary Club.  Neal Cunningham is looking for members and their friends, family, or “ringers”, to play ball and join in the festivities on Monday (yup, Monday), July 28 beginning at 5 p.m. at the Glastonbury Elks (yup, Elks) Grounds.  For the newer members, here is how it works:  we go to watch or play softball at Glastonbury, then we all repair to the open-air pavilion for drinks and a hearty dinner shared with our fellow Rotarians.  The meeting and eats are usually over by 7:30 p.m. and it’s held rain or shine.  Use your GPS to find the location (take Exit 10, Country Club Road, off Route 2 East) or check our website.  Be there to cheer us on!  There will not be a Noon meeting on Wednesday, July 30.

You heard it here first:  Sue and Peter Klock are again hosting us to a poolside picnic at their lovely home at 94 Sunset Ridge Drive (that’s the first house down the lawn from the Veterans Memorial Clubhouse where we usually meet).  The event will begin at 5 p.m. with the official meeting starting at 6:30 p.m..  The cost is only $5 per person with food and drink supplied by the Club.  Kathy McCabe will be circulating a sign-up sheet.  Earlier that day you can join a ragtag group of golfers at the Tallwood Country Club in Hebron.  If you wish to be a part of this side of the festivities, give Steve Tamiso a call.

President Sue pointed out the porcine blue ceramic Polio Plus Pig (how’s that for alliteration?).  This portable gobbler of pocket change is eager to accept your donations to end polio world-wide.  She reports that we are getting better every week about making sure the porker gets fed.

Note that our August 6 meeting will be a Club Assembly.  That’s an opportunity to hear more of the business side of our local Club and ask any questions you have about process or where our money goes.  Always a popular topic.

So today’s festivities were brought to us by the New Members inducted during the past year:  Todd Gaertner, Anwar Hossain, Don Munson, Frank Staples, Heather Summerer, Jay Stewart, Kim Beauregard, Louise Mazzoli, Marion Martinez, Ned Lynch, and Ross LaBella.  Yours truly acted as their Fairy Godmother and is pleased as punch at what a great event they cooked up.  Jay had us donate caps with sports logos on them to give to kids participating in Parks Department summer events. 

We were entertained by a 14 year old duo of Country Western singers:  Alexa Beauregard (daughter of Kim) and her back-up singer Alexis Ward.  Wow!  What stage presence for girls their age and such talent.   The girls were nice enough to donate sales of their CD ($10 per) to Inter Community Mental Health Group and Rotary.  Each organization got $5 from each sale and by the end of the day had each netted over $70.  These young ladies have a bright musical future ahead of them and already know how to give back to the community at large.

A special thank you goes out to the East Hartford Parks and Recreation Department for hosting us at no charge, that’s right, for free!  They had a great crew of young helpers that worked diligently to make sure our indoor event was successful.  How can we thank them?  On top of that, Parks Director Roger Moss made sure we had plenty of free passes to see the 13th Annual Podunk Bluegrass Festival being held July 31 through August 3 at Martin Park.  Need another free pass?  Mary Martin will bring them to the softball game on Monday or call her.

Well little doggies, it’s time to fade into the sunset for this High Gear.  We did not serenade any cattle with a closing song, but everybody jumped in to help clean up the gym and head out into the mid-afternoon thunderstorm.

See y’all on Monday in Glastonbury,

     Empress of the World


High Gear -- July 16, 2008

I have to say that Jackie Danise gave one of the best invocations to start off today's meeting.  President Sue rang the bell at 12:15 which sent Sheryl O'Connor sprinting toward the piano.  Then Jackie launched into a succinct prayer that wove in the tenets of Rotary with a nondenominational but still spiritual theme.  Lunch was served immediately after:  salad (but why waste calories on rabbit food?), lasagna, and vanilla ice cream drenched in chocolate sauce.  We were off to a very good start!

The meeting moved along quickly with the introduction of three guests.  Dave Parry looks like a potential transfer from the Bridgeton, New Jersey Rotary Club; Dick Seery joined us all the way from Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and Guy Labella brought along his umpteenth guest from Goodwin College, Jennifer Vamvakas.  Guy is showing the right spirit by introducing all these bright and shining faces to our lunch time goings on.  But not too many come back.  Hmm, it can’t be the food, and it can’t be our Club business that turns them away.  So it must be Guy, I guess.  At any rate, Brian Liss helped Guy belt out the Welcome Song to these fine visitors.

Sergeant-At-Arms Dick McCarthy stood at the door, nay, blocked the door, to collect his share of fines.  He reports it was a good day.  First, he finally nailed Bill Leone for celebrating his 65th birthday with the jinx of paying in advance removed.  Then he grabbed Skip Guillmette for a dual event, 73rd birthday (I’ll have what he’s having to look that good) and a 49th wedding anniversary.  There were fines for late comers and early leavers and the Empress of the World paid to put the following advertisement in High Gear.

For Sale:  a 34 inch Sony Trinitron Wega HDTV for $500.  Bought new in ’05 for $1,600.  Excellent working order (the husband bought a BIGGER one!).  Call the Empress if interested or pass it on.

On to the un-paid announcements:

Next week is our lunch time barbeque at the Town Green on Main Street.  It’s a Western -themed event presented by our New Members complete with entertainment at our very own Rotary Gazebo.  We will have tents for shade or, if the weather is too bad, we will go inside the Community Center.  Most important - - please bring a baseball-style cap with a sports logo on it to donate to the kids participating in Parks and Recreation Department summer activities.  Dietary concerns?  Give Louise Mazzoli a call.  Give Mary Martin a call if you are not sure how to get there.

School supplies, or the cash to go shop for them, are still being coordinated by Ceil Collins.  Back packs, spiral bound notebooks, etc. are needed.  Please don’t delay.  The last day for donating will be Monday the 28th when we play softball at the Glastonbury Rotary Club.

President Sue has made directions to the Elks Grounds in Glastonbury, the site of our meeting with Glastonbury Rotary, available.  Also out on the table in the lobby were copies of the telephone chain and a listing of all committee assignments.  There were pocket-sized “What Is Rotary?” informational cards also on the table that we can easily give to any person who wants to know what we are about.  Guarding these hand-outs was the Blue Ceramic Polio Plus Pig.  The Pig is eager to gobble up your spare change to aid in  efforts to eradicate polio worldwide.  Feed the poor thing, he looks hungry!

Carol Krantz has a sold-out bus making the annual pilgrimage to Saratoga Springs racetrack.  Something about working toward “improving the breed of racehorses” was overheard.  If you are part of this research team, be sure to meet at the VMC (formally known as the Veterans Memorial Clubhouse; also known as The Ridge) at 8:15 a.m. on Saturday, August 9.  Please give Carol a call ASAP if you cannot attend as she has folks on a wait list.

Carol’s donated tickets to a September 9th Red Sox game were won by high bidder George Schoen.

Our annual Golf Tournament is only two months away.  George Schoen announced that letters have gone out to last year’s volunteers to confirm their interest in helping again this year.  New members:  this is your first opportunity to contribute your time and efforts to this major fund raiser.  We are able to support over $20,000 in community projects each year by virtue of this event.  Please give George a call to see how you can help.  At the very least, you will get to spend Monday, September 22nd with your new Rotary friends and cap the day off with a great banquet at the Manchester Country Club.

Spurgeon Stokes, in concert with President Sue, pulled off a major Sting by winning his own raffle.  What a bunch of suckers we are!

Before Sheryl O’Connor accompanied us in “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, Peter Klock gave us the opportunity to watch a video of a presentation made by a Rotarian who experienced the tragedy of contracting polio first-hand.  Her account of her personal experiences, and those of others afflicted by this insidious disease, only confirms our need to eradicate polio worldwide.  The new trend is also toward providing rehabilitation services for those 30% to 50% of survivors who fall victim to Post Polio Syndrome some 20 to 40 years after their survival point.

See you at the BBQ,

     Empress of the World


High Gear -- July 9. 2008

This High Gear is dedicated to Birthday Girl Peggy Schoen who just ended her un-official year as the Rotary Club of East Hartford’s Secretary.  Peg, you did a fabulous job!  Enjoy your year as un-official President-Elect.  There’s more fun on the way. 

Summertime and the living is easy.  Maybe not so easy when the heat and humidity strike.  It kind of makes the mind wander.  With that in mind, and lest I lose your attention, let’s start with announcements and a peek at our up-coming calendar.

Peter Klock has volunteered for promotion from First Spouse to Club Treasurer.  He remains adamant about representing the Post Office in his sartorial splendor.  This means that Ceil Collins has taken over from Peg Schoen as our Secretary.  Be sure to let Ceil know of your make-ups.  New members:  a fun way to meet other Rotarians is to drop by a Club while you are on vacation.  Maybe you can even bring back one of their flags?  Frank and Ceil Collins made up at a District Governor Installation Banquet, as did Jay Stewart.

The Family Committee (headed by Gil Wishart) is already hard at work planning a family picnic at Wickham Park.  Circle Sunday, September 14th on the family calendar so you don’t miss the fun.

Our New Members are ready to host the Club at a Western-themed BBQ lunch meeting at the Town Green Gazebo on Wednesday, July 23.  Don’t forget to bring a baseball style cap with a sports logo on it to donate to the kids participating in Parks and Recreation Department summer activities.  Questions?  Talk to Louise Mazzoli.

Now that the 4th of July has passed it’s time to start getting ready for the school year.  What!!??  Sad, but true.  Ceil Collins will be collecting your donations of backpacks, spiral notebooks, crayons, etc..  If you are not into Back-to-School shopping, just give your cash or check to Ceil.  Need this done by the 28th.

There is a great opportunity available to young (ages 25 to 40) business and professional people to join a Rotary Group Study Exchange with Thailand next February.  An experienced (I guess that means older than 40) Rotarian will lead a small hand-picked group for a four week tour of that country.  The purpose is to exchange information and goodwill while learning about international Rotary projects.  Applicants must live and/or work in Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut to qualify as a District 7890 team member.  Larry Hangland should be contacted well before the August 15th deadline.

It’s almost time for our annual softball battle and joint dinner meeting with the Glastonbury Rotary Club.  Neal Cunningham is looking for members and their friends, family, or “ringers”, to play ball and join in the festivities on Monday (yup, Monday), July 28 beginning at 5 p.m. at the Glastonbury Elks (yup, Elks) Grounds.  For the newer members, here is how it works:  we go to watch or play softball at Glastonbury, then we all repair to the open-air pavilion for drinks and a hearty dinner shared with our fellow Rotarians.  The meeting and eats are usually over by 7:30 p.m. and it’s held rain or shine.  Use your GPS to find the location (take Exit 10, Country Club Road, off Route 2 East) or check our website.  Be there to cheer us on!  Oh, and no Noon meeting on Wednesday, July 30.

Finally, as far as “business” announcements go, Carol Krantz has arranged for a written bid auction of two Red Sox tickets for a September 9th game against evil Tampa.  Bidding (fill in your name and amount) is open until 1 p.m. next Wednesday.  Bidding starts at $100.  The bid sheet is out at the table where we come in.

Still with me?  OK.  Back to the beginning.  We convened at the Ridge for a meal of chicken, rice, eggplant parmesan, and cookies, all blessed by Dave Amberg.  President Sue, patiently dealing with our less-than-adequate sound system, made a number of Presidential announcements.

Please remember to place your spare change in the cute ceramic Polio Plus Piggybank.  It’s amazing what we can get done for the price of a cup of gourmet coffee.

We have received a number of Thank You notes from our Scholarship recipients.  Prez Sue read one of the best of the bunch as indicative of the grateful nature of these fine students.

Remember that this year’s Rotary International theme is:  “Make Dreams Real”.  We are asked to consider the “possibilities” and to “indulge in unrealistic hope”.  It works for me!

This scribe wants to thank Sergeant-At-Arms Co-Chair Bill Leone for jumping in and getting the committee organized.  We are pretty much all sorted out with monthly Sarge and Greeter assignments for the whole year now.

This month’s Sergeant, Dick McCarthy, ably handled the chore by informing us of the following:  Chuck Clarke paid interest on Tom Galvin’s late payment for a June birthday; Sheryl O’Connor happily donated into the bag in honor of her daughter Jackie’s 24th birthday and visit to Connecticut from Atlanta; Peter Klock has issued Postman “fines” to benefit Polio Plus to Dan Firestone, Mary Martin, and possibly others.  You can see that he will be a bear to deal with as our Treasurer!

Our guests included Ginny Gerold of Central Park West Limousine Company and George Finch of the American Eagle Credit Union.  They were serenaded via the Welcome Song as conducted by John “Blond Slovak” Shemo and Ross “Brunette Italian” Labella, with Sheryl O’Connor on piano.  Sheryl, by the way, has really gotten into the swing of tickling the ivories for us.

Michael Mal-a-Prop Malinguaggio kinda sorta won Spurgeon’s raffle.  It seems the winning ticket really belonged to Ceil Collins but she had migrated to the head table as part of her Secretary chores.  In true “4-Way Test” fashion, Mike reported that the ticket in his possession was not actually his.  Mike, your ethical standards are beyond reproach!

Finally, those of us who did not have to leave early were able to watch a Power Point video of a Shelter Box presentation that took place a short time ago in Los Angeles.  It was close to impossible to keep a dry eye (just ask Neal) while listening to the stories of positive influences made on folks with “just a box”.  All it took was one man being moved to make a difference by providing shelter with dignity through the world-wide network of Rotary.  Over 40 million dollars has been raised in 7 years by the 1.2 million Rotarians on planet Earth.

After this enthralling presentation we adjourned without fanfare, thankful for the lives we lead today.

Until next week,

      Empress of the World

High Gear -- July 2, 2008

It was a lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer and President Sue rang her inaugural bell promptly at 12:15.  Those assembled at The Ridge (and apparently many were on vacation) came to attention and Her Year had officially begun!  How fitting then that Past Prez Bill gave the Invocation.  We thought it would go something like, “thank God I survived”, but Bill is more of a gentleman than that.  Lunch was a buffet of roast chicken, mahi mahi, pasta, rice salad, rolls and green salad.  The piece de resistance was chocolate mousse with a dollop of white stuff on top.  Yes, Anwar, I had two.  OK?

Our guests included the other half (but not better half) of Sheryl O’Connor.  John is a member of the South Windsor Club but maybe we can work on that.  Leia Bell, a guest of Guy LaBella’s, represented Goodwin College, and Past President Reverend Bill Flynn joined us.  It’s so good to see you!  All were welcomed  in song led by Dan Larson and Guy LaBella.  Guy showed his Italian lover side by kissing all the ladies hello.

Sergeant-At-Arms Dick McCarthy gave his report (hey Mary Martin, did you know you were Chairman of this committee?  No, wait, I’m Mary Martin!  Oh-oh!).  Anyway, the Sarge got Rotary anniversary contributions from the Rev. Ted (12 years), Jackie Danise (18), and Mo Moshovos (a whopping 39).  All were generous, too.  Sheryl donated to celebrate the good show East Hartford-ite Congressman John B. Larson made on C-Span this morning.  Chuck Clarke put in an incentive donation for the Yankees to keep improving.  Fines were levied against Don Pitkin (again?!), Rev. Ted, and Art Apostol  for having their mugs appear in the newspaper.  Bill Leone celebrated an eagle (golf score, not bird) at Topstone.  Our usually supportive Club requested confirmation which was vetted by Rev. Bill.  Guess we can’t argue with that.  Past President (PP) Bill Saunders was feted by Dick McC and Chuck for now being an “HB”.  A Has Been!!  Finally, Dan Firestone requested a fine be directed at First Gentleman (sounds offensive when it’s the other gender) Peter Klock for impersonating a mailman.  It’s not so much the blue on blue duds as it is the hairy “pins” protruding from those shorts!

Make-ups received from Frank and Ceil on Rotary business (Enfield, Los Angeles, Providence, and Holyoke) and just Frank from the College of Governor’s Cook-out and meeting in Stonington.

Raffle winner was the ubiquitous Rev. Bill.  He took the sting out by donating back to the Scholarship Fund.  Keep coming back to visit, Bill.

Announcements began, with the first (and most important) coming from President Sue.  Please be sure to pass the High Gear scribe a written rendition of your announcement.  Then you can be sure to blame the editor for inaccuracies.  Other news:

There is a V.I.P. invitation by Goodwin College to attend a celebration of the River Campus Journey of the Half Moon (a replica of the tall ship sailed by Henry Hudson) to be held Tuesday, July 8 from 4:30 to 8 p.m. at 133 Riverside Drive.  An RSVP is a must to:  ecenci@goodwin.edu

Volunteers are needed for the Future’s Golf Tournament from July 9 through 13.  See Carol Krantz for more info.

Please complete the suggestion form for future Programs and forward same to Sheryl. 

George Schoen began his annual summer “Nag-a-thon” regarding the need for us to get to it with Golf Tournament raffle items, foursomes, hole sponsorships, and etcetera.  Yes, we always come through in the end, but why give George a three-month migraine?  Let’s start early.  Golf Committee:  you have a meeting at 11:15 on July 16th.

Family Committee:  your meeting is July 9 at 11:30.  See Gil Wishart if your RSVP is negative.

Jay Stewart was kind enough to give first notice of the New Members’-sponsored Western style BBQ to be held in lieu of our regular lunch meeting on Wednesday, July 23rd.  We will all convene at the Town Green at 12:15 that day for good eats and entertainment.  Rain location is right there inside the Cultural Center. Please bring a baseball-style cap to donate to the Parks Department as give-aways to youth participating in their summer programs.  Caps should be new or gently used.  Sport logos (baseball, football, NASCAR, etc.) are fine.  Please no casino or corporate-related logos.  Questions can be directed to Louise Mazzoli or the Empress of the World (me!).

That classy PP Saunders guy sent us a note of thanks for his end-of-term gift.  And President Sue pointed out that a number of important hand-outs were on the tables (please also check the website).  These included committee assignments and the emergency telephone chain.

Our Rotary International theme banner for 2008-09 was hung:  “Make Dreams Real”.  President Sue presented the official blue ceramic Polio Plus Pig.  This porcine wonder in the shape of a large piggy bank will be made available to us to drop off spare change to support the continuation of this worthy effort to eradicate polio world-wide.  Oink!  (no, Dan, it’s not your date for the Goodwin VIP event.)

A surprising and not all together happy announcement was made that there will be an orderly shake-up of the Board of Directors due to the impending relocation of Bill Secord to New Hampshire.  A great loss to our Club.  Bill will be around for some time, but the position of Treasurer needs to be filled.  Please discuss your interest with the President ASAP.

Poor Peter-the-Postman tried to show us a video he made about ShelterBoxes but the gremlins got to the computer.  It being summertime, we were only to happy to adjourn with one verse of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” heartily rendered by Sheryl.


  Empress of the World


High Gear -- June 28, 2008

Glastonbury’s Gallery Restaurant was the scene of this VIP-studded Installation Dinner. And it truly was a gala affair. From refrigerator magnets to Rotary magnates, outgoing President Bill Saunders and incoming President Sue Klock gave us a joyous evening which will be long remembered in the annals of East Hartford Rotary club history. It started with an unusual invocation celebrating three faiths, meaningfully led by Frank Collins, Dan Firestone, and Anwar Hossain. With 10 to a table, a gathering of about 120 folks (itself some kind of record) sat to delicious meals of “just-right” prime rib, wonderfully cooked lemon-buttered salmon, and a tasty chicken picante.

Glastonbury’s Gallery Restaurant was the scene of this VIP-studded Installation Dinner. And it truly was a gala affair. From refrigerator magnets to Rotary magnates, outgoing President Bill Saunders and incoming President Sue Klock gave us a joyous evening which will be long remembered in the annals of East Hartford Rotary club history. It started with an unusual invocation celebrating three faiths, meaningfully led by Frank Collins, Dan Firestone, and Anwar Hossain. With 10 to a table, a gathering of about 120 folks (itself some kind of record) sat to delicious meals of “just-right” prime rib, wonderfully cooked lemon-buttered salmon, and a tasty chicken picante.

PDG George Stewart began our evening with a raised “Toast to Don,” a thoughtful tribute to good friend and, in many ways, the heart of our club, Don Hallquist. Our guests, greeted in hearty-voiced song led by Tom and Art, included many longtime Rotarians and their families and friends, both old and new, like Scotty Howat and daughter Jean; and Lucile Bailey (whose husband John was our president way back in 1960!). Guiness’s book of records certainly must have been awed with no fewer than six Past District Governors, including two of our own, Frank Collins and George Stewart (and fittingly, honorary member Ruth Sheehan, wife of deceased and beloved Jimmy Sheehan). PP Bill Flynn and wife Elaine, looking fit and trim from Florida’s golf courses, were there, as well as lovely local lass Rita Brown, whose PP husband Bob is also sorely missed. New member Don Munson proudly told of his wife Pat’s having been installed as the new president of the East Longmeadow Rotary club. Add to that a few DGE’s and DGN’s and we imagine there must have been a line of limos outside! (The scribe offers apologies for anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted from this report!)

President Bill Saunders did the honors in greeting all these folks; Bill has had a stellar year and his report of accomplishments (including a Presidential Citation presented by Gov Dick Borden), only began to touch on its highlights……Copies will be available at next Wednesday’s meeting for those who missed out on the party. Acknowledging once again that this has been a great year to be a Rotarian, Bill offered a couple of outstanding announcements for the evening: Heather Summerer and husband Scott just had a bouncing baby girl, Jordan,(who entered the world at 9lbs & 6ozs!),  and then there were Art and Charlotte Bradbury who chose to be celebrating their 61st Anniversary with us.


Pres. Bill, and then new Prexy Sue, shared compliments of the year past with well-placed hopes for the year to come. They introduced with great pride their outgoing & incoming boards. Sue highlighted the presence of nine of our newest members with their guests. This year’s Saturday evening venue (not a work-night!), with a DJ and wonderful dancing which followed, helped, as was hoped, to swell attendance. And it sure seemed to have worked! The dancing proved to be a big hit, highlighted by kicking off the shoes and releasing long-held repressions, especially those feet of Jean Roland! What energy, what fun!

New President Sue expounded just a bit on Rotary’s theme for 2008-2009, “Make Dreams Real.” With an emphasis on the children of the world, its goal is to conduct programs which will cut down on the number of children who die every day (over 26,000) from preventable illnesses. A commendable goal we can all get behind!

Newly appointed “Club Jester” Dan Larson led the evening’s close, in song, with “America the Beautiful.” Nice job, Danny Boy!

And it was with real pleasure that this scribe had the privilege of telling you all about a wonderful evening with East Hartford’s “Family of Rotary!”



PDG George Stewart began our evening with a raised “Toast to Don,” a thoughtful tribute to good friend and, in many ways, the heart of our club, Don Hallquist. Our guests, greeted in hearty-voiced song led by Tom and Art, included many longtime Rotarians and their families and friends, both old and new, like Scotty Howat and daughter Jean; and Lucile Bailey (whose husband John was our president way back in 1960!). Guiness’s book of records certainly must have been awed with no fewer than six Past District Governors, including two of our own, Frank Collins and George Stewart (and fittingly, honorary member Ruth Sheehan, wife of deceased and beloved Jimmy Sheehan). PP Bill Flynn and wife Elaine, looking fit and trim from Florida’s golf courses, were there, as well as lovely local lass Rita Brown, whose PP husband Bob is also sorely missed. New member Don Munson proudly told of his wife Pat’s having been installed as the new president of the East Longmeadow Rotary club. Add to that a few DGE’s and DGN’s and we imagine there must have been a line of limos outside! (The scribe offers apologies for anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted from this report!)


President Bill Saunders did the honors in greeting all these folks; Bill has had a stellar year and his report of accomplishments (including a Presidential Citation presented by Gov Dick Borden), only began to touch on its highlights……Copies will be available at next Wednesday’s meeting for those who missed out on the party. Acknowledging once again that this has been a great year to be a Rotarian, Bill offered a couple of outstanding announcements for the evening: Heather Summerer and husband Scott just had a bouncing baby girl, Jordan,(who entered the world at 9lbs & 6ozs!),  and then there were Art and Charlotte Bradbury who chose to be celebrating their 61st Anniversary with us.


Pres. Bill, and then new Prexy Sue, shared compliments of the year past with well-placed hopes for the year to come. They introduced with great pride their outgoing & incoming boards. Sue highlighted the presence of nine of our newest members with their guests. This year’s Saturday evening venue (not a work-night!), with a DJ and wonderful dancing which followed, helped, as was hoped, to swell attendance. And it sure seemed to have worked! The dancing proved to be a big hit, highlighted by kicking off the shoes and releasing long-held repressions, especially those feet of Jean Roland! What energy, what fun!

New President Sue expounded just a bit on Rotary’s theme for 2008-2009, “Make Dreams Real.” With an emphasis on the children of the world, its goal is to conduct programs which will cut down on the number of children who die every day (over 26,000) from preventable illnesses. A commendable goal we can all get behind!

Newly appointed “Club Jester” Dan Larson led the evening’s close, in song, with “America the Beautiful.” Nice job, Danny Boy!

And it was with real pleasure that this scribe had the privilege of telling you all about a wonderful evening with East Hartford’s “Family of Rotary.”                                                                                                         Arthur


High Gear -- June 18, 2008

The first thing which greeted us this afternoon in addition to the smiling Secord and Stokes at the lunch registration table was the six-month Rotary dues bill.  The bills were all piled up there in a nice neat stack and a member had only to rifle through them until coming to one’s name which was in alphabetical order among the others.  That seemed easy enough if a little impersonal so I looked around and standing in line behind me was Bill Leone.  I thought, Gee, it would be nice for me to locate Bill’s bill and hand it to him as a gesture of Rotary friendship.  After I did so he said thank you and I’m sure he was sincere and yet I continued for a moment smiling awkwardly at him.  Humankind having received from attorneys over the eons what might be considered many requests for payment of services rendered, perhaps my lingering pleasure in that moment of sharing with Bill was due to there being in the deep Jungian archetypal part of the human personality a universal desire to, you know, for a change, give a bill to a lawyer, just to see what it feels like.  Now I know.  It feels good.

Before a tasty chicken salad lunch Guy Labella reminded us all to be thankful for our Rotary opportunities to make a difference.

Sgt @ Arms Bob Wood was busy.  Don Pitkin had a picture in the paper (In fairness to Don should we start fining him for when his picture is not in the paper?), Dick McCarthy paid for the Celtics championship and the Red Sox win, Chuck Clark paid for the Celtics championship but no way for the Red sox win, Herb Tischoffer, Jim Watts, and Brian Liss for Rotary anniversaries, George Agnelli for no badge, Dan Firestone for a birthday, George Stewart for no pin, Steve Jacoby for being late (see Don Pitkin comment above), and George Schoen for a little confusion in the paper about the golf tournament.  The correct day and date is Saturday, September 22nd.

Stu Harris was awarded last night the YMCA Volunteer Program Leader Award for his extensive work fund raising for the new sign to be used by the YMCA and high school swim teams at the East Hartford High School pool. Congratulations Stu and thanks for all your work!

Art Apostol introduced six graduating high school seniors who addressed the club in response to their each receiving a $2,000 Rotary scholarship.  From East Hartford public their names are:  Christian Zaleta (Chet Brewer Award);  Christopher Testa (Don Hallquist Award);  Amber Jackson, and Michael Kurken.  From Cheney Tech – Christopher Roggi; from CIBA – Jeanika Brown whose father was also a guest at lunch today.  Nicole Lavoie, another East Hartford public Rotary scholarship recipient this year, could not be with us due to employment responsibilities. 

Other guests included Gil Spencer of the Glastonbury club, and returning Past President of our own club Fred Campbell.

Everyone is reminded that next Wednesday there will be no meeting in lieu of the Installation Banquette for incoming President Sue Klock on Saturday evening. June 28th.

In the meantime, the Past Presidents’ picnic is Sunday, June 22nd, 2-6pm at Lake Pocotopaug, East Hampton.  I believe this is a ‘by invitation only’ event, something about needing to be a past president.  What do they do there is secret anyway?  Enquiring Rotary minds want to know.

Ted Mosebach


High Gear -- June 11, 2008

For some of us the Rotary day started in the morning with golf at Tallwoods.  For the exorbitant fee of $45 each player got a tee off time, a fine sleeve of Slezenger golf balls with a positive water bias, a cart – most of which worked and the third one our team tried was great, an opportunity to get thoroughly skunked by the John Kelleher ringer team, and allowance to relentlessly whine about everything to Steve Tamiso. Some of us no longer sporting nature’s protection on our crowns forgot our hats.  Larry Frazier was kind enough to lend me one.  Did I say lend?  I tried to faithfully return it to him at the picnic but he said I didn’t need to do that!  It is one of those cool Rock Cats hats.  Just because everyone got one for nothing (except me, apparently) a few weeks ago and Larry had a few extras, didn’t mean he had to give me one.  I still think you are a generous guy, Larry, even if those others snickered when you said I could keep it.  Steve, thanks for putting the tournament together!  You know how to pick a gorgeous day and everyone had a great time!  Perhaps it would be well from now on, however, to have the Kelleher team score card audited.  You never know.

The whole club enjoyed the Sgt. @ Arms picnic in the evening at Bill Leon’s garden villa which he had in exquisite condition as usual. In order to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and table friendship some members began gathering early.  I don’t think the open bar in the corner entryway had anything to do with it.  I want to thank Tom Galvin for pulling the cork out of the bottle so I could have a second glass of wine.  I’m such a wimp!  On another personal note, when I’m sitting next to Don Pitkin who is a leading member at First Church please don’t lure me into ribald conversation.  I love my job and would even like some day in the distant future to retire from it.  For goodness sakes, he could start proceedings! 

Prayer was offered by yours truly and the humble thankfulness of everyone for our immeasurable blessings was expressed through a hearty combined AMEN!  How good God is to us! How loved we are!

President Bill shared a few announcements:

Installation Dinner for Sue Klock on June 28th at the Gallery – New London Turnpike, Glastonbury.  Spouses and significant others welcome.  Cocktails 6:30 pm Dinner 7:30 pm.  Dinner selections are prime rib, chicken piccata, and poached salmon.  Cost is $40.00 per person.  Money must be handed in by June 18th as there is no noon meeting on the 25th.

Dick Lemieux, winner of the Pruis raffle, opted to sell the car back to Lynch Toyota for the financial benefit.  Dick and Maria do not often travel.  The whole club misses having you in regular attendance, Dick.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

There was no Sgt @ Arms report as the club has not the temerity to fine people at the Sergeant’s own party. 

Salmon and steaks were once again this year the cuisine delectable.  We all ate rather primly and properly considering that for an hour or so beforehand we sat smelling the smoke from the cedar boards and whatever other glorious concoction Bill the magic chef Leon has smoldering in the charcoal pits.

All too soon it was getting dark and time for our well fed selves to waddle back to our cars, which vehicles, riding a bit lower and burning a little more gasoline getting us home than they did bringing us forth, proved that a good time was had by all.  Thanks especially to Bill and Beverly as well as to everyone else who helped provide a great night!

  Ted Mosebach


High Gear -- June 4, 2008

           This was the big day for which holders of over 4,000 tickets in the great East Hartford Rotary Prius Raffle have been waiting as the winning ticket was picked at the meeting.  But before the winner was picked we first needed to sing songs and eat lunch and joke at the tables and hear announcements.  So, in order to relive a little of the anticipation and brief excitement (Does the ten seconds it takes to pick and read the winning ticket ever seem sort of anti climactic to you considering everything the club does for so long to sell all those tickets; I mean, should we hire a band or something?), the winner of the car will not be printed in High Gear until the end.  And no cheating and looking now, either.  Remember, Rotarians don’t peek.  Although I did hear something untoward about Dan Larson and women in dresses and the yardstick Dan was carrying. 

            And lest even such reports do not suggest to you that the Rotary Club is going to the dogs, Sydney, the delightfully well-mannered canine companion of Lori Göckler, paid us a visit.  Lori brought it (I’m not sure whether it’s a him or a her) inside because the dog keeps setting off the car alarm.  Is this dog clever or what?  Sydney greeted many of us early on and then just lay down at Lori’s feet and slept through most of the meeting, not even stirring for the raffle.  The dog didn’t appear to be abused and looked well fed enough, but still, it didn’t beg so much as once!  And I thought lunch was good, too!  Heck, every dog should be able to beg now and then.  Perhaps we should keep Sydney in our prayers.

            It was great to see Roy Spiller back after an extended illness!  Congratulations Roy, you have exceptional patience and perseverance.  

            Frank Collins offered the opening prayer, starting with a little poetic tribute to delightful days in June and then thanking our wonderful God for our mid day meal and for Rotary and the opportunities it gives us to share our blessings.

            Mike Lynch from Lynch Toyota was our only guest.  Mike gave us a great financial deal on the Prius for the Raffle and was asked to be present today to draw the ticket of the winner.

            Steve Tamiso and Spurgeon Stokes were chosen to lead the Welcome Song.  Come on, President Bill.  We were a cappella and the tempo was less then brisk when a feisty Tom Westbrook got up of his own volition to add some vim.  Steve and Spurge, immediately upstaged by the sprightly Westbrook – arms akimbo and green coat tails flying, after their trauma, took their rest and I think, really, will be none the worse over the long run.

            Sgt at Arms Art Apostle (I love that name) indicated that it was Roy Spiller’s birthday and he requested the birthday song be presented to him by his poker group.  Soon after that, the raffle was drawn.  No, not the… Raffle, just the raffle, the one we hold every week.  Jack Ghagan was this week’s recipient.  But, you know, some might think our Club takes its share of chances what with the poker group, the weekly raffle, and the… Raffle.  At least having fun at Rotary is always a sure thing!

            Dave Amberg and Gil Wishart paid for anniversaries and Doug Willett for a new car (I think he had to outright buy this one). 

            Art also reported the Scholarship Committee gave seven $2,000 scholarships this year.  Five from East Hartford High School:  Christina Zaleta (Chet Brewer Memorial), Christopher Testa (Don Hallquist Award), Nicole Lavoie, Amber Jackson, and Michael Kurken.  One from Cheney Tech:  Christopher Roggi.  One from CIBA: Jeanika Brown-Springer.

            The club had a great night at the Rock Cats this past Friday.  Gil Wishart thanked everyone involved (Thank you most of all, Gil) and said he thought the club should make this an annual event.

            Installation Dinner for Sue Klock on June 28th at the Gallery – New London Turnpike, Glastonbury.  Spouses and significant others welcome.  Cocktails 6:30 pm Dinner 7:30 pm.  Dinner selections are Prime Rib, Chicken Piccata, and Poached Salmon.  Cost is $40.00 per person.  Please hand in money by June 18th because there is no noon meeting June 25th.  There will be dancing after dinner so polish off those dancing shoes.  Please note one change, we will be in the lower level dining room.

            Ceil Collins reported that we will be collecting school sullies again this year.  These include backpacks, spiral notebooks, filler paper, highlighters, colored pencils, markers, erasers, crayons, or money.  Donations must be given by July 30th.

            Now, for what we’ve all been waiting!  The… Raffle.  Brian Liss, without Tom Galvin who could not be here today, brought out a huge container that looked like a giant plastic picnic basket that the whole club could use.  Anyway, Mike Lynch put in his hand and drew the tickets.  There were three prizes.

            Third place:  Brian Liss  ($500 gift certificate to Cabela’s donated by the Matos Group)

            Second Place:  Sarah Frey  (Overnight at Mohegan Sun donated by Carol Krantz)

            First Place:  Dick Lemieux… our own!    (2008 Prius)

 Congratulations everyone.  Fantastic job Tom Galvin, Brian Liss, and Carol Krantz!  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

 Ted Mosebach


High Gear -- May 28, 2008

This is supposed to be our newsletter for the meeting of the 28th but I just returned (it is now Thursday morning) from representing our members at the annual Scholarship Awards Breakfast at East Hartford High School. Thanks to the work of Art Apostle and his committee, we gave out six scholarships, including one honoring Don Hallquist, to a great group of kids. Have faith our future is in good hands! BTW, maybe it counts as a “make-up”: Frank Staples, Mary Sullivan, Marion Martinez and Glastonbury’s Rick Cyphers were also there.

Back to the real business at hand: President “Counting Down the Days” Bill called us to order on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Yours truly gave the Invocation and we were off and running into the buffet line. Yummy swordfish, ham, chicken, and smashed potatoes were available and then the waitresses were kind enough to serve a dessert of strawberry rhubarb pie.

INTERMISSION: Members, I know the good weather gets us rowdy but please respect those trying to make announcements and conduct Club business. Ssshhhh!!!!!

The Rock Cats Picnic and Game event has been rescheduled for this Friday. Gil Wishart has done a wonderful job putting this and the rain-out plans together. See Gil if you cannot attend. The Rock Cats have an alternate and very generous plan for us to still see a game and get “Rocky Bucks” in lieu of the picnic. Very fair!

Our only guest was Dick Seidman. He took a moment to extend thanks to us from the District for, as usual, exceeding the goals of obtaining new members. You can’t beat East Hartford Rotary for being a perennial powerhouse in all facets of Rotary participation. Dick told us that Karen Andrews will be residing for a time at MacClain House as she recovers from knee surgery. After all that, Dick was serenaded with the Welcome Song as led by Mo Moshovos and Stu Harris. Thank goodness Sheryl O’Connor knows how to play the piano loud.

Sergeant Tom “Dr. Tooth” Galvin announced that Marion is “blank years old”; Dean Roland still doesn’t want to jinx his birthday on the 31st; and George Agnelli had Danny Larson croon Happy B-day to him. Unfortunately, those of us who enthusiastically chimed in to what was supposed to be a solo got fined by the Sarge.

Doug Willett was called to the podium by the Prez to receive a Paul Harris pin with five sapphires. The bling represents a significant financial contribution to the Rotary Foundation by Doug and his lovely wife, Dianne. Nice going, Doug and Di!

Announcements are: Many thanks to John McNaughton for all his behind the scenes work on getting tee shirts made for both the East Hartford High and to-be-formed Conn International Baccalaureate Academy Interact Clubs. And – - the latest Rotarian magazine features the delivery of Shelter Boxes via camel in Kenya and a photo taken by Manchester Rotarian Rick Lawrence of a young boy in Guatemala enjoying the fruits of the water project there.

Car raffle is next week! Get your tix to Brian Liss ASAP (preferably no later than 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 4, so the raffle can take place at the stroke of 1pm. Also, the State will be on hand to make sure we are honest and abiding citizens so let’s all contribute to Brian and Tom staying out of orange jumpsuits. There was discussion on the fact that the $6k in tax would have to be coughed up by the raffle winner in advance of being given the keys. Dan Firestone, of course explained it all. Neal Cunningham has that covered by winning Spurgeon’s Raffle (welcome back, Spurge!) this week. Only $5,980 more to go, Neal.

Sgt.-At-Arms Picnic is Wednesday, June 11 at 6 at Bill Leone’s lovely home. This is a fun and tasty night for members only and it’s already paid for by your fines. Be sure to sign up for that and/or for the golf tournament being run earlier that day by Steve Tamiso. Golf costs $45, tee time begins at 9 a.m. at Tallwood. Please make your checks payable to Steve. New members note: no Noon meeting on the 11th.

Some health up-dates: Again, we welcomed back Spurgeon; Dan’s mom, Mrs. Lois Larson, was in intensive care but showing signs of improving; Anita Leone fell (sorry I didn’t catch more, maybe check in with Sam); Roy Spiller is said to be doing better, at least better enough to win at cards; Moe Belanger has been having some trouble eating due to the coughing and sneezing brought on by tree pollen (it has been a nasty season for that); and Don Pitkin is in St. Francis with some discomfort with his legs.

The Installation Dinner to crown Sue Klock and her Board of Directors takes place at The Gallery in Glastonbury (lower level) on Saturday, June 28 (no Noon meeting on the 25th). Cocktails at 6:30 and Dinner at 7:30 followed by dancing. A great night out for only $40 per person. Please see Kathy McCabe to sign up or if you have dietary restrictions. Spouses, significant others, or any guests are welcome.

Summer attire begins at our first June meeting. This means men may forego ties (that’s a change?) and women can still overdress as per usual. It’s OK for everybody to wear white shoes until Labor Day. Saratoga horse track trippers: please give your checks to Carol Krantz ASAP for the August bus trip.

As a foreshadowing of Summer, Frank Collins announced that our guest speaker from Bradley Airport was a no-show (get the days of a short work-week mixed up?) and that meant we adjourned at 1:05 p.m..

Our last group effort of the day was the singing of “My Country Tis of Thee”.

Today’s High Gear Pinch Hitter and All Around Utility Player,
Mary “Empress of the World” Martin

High Gear -- May 21, 2008

Dan Russell gave the invocation and we dined on stuffed green peppers, mashed potatoes, broccoli, with a blueberry cobbler type dessert.

Today’s guests were Ricky Ferrell, the assistant general manager of the New Britain Rock Cats and District Governor Dick Borden.

Last Friday’s outing to the Rock Cats baseball game was rained out.  Ricky Ferrell and Gil Wishart gave us two options to use the tickets. The club has rescheduled the event for Friday, May 30.  Buffet at 5:30, game at 6:30.  If you can attend on 5/30, give your tickets to Gil.  If you can’t attend on 5/30, call or e-mail Ricky.  (860-224-8383, rferrell@rockcats.com)  You can attend any game on their home schedule.  There won’t be the buffet, but he will give you $20 in “Rocky Bucks” for each ticket, which can be used for food and other items at the stadium. 

The Sergeant-at-Arms Party will be held at Bill Leone’s home on 6/11 in the evening.  There will be a golf outing at Tallwoods earlier in the day.  Sign-up sheets are going around.

Today’s Sergeant-at-Arms was Tom Galvin.  Herb Tischofer, George Stewart, George Agnelli, and Todd Gaertner all celebrated birthdays and donated handsomely. One of the birthday boys bought his age in raffle tickets. Wow! Neal Cunningham paid for a new car, Ruth Sheehan paid for the Red Sox and for the pleasure of teasing Yankee fan Doug Willett. Louise Mazzoli paid to celebrate her son’s 21st birthday.  He is currently serving in Iraq.

Raffle:  About $9000 of tickets have been turned in during the past 2 weeks.  The car is paid for; every ticket we now sell is going to our charitable causes. There are approximately 220 books of unsold tickets.  SELL, SELL, SELL!  Books should be turned in next week.   


We are interviewing 2 candidates for the Dunn Ambassadorial Scholarship. Thanks to Bill Secord for getting 2 qualified candidates and running the program.

We are sponsoring 6 high school students to attend RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership) next week at Springfield College.  Thanks to Frank Staples, Steve Jacoby, and Sue Klock for their leadership in this important Rotary youth development event.

This year as a club we pledged $8700 to the Rotary Foundation.  As of now the club and our members have donated over $10,200 to the Foundation.  Thanks to everyone.

The golf tournament is 4 months away, but it’s not too early to begin soliciting raffle prizes.  Let Larry Frazier know if/when you collect something.

The club was a sponsor of the annual Mike Abalon Walk.  Our name appeared on posters and every t-shirt.

The raffle was won by President Bill Saunders.

Friend and Dist Gov Dick Borden spoke.  He was effusive in his thanks to our club for leadership in the district.  It was truly heartfelt when he said that we have done, “everything humanly possible for a club to do” in terms of membership, support of district goals, mentoring him, and making his year as president great.  He called President Bill one of the best club presidents in the district this year.  He thanked past DG’s George Stewart and Frank Collins for their help and support.  He gave Rotary Distinguished Service Awards to three of our members for their outstanding service to Rotary, the district, and the broader community.  He honored Sue and Peter Klock for their great work and leadership of the Shelter Box campaign. He also honored Steve Jacoby who has quietly led the Rotary Leadership Institute for the district for many years.   I think all of us in the club take vicarious pride in their efforts.

Today’s Program was our own Judge Herb Barall.  Herb has had a distinguished judicial career and was first appointed by Gov. Ella Grasso.  He has held numerous judicial posts in various criminal and civil courts.  Today we played “you be the judge.”  Herb outlined various civil cases and asked members to “be the judge.”

High Gear -- May 14, 2008

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and we came together in the Fellowship of Rotary - many of us carrying youth reading books to support Sue Klock’s literacy efforts.  "The Cat in the Hat" you know!  The Ridge was basking in sunshine and warmed up quickly as the club arrived.  Talk was of baseball, raffle tickets, and gardening as the group filled the room. Our Snow Birds seem to be back with tans and smiles, after wintering in the sun.  Sam Leone would have to win biggest smile.

The Bell rung promptly at 12:15 and we were called to order by President Bill.  A luncheon of ham, sweet potatoes, and squash followed by a tasty angel food cake with strawberries was enjoyed.

Our only Guest was introduced by Dan Larson and according to Dan we made up in quality for the low number of guests.   What more can an old.....   want than a beautiful 28 year old blond for a luncheon date.  So, we were finally introduced to the Communication Manager of Goodwin College as well as Employee of the Month, Kara Simmers.  Tom Westbrook's enthusiasm and Sheryl O'Connor's piano made this week’s version of the welcome song memorable and on key!



Bill Saunders announced that his grandson David Liner was graduated from the University of Connecticut with a 4.0 grade average in Actuarial Science. That's worth a hear hear and Bill’s granddaughter Christina Liner was elected President of the Senior Class at East Catholic HS. 

   Art Apostol announced his daughter Christine was graduated from Stonehill College.

Dan Russell has won the Mayor’s Award.

Tom Jarish celebrated one yr and Steve Bates many yrs.

Doug Willet and Neal Cunningham spoke of the passing of a dear friend and active member of the East Hartford community Ray Donovan.

Next week, Dick Borden will be our quest and the program presented by Judge Barall.

 We were encouraged (by Dr. Tom) to get out and sell our tickets and help others who may be having trouble.  George Agnelli leads the sales but Bill Leone and team are putting on the heat.

 Gil Wishart has 94 people headed for the Rotary Club of East Hartford's first night time family event at the Rock Cats.  This should be fun for all, let’s pray for good weather.

 Peter Klock assured us that Shelter Box's (600) are on the ground in Myanmar (Burma) and that 1000 more are in the air.  We will be helping to house over 32,000 people.  Thank You - Klock's for getting our Club involved in this good works!

 Today's Speaker, Stephen M. Rabb, was introduced by Frank Collins.  Mr. Rabb is a Hartford Rotarian, Senior Manager-Special Projects for WTIC Fox 61 and WTXX CW 20.  His presentation was on the coming of DTV.  It’s interesting so many things happened in the 1908 year: Rotary was a toddler, John F. McNaughton Sr. was born, Henry Ford, GE Toaster, Wright bothers and 1st  recorded campaign message. Hmmmm…interesting.

Stephen’s message is get the coupons and get the box before it’s too late.  On 2/17/09 our analog TV's turn into pumpkins without the special box.  Your choices are 1) the converter box,  2) Get a new TV,  3) be hooked to cable or sat TV.  Remember www.DTV2009.com can answer most of your questions.

Stephen was presented with a book to autograph for the Library and with one verse of America......."it’s a great day to be a Rotarian"  

 John F. McNaughton, Jr. in lieu of the true scribe


High Gear -- May 7, 2008

As promised, tables were set and numbered to match our Raffle Ticket Sales Teams, and it’s probably safe to say that there was just a little confusion in finding seats. But when that was finally accomplished, all fell into order and in the opening R-O-T-A-R-Y song, we even stayed pretty much together, with no apparent rush to finish. Our own Past District Governor George Stewart offered a thoughtful invocation in which he reminded us of the facets of Rotary and life for which we give thanks. And with the opening song, we noted how blest we are to have Sheryl O’Conner stepping up to the plate, or rather, sitting at the piano!

We sat to a meal of chicken Parmesan, fine spaghetti & cheese, rolls, and good chocolate cake for dessert.

It seemed that we were almost back together, most snowbirds having returned…maybe next week! The GUESTS today included “that Texas gal,” Loretta Dienst (in town for the EH Woman’s Club Annual Banquet), Rotarian Jonah Pierson from Glastonbury, and George Schoen’s lovely wife, Peggy. A Welcome song worthy of the name was led by Ned Lynch and Frank Staples.

Some Sgt at Arms don’t need a badge or uniform, their very composure does the job; such is the case with Tom Galvin. All of the over-80’s were asked to sing a Happy 83rd to Spurge Stokes, a regular one for Jim Watts, we noted club anniversaries for Neal Cunningham (17th) and Herb Barall (16th, this term), “something” for Nick Cecere and Kathy McCabe (couldn’t hear over in the corner), and a great big 24th Anniversary for George and Peggy Schoen.  Way ta go!

President Bill Saunders told of thank you’s from Kim Beauregard for our gift to the Inter Community Mental Health organization of which she’s the Director, and, from Rotarian and Supt of Schools Marian Martinez for our help with the Careers Day, done for the children of East Hartford.

Other Notes of interest were:

And on the one and only big project in the works, Commissar Tom Galvin exhorted the troops to sell those tickets, and turn in the proceeds to El Capitain. Time marches on and June 5th is only 4 weeks away! Recent sales efforts at Cabela’s resulted in 25 tickets sold. That helps!

Our program today featured another presentation of Peter and Sue Klock’s  recent trip to Sri Lanka and other environs of that part of the world, in order to take part in an NID (National Immunization Day). Those who missed it the first time were lucky to catch it on the second time around, and it was well worth the trip. The statistics of the problem are staggering; number of volunteers taking part, number of children receiving drops of the vaccine in India in one day: like 25 million?!!! In their travels Peter and Sue visited a heart hospital where “holes in the heart” were being repaired, leg surgery clinics where children’s bent legs were being surgically straightened to make them more marriageable, Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Calcutta, and then Dacca, the capitol of Bangladesh. Polio is still most evident in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The germs are often carried by water in which the people wash, and even with immunization, it will be a tough nut to crack.

Peter & Sue went on this trip “on their own dime” and are to be commended for their caring and commitment to being part of the physical presence in the eradication of polio. Their Rotary Club is proud, indeed, of their efforts.

So, with Sheryl once more at the ivories, we closed another day on which it is good to be a Rotarian!



High Gear -- April 30, 2008

How nice it was to have the new green leaves on trees and the beautiful flowers bathed in bright sunlight, after two days of cold rain.  The change of seasons always has its delight.  George Schoen offered the invocation after our usual songfest and Pledge of allegiance.  George asked that we remember our motto, Service above Self, acknowledging that there are many less fortunate than we, all around us.

Lunch was roast pork with gravy, potatoes au gratin, a medley of mixed vegetables, followed by vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.  As we ate, President Bill shared some reflections on the District Conference which was held last weekend in Newport, Rhode Island.  Sue and Peter Klock were recognized for their outstanding work with Shelter Box, and managed to sell eight boxes which, on a two for one promotion, meant the sixteen boxes will be going somewhere in the world where they are truly needed. Sue and Peter also hosted our Hospitality Room.  Jay Stewart sold a lot of raffle tickets.  Larry Churchill, Don Hallquist and Keith Thompson were remembered during the Sunday morning ecumenical service.  George Stewart had the mongoose with him, always good for a few laughs and gasps.  And the Swedish GSE Team gave their presentations-outstanding-and the eight exchange students from all over the world did theirs as well.  Remarkable young people!

There were a number of sign-up sheets circulating-one for the Saratoga Springs trip in August-there are eight seats left-and others for raffle ticket sales on Saturdays at Cabela's and Stop and Shop.

We had two guests-Ricky Ferrel, assistant manager of the New Britain Rock Cats (no one asked if they'd win the game we are signed up to see)-and our speaker, Matt Fleury, spokesman for the Connecticut Science Center.  Todd Gaertner and Chuck Clarke directed the Welcome Song.

Ted Mosebach, Sergeant-at-Arms, reported a great day.  Spurgeon Stokes paid for a 55th wedding anniversary, Ned Lynch paid because all the Red Sox need is one run to win, Nick Cecere paid for an anniversary, and Ted himself paid for a lengthy announcement concerning the East Hartford Interfaith Ministries Mother's Day Appeal-a chance to give money for a good cause.  Ted has been enthusiastic throughout his month-long tenure as S at A.

Last Thursday, Sue Klock was honored at a School Business Partnership Program-she insists that the award really belongs to the Club. Then she and Peter had comments on the Senior Prom, with which the Club has been involved for sixteen years, fourteen of which have been totally hands on. That's long enough for some of us to become seniors!  Helpers from the Club included Ed Cassala, Steve Tamiso, Herb & Reggie Barall, Dave & Chickie Amberg, Art & Charlotte Bradbury, Chuck Clarke, Nick Cecere, Neal Cunningham, Dan Firestone, Todd Gaertner, Pat Gately, Jack Ghagan, Skip Guillemette, Dan Larson, Mary Martin, Louise Mazzoli, Dick & Jeanne McCarthy, Glen Peterson, Bill and Bev Saunders, George Schoen, George & Jay Stewart, Gil Wishart, and Bob & Debby Wood.  

Announcements:  The Enfield Rotary Club is coordinating, locally, a RI project. We are asked to bring new or very lightly used books for kids in Southern California-K-3rd grade.  Mary Martin is planning a new (since July 1, 2007) members meeting May 7th, 11:20 am to plan a Special Event.  New members:  contact Mary with questions.  Brian Liss reminded us that we have only seven weeks to the big raffle drawing-get those tickets sold!  We'll sit as teams next week.  Next week's program:  Shelter Box USA and/or Bangladesh, with Sue and Peter reporting.

The weekly raffle was won by Ed Cassala, with none other than Carmen P. pulling out the winning ticket.

Speaker Matt Fleury, from the Connecticut Science Center, said it is always nice to be asked back.  Matt was personable, knowledgeable, and commented that “Service above Self” is a great motto, even for non-profit organizations such as the CSC.  He gave a brief history, noting that the idea began in the 1990's, with the Children's Museum which is in West Hartford.  For sundry reasons that did not work out.  Matt left us with a most interesting brochure on the CSC, which is essentially an education institution, education is its primary purpose, and it wll  target children and their families in the region.  We-the USA-are not keeping up with other countries when it comes to interesting our kids in science.  To that end the exhibits will all be “hands on” exhibits, not static displays.  The center is expected to attract 350,000 to 400,000 persons annually.  Some two hundred exhibits are being built now, so as to be ready when the Center opens in about a year.  We'll all have chances to learn more about space, health, sports science, the Connecticut River-the variety will be mind boggling. This is really a big deal-the Center has $40 million in commitments, and still needs to raise $6 million to finish the building and open, and then will have to fund raise annually.  The Center will have a Science Advisory Council, overseeing many of the exhibits which will have adjustment capabilities, so as to keep themselves current.  And a volunteer program is being designed-sounds like a fun place to help. A fascinating program. 

Make ups:  Herb Tischofer and Sam Leone, Florida; and at the District Conference, Frank and Ceil Collins (they need make ups!) the Cunningham's, the Jacoby's, the Klock's, the Larson's, the Munson's, the Russell's, the Saunder's, George Schoen and the Stewart's. 

Well, my pen came back to me like an aboriginal boomerang-I had not realized that April had five Wednesdays.  Now, I really am through for this year.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Dan Russell

High Gear -- April 23, 2008

On a particularly gorgeous Spring Day, East Hartford Rotarians gathered at “The Ridge” for our weekly meeting.  Following our ‘ROTARY’ Song, and the Pledge to our nation’s flag, Dave Amberg, quoting Indian Chief Tecumseh, offered a fitting invocation—remember to be always thankful for all that we are and that we have, and that we might be and accomplish.

Lunch was slices of mystery meatloaf with gravy, mashed potato, steamed carrots, followed by tapioca pudding.  Somehow it didn’t accurately reflect the increase as-of-today price increase.  But then, it nourished us, and truly, there are many in the world for whom it would have seemed a veritable banquet.

Guests today included Assistant District Governor Michael Barnty, Jacob Krechko, grandson of Jack Ghaghan, Ralph Gray on the Manchester Club, and Conrad Sienkiewicz, member of the Rotary eclub of District 7890.  Welcome Song singers almost outran the piano accompaniment.

Sergeant-at-Arms Ted Mosebach seems to be enjoying the job—he reported that members seemed anxious to give him money.  He really likes that.  George and Jay Stewart paid for sitting at the same table. Dan Larson paid for annoying the Sergeant.  Bill Second paid for a birthday, Dan Firestone paid $10.40 because the tax season is officially over, Jim Fallon is due for something, since his name was on the list with no specifics attaches.  Roger Nicholson and Loren Andreo paid handsomely for 80th birthdays, and received a lusty rendition of the birthday song.  John McNaughton paid for a 43rd wedding anniversary.  Nick Cicere donated because it was the Pope’s birthday, and some wag commented sotto voce that you can’t buy your way in that way.

Announcements:  Board meeting next Monday, 7:00 at the Cultural Center.  We received a thank you note from Rick Cyphers for the AOF.  New badges were given to Ned Lynch and Heather Summerer.  That’s like graduating!  At least four individuals are planning to attend Manchester Rotary to hear the presentation by the GSE Team from Sweden.  Another opportunity will be at the District Conference.  Money for the Rick Cats Outing is due next week.  Please, get your Vocational Service nominations to Steve Jacoby.  Spurgeon Stokes is doing well, staples out, is even out driving.  Peg Spiller is expected home any day after a knee replacement.  George Agnelli is in St Francis Hospital and hopes to be home by the end of the week. Bev Saunders has gotten a good report—mammograms are very important because hers discovered a cyst which would have become cancerous within a year had it not been removed.   Midge Bogus, widow of former member Chet Bogus, died, calling hours are today, and service tomorrow at 10:30, South Congregational Church.  No one will receive this word in time.  Frank Kresson is now in a Bloomfield nursing home, and now gets his mail care of a friend, Charles Clive, at 446 Main Street, Apartment 104, East Hartford, CT 06118-1435.  Ralph Gray thanked the club for our $3000 gift to the Academy.  Manchester will be doing a pancake breakfast for Mother’s Day, and an Art Auction on Friday, May 2nd, at Manchester Country Club. Tickets in advance are $10 per person, $15 per couple.  Contact Robert Fish at 659-4413.  Sue Klock:  District Assembly on May 14th, (misreported last week) officers and board members should attend, members can attend and pick up lots of useful information.  Sue handed out committee assignments for next year.  Committee chairs will help her finalize our budget.  Tom Galvin and Dan Larson did a “song and dance” regarding our raffle—we are behind in ticket sales, we need to start pushing—perhaps it is something like giving birth.  It needs work.  Tom said we’d have to sell 752,000 pancakes to equal our anticipated take on the raffle.  Tickets begin to sound easier, and, honestly, they frequently sell themselves.

Ed Cassala won the raffle, which was extended to two other winners by a couple of desk clocks donated by Jack Sayre who is cleaning out his garage.

Pat Gately introduced our speaker, Conrad Sienkiewicz, who is one of the founders of the District 7890 email Club.   Conrad was a member of a GSE Team which went to Nigeria in 2003, and as he started out on the trip, he made up his mind to become a Rotarian on his return, because he was so impressed with the organization, the sense of community, the camaraderie and the international opportunities.  Since Conrad is a teacher, making breakfast or lunch meetings was just about impossible, evening meetings were few and far between in his neck of the  woods (Litchfield-Winsted) and he found out that Rotary was looking to start an eclub.  He did just that. The eclub meets on line, you can log in at anytime, participate, contribute-they have a water project, a literacy project, officers, dues paying members.  There are now fifteen such clubs around the world.  Our District’s eclub gets together physically about once a month, for a social gathering.  This twenty-first century phenomenon apparently fills a need and a void, and all you need is to go on line to be part of it:  eclub, email, emeeting, ediscussion, evotes!

The Senior Prom sign-up sheet was circulated, as was a schedule for selling raffle tickets at Stop and Shop.

We closed with one verse of America the Beautiful.  Bill got it right, after consulting his notes.

Make ups:  George & Jay Stewart, at Glastonbury.  Nice to be with you.  Dan Russell

                                                                                                                                Dan Russell


High Gear -- April 16, 2008

On a particularly gorgeous Spring Day, East Hartford Rotarians gathered at “The Ridge” for our weekly meeting.  Following our ‘ROTARY’ Song, and the Pledge to our nation’s flag, Dave Amberg, quoting Indian Chief Techuseh, offered a fitting invocation—remember to be always thankful for all that we are and that we have, and that we might be and accomplish.


Lunch was slices of mystery meatloaf with gravy, mashed potato, steamed carrots, followed by tapioca pudding.  Somehow it didn’t accurately reflect the increase as-of-today price increase.  But then, it nourished us, and truly, there are many in the world for whom it would have seemed a veritable banquet.


Guests today included Assistant District Governor Michael Barnty, Jacob Krechko, grandson of Jack Ghaghan, Ralph Gray on the Manchester Club, and Conrad Sienkiewicz, member of the Rotary eclub of District 7890.  Welcome Song singers almost outran the piano accompaniment.


Sergeant-at-Arms Ted Mosebach seems to be enjoying the job—he reported that members seemed anxious to give him money.  He really likes that.  George and Jay Stewart paid for sitting at the same table. Dan Larson paid for annoying the Sergeant.  Bill Second paid for a birthday, Dan Firestone paid $10.40 because the tax season is officially over, Jim Fallon is due for something, since his name was on the list with no specifics attaches.  Roger Nicholson and Loren Andreo paid handsomely for 80th birthdays, and received a lusty rendition of the birthday song.  John McNaughton paid for a 43rd wedding anniversary.  Nick Cicere donated because it was the Pope’s birthday, and some wag commented sotto voce that you can’t buy your way in that way.


Announcements:  Board meeting next Monday, 7:00 at the Cultural Center.  We received a thank you note from Rick Cyphers for the AOF.  New badges were given to Ned Lynch and Heather Summerer.  That’s like graduating!  At least four individuals are planning to attend Manchester Rotary to hear the presentation by the GSE Team from Sweden.  Another opportunity will be at the District Conference.  Money for the Rick Cats Outing is due next week.  Please, get your Vocational Service nominations to Steve Jacoby.  Spurgeon Stokes is doing well, staples out, is even out driving.  Peg Spiller is expected home any day after a knee replacement.  George Agnelli is in St Francis Hospital and hopes to be home by the end of the week. Bev Saunders has gotten a good report—mammograms are very important because hers discovered a cyst which would have become cancerous within a year had it not been removed.   Midge Bogus, widow of former member Chet Bogus, died, calling hours are today, and service tomorrow at 10:30, South Congregational Church.  No one will receive this word in time.  Frank Kresson is now in a Bloomfield nursing home, and now gets his mail care of a friend, Charles Clive, at 446 Main Street, Apartment 104, East Hartford, CT 06118-1435.  Ralph Gray thanked the club for our $3000 gift to the Academy.  Manchester will be doing a pancake breakfast for Mother’s Day, and an Art Auction on Friday, May 2nd, at Manchester Country Club. Tickets in advance are $10 per person, $15 per couple.  Contact Robert Fish at 659-4413.  Sue Klock:  District Assembly on May 14th, (misreported last week) officers and board members should attend, members can attend and pick up lots of useful information.  Sue handed out committee assignments for next year.  Committee chairs will help her finalize our budget.  Tom Galvin and Dan Larson did a “song and dance” regarding our raffle—we are behind in ticket sales, we need to start pushing—perhaps it is something like giving birth.  It needs work.  Tom said we’d have to sell 752,000 pancakes to equal our anticipated take on the raffle.  Tickets begin to sound easier, and, honestly, they frequently sell themselves.


Ed Cassala won the raffle, which was extended to two other winners by a couple of desk clocks donated by Jack Sayre who is cleaning out his garage.


Pat Gately introduced our speaker, Conrad Sienkiewicz, who is one of the founders of the District 7890 email Club.   Conrad was a member of a GSE Team which went to Nigeria in 2003, and as he started out on the trip, he made up his mind to become a Rotarian on his return, because he was so impressed with the organization, the sense of community, the camaraderie and the international opportunities.  Since Conrad is a teacher, making breakfast or lunch meetings was just about impossible, evening meetings were few and far between in his neck of the  woods (Litchfield-Winsted) and he found out that Rotary was looking to start an eclub.  He did just that. The eclub meets on line, you can log in at anytime, participate, contribute-they have a water project, a literacy project, officers, dues paying members.  There are now fifteen such clubs around the world.  Our District’s eclub gets together physically about once a month, for a social gathering.  This twenty-first century phenomenon apparently fills a need and a void, and all you need is to go on line to be part of it:  eclub, email, emeeting, ediscussion, evotes!


The Senior Prom sign-up sheet was circulated, as was a schedule for selling raffle tickets at Stop and Shop.

We closed with one verse of America the Beautiful.  Bill got it right, after consulting his notes.

Make ups:  George & Jay Stewart, at Glastonbury.  Nice to be with you.  Dan Russell

High  Gear -- April 9, 2008

President Bill rang the bell, and assembled Rotarians launched into a slightly ragged version of our R*O*T*A*R*Y Song with able Sheryl at the keyboard.  After our Pledge of Allegiance to the nation’s flag, Jim Watts offered a fitting invocation, asking each to us to be ever mindful of why we became Rotarians.

While lunch was being served, Gil Wishart brought us up-to-date regarding the East Hartford Family Night on Friday, May 16th, at the Rock Cats baseball game in New Britain Stadium.  We have some sixty already signed up for what, depending on weather, could be an extremely enjoyable evening.  The $23 per person cost includes an all you can eat buffet—hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, salads, baked beans, chips, watermelon, cookies, soda; there is a cash bar for beer and wine.  We should get there about 5:00 p.m.  Game time is 6:35.  We need to turn our money in by the end of April.

Lunch was one of the Club’s favorites—chicken pot pie, cole slaw, and lemon mousse with whipped cream.  There were a number of empty spaces at tables, so conversation seemed less noisy than usual.

President Bill rang the bell again at 12:40, looked for guests to be introduced.  Finding none, he asked the LaBella brothers to lead us all in the Welcome Song for ourselves.  We gave it a lively rendition.

Ted Mosebach was Sergeant-at-Arms today.  Ted said it seemed easy to collect from Rotarians, and wished that everyone member of his church could be as generous.  Glen Peterson paid because his daughter’s report card was straight A’s.  Sheryl O’Connor paid because her daughter has passed her PhD Qualifying Exams in combustion engineering.  Pat Gately paid for an anniversary which is slightly more than a month away.  Mary Sullivan paid for her picture in the paper, something to do with a young woman’s leadership program at East Hartford High.. Other payees included Ed Casella, no badge, Donna Bys for a February birthday, and Don Pitkin for both a birthday and an anniversary--$87 and $3 respectively.  And Ted paid for himself, for getting such good training from Carmen!

Health updates:  Spurgeon Stokes is home from the hospital, and walking about.  Peg Spiller had a knee replacement yesterday.  Bev Saunders had a partial mastectomy, and is awaiting test results.  No word on Leo Christmas. 

 The Swedish GSE Team is in the District.  They will be at Manchester Rotary meeting, Tuesday, April 22nd, at Manchester Country Club.  6:00 social time, 6:30 dinner, followed by the Team’s official presentation.  They will be with us in East Hartford the next day, but will not give their presentation.  Cost at Manchester is $18 per person, prime rib or vegetarian choices—a good buy for what should be a most interesting evening.

Steve Jacoby is looking for nominations for our Vocational Service Award, one a Rotarian, one an East Hartford Business Person.  Catch line—the person should be known for dignifying his/her occupation as an opportunity to serve the community and/or society.  Nominations are due by April 23rd.

Ceil Collins ran the raffle, but this reporter could not hear who won the bundle of money. [ed. note: Jim Reik]

The program for the day was a Club Assembly.   Sue Klock gave an enthusiastic report on the PETS session which she attended.  President Elects from ten districts, four hundred clubs attended.  Wow!  Every year, at every level, our leadership changes.  Our new RI President will be from Korea; our new District Governor is Jim D. from Massachusetts.  It’s the change and the continuity which keeps Rotary strong.  Next year’s theme:  Make Dreams Real.  During her year, Sue would like to focus on youth, doing a project in East Hartford.  And we can’t forget Polio Plus. We’re committed to that, both as a Club and as individuals.

Some dates to remember:  Another Club Assembly, May 14th, Sergeant-at-Arms Picnic, June 11th,  Installation, Saturday, June 28th, 6:00 p.m., at the Gallery in Glastonbury, with music and dancing.  District Governor’s visit August 13th.  Golf Outing and Picnic, August 20th, 21st Annual Golf Tournament, Monday, September 22nd.  Southern Italian Night, Saturday, November 22nd.  And you’ll wonder where the time went.

President Bill reported on our application for a Presidential Citation—copies were on the tables, but briefly, we needed to add at least one new member (we went far over that, even with the loss of some members) and to have one significant activity in Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service, and for Youth. Bill’s list numbered some forty-seven reportable activities.  We can be proud of our Club and its accomplishments.  Let’s keep it that way.  The world produces new needs faster than they can be met.

No make-up cards were turned in today.  We closed with one verse of America the Beautiful—Bill has almost learned what Sheryl wants to play!  Thanks for reading, good to bring you the news.

                                                                                                                                Dan Russell


High Gear -- April 2, 2008

The weather was bright and blustery, a nice change from the rain of yesterday, as we gathered at the Ridge. Some sixty members and guests were in attendance, which makes for a lot of pre-prandial conversation. President Bill rang the bell at the normal time, and, praise be, Sheryl O’Connor was at the piano to help us through our opening song. Dan Larson offered a fitting invocation, thanking God for our many blessings. Talk at this reporter’s table was of the UCONN women’s victory last evening.
Lunch was an open-faced roast beef sandwich, mashed potato, carrots and mange-tout, which are really pea pods. Dessert was a square of spice cake.
Before we finished eating, President Bill started on his long list of announcements:
Spurgeon Stokes was to undergo surgery for a brain clot at 1:00 today.
Leo Christmas is home from the hospital, and apparently is recuperating well.
Both Betty Ann and Joan expressed their thanks to President Bill for the many phone calls, cards and expressions of concern.
Our sympathy goes out to the Krause family on the death of Elsie this past week. She and her husband founded Krause Caterers.
George Stewart and Jim Fallon gave moving tributes at the wonderful memorial service and celebration of Don Hallquist’s life on Saturday. Over 400 attended.
Next week’s meeting will be a Club Assembly. A major item for discussion will be our Presidential Citation application.
We have been invited to join the Manchester Club on the evening of Tuesday, April 22nd, to meet the GSE Team and hear their presentation. Social hour at 6:00, dinner at 6:30; cost is $18 per person, prime rib or vegetarian meals. A sign-up sheet was circulated. The GSE Team will be at East Hartford the following day. We will not hear their presentation. The Team will attend and help at the Annual Senior Citizens Ball at East Hartford High School.
Sue Klock will be honored by the East Hartford School Business Partnership for her service to the community. A reception will be held on Thursday, April 24, from 4:00 to 5:30, at Veterans Memorial Clubhouse. Sue says it really is for the Club, but we certainly are proud of her.
Steve Jacoby is looking for nominations for the Volunteer Service Award, one Rotarian, one business person; the award relates to special service to a town employee.
After all those announcements, we finally welcomed our guests: Mary Beth Reid, from the Chamber of Commerce, Ann Tupper, from OFRA, and Sonya Richard, all guests of Guy LaBella, and Jonathan Daube, guest of Frank Collins. Sheryl tore into the Welcome Song with gusto!! She was applauded loudly and deservedly.
Ted Mosebach was Sergeant-at-Arms. He reported at rather ho hum day, Larry Hangland’s birthday last month, Don Pitkin’s picture in the paper, Dan Firestone because it’s tax season, Mary Sullivan because the UCONN Women won, and a few contributions because some folks just wanted to be nice.
And then we had some more announcements. International Night will be November 22nd, featuring a southern Italian theme. Don’t know if that means hush puppies with tomato sauce or not. Mark your calendars, those evenings are always great fun
Dan Larson’s mother Pauline was to be transferred from the hospital to Riverside for recuperation and therapy; she is doing well.
Don Pitkin, working with the School Business Partnership, invited anyone to share their history in East Hartford with the kids at Sunset Ridge School, every Thursday at 1:30. That could be a lot of fun.
George Schoen announced that The Golf Tournament Committee will hold its kick-off meeting next week at 11:15, and the Raffle captains and co-captains will be meeting with Tom Galvin and Brian Liss at 11:00.
John Nervi, the automobile dealer who donated a car to the district for Jim Sheehan’s use as District Governor, lost his wife recently. Donations to the Foundation in her memory are in order.
Saratoga Trip will be August 9th.
President Bill shared a couple of old not to funny jokes, and then called for the Raffle, won by Dean Roland.
Ceil Collins introduced out speaker, Jonathan Daube, President of Manchester Community College. Jonathan is retiring this coming June. Jonathan has lived in the USA since 1963. He has a host of accomplishments and awards to his name. He has worked with four East Hartford School Superintendents, and noted that being a public school superintendent is much more difficult that being a college president. The college students want to be there, that’s not necessarily so with grade school or high school kids. In 1965, tuition at MCC was $100; it’s now $3000, but that’s a steal when you consider the cost of UCONN which is much less than many, many “prestigious” universities. Jonathan is proud of his faculty and staff. Catch words include respect and civility. MCC’s oldest “credit” student (you can take non-credit courses) is 98 years old; she wants to use the college facility for her 100th birthday party! Youngest student is 3 years old. Jonathan shared insights into our educational system with competence, knowledge and humor. An excellent question and answer session ended our time with him. He was a delight to hear.
President Bill called for one verse of “God Bless America” to end the meeting, but Sheryl played “America the Beautiful” which is easier to play and easier to sing. Good on her.
Florida make-ups: Doug Willett, Chuck Clarke, Herb Tischofer and Sam Leone.

It’s good to be reporting. Thanks for reading. Dan Russell


High Gear -- March 26, 2008

Eighty years of East Hartford Rotary! This week we celebrated the club's founding, as commemorated by our venerable meeting bell, “Presented to the Rotary Club of East Hartford by the Rotary Club of Hartford, 28th of March, 1928.” What better way to celebrate the achievements of East Hartford Rotary than to recognize three of our members as Paul Harris Fellows this evening?

President Bill brought the lively social hour at the Gallery Restaurant to an abrupt halt with an early call to table at 7:20 pm, sending marshals around the hall with firm exhortations to find our seats. A brave but shaky rendition of the “R.O.T.A.R.Y.” hymn began the festivities. (How dearly we miss Maestro Don—for so many reasons!)

President Bill introduced the numerous guests—Rotary International Director-elect Michael Colasurdo, our evening speaker with his wife Ann, and our extended Rotary family, Ruthie Sheehan, Rita Brown, Joan Brow, Irene Visintainer, and Lucille Bailey. Many family members of the Paul Harris honorees were present and were introduced later. Irene Cone, director of East Hartford’s community-access television, was present to help capture our 80th for posterity. Art Bradbury and Tom Westbrook fittingly led us in the “Welcome Song.” President Bill gave especial thanks to Kathy McCabe and Lori Goeckler for putting together the celebratory evening. He asked us to remember the members of the club who have recently passed away—Bob Brown, Larry Churchill, Keith Thompson, and Don Hallquist (a member of the club since 1965)—and also to keep in mind Leo Christmas, who is in the hospital recuperating from heart surgery; Spurge Stokes, who is facing his own surgery; and the family of Larry Frazier.

Sergeant-at-Arms Carmen Piscatello waved all fines for the evening—on top of paying for his own 93rd birthday last week. Who says Godfathers don’t have a heart? Dan Russell led us in prayer before the meal, giving thanks for the abilities and resources we have received and reminding us to use them for good through Rotary. Dan, however, didn’t give thanks for the help Bill Saunders received after getting stuck in the mud in George Stewart’s lawn—the thirty-second person to have done so and the third insurance company to have cancelled.

A delicious multi-course dinner followed—the entrees being tender steak fillet or baked stuffed shrimp or stuffed roast chicken, concluding with strawberry-topped cheesecake.


President Bill introduced the evening’s speaker, RI Director-elect Michael Colasurdo from Brick Township, New Jersey. A Paul Harris Fellow himself, Mike’s whole family, including even his daughters-in-law, have been designated Paul Harris fellows. Recently, when a pregnant daughter-in-law was asked if she was having a boy or a girl, her answer was, “No, I’m having a Paul Harris Fellow!” Mike has filled many roles in Rotary and has worked closely with our own Frank Collins. His message: “Rotary has no existence except for the existence we give to it.” Specifically, we are able through Rotary and its Foundation to change the lives of people around the world, people whom we will never see. That’s why we can be called visionaries—we dream of things that don’t exist and help them happen, as Arch Klumpf did in 1917 when he started the Rotary Foundation with a contribution $26.50 from the Rotary Club of Kansas City, Mo. Since then, the Rotary Foundation has provided more than $1.4 billion in grants for projects in more than 165 countries, funding more than 37,000 ambassadorial scholars, and raising $200,000,000 in matching grants alone. The idealism behind the Foundation should lead us to ask four questions about ourselves:

1. What is it we belong to? (What is its history? What has it done? Is it growing?) 2. Why am I here? (Am I just “the ring ding from the ring-ding club” as Mike Colasurdo’s next-door neighbor in Florida sometimes calls him?) 3. Why do I stay? 4. Why don’t I share it? (Ninety percent of Rotarians don’t ask anyone else to join!)

We should feel the reality that is Rotary, like the boy in the tale of the grandfather who went kite flying with his grandson and who, when heavy cloud cover moved in, shouted to his grandson, “You’ve lost the kite!” “No, I haven’t,” said the boy. “I don’t see it,” said the grandfather. “But, Grandpa, I feel the tug.” We might not see the people suffering with polio or those with a need for ShelterBoxes, but we feel the tug!

Past-president Tom Galvin served as master of ceremonies for the evening’s raison d’etre—the formal naming of our three new Paul Harris fellows. George Stewart presented Jim Fallon, Art Bradbury presented George Schoen, and Jack Sayer presented Roy Spiller. Each speaker detailed the life-long dedication that each recipient has given to service in the community. George Stewart spoke of Jim Fallon’s accomplishments in the school district, but more importantly of his “heart”—exemplified by Jim’s eulogy for Don Hallquist last week. Art spoke of George Schoen’s professional engineering work all over the world—culminating in George’s leadership and professional handling of our club’s major fund-raising effort, the annual golf tournament. Jack spoke of Roy’s life-long closeness to East Hartford and his work for 33 years in community relations as “Mr. Pratt and Whitney.” Roy never met a yard sale he didn’t love and possesses the only known remains of a jar of pickles from the Silver Lane Pickle Factory! This evening is the second time Roy has been designated a Paul Harris Fellow, an indication of the degree to which our club has continued to benefit from Roy’s year-after-year commitment to the charitable activities of East Hartford Rotary. The recipients each introduced the family members in attendance, the number of whom speak to the respect and love that these Paul Harris Fellows receive and deserve.

Respectfully, Bill Secord


High Gear -- March 19, 2008

It is with a sad heart that today’s meeting began as we learned of the passing of another dear friend, colleague, long-time Rotarian, our beloved maestro Don Hallquist.  Jim Fallon spoke movingly about Don and Don’s life that exemplified the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” 

The invocation was given by President Bill Saunders.  Lunch consisted of potato soup, Reuben sandwich, cole slaw, and cookies for dessert.

We had many guests today: Charlotte Bradbury, Peter Dieche from Glastonbury, and Diana Hossain, wife of incoming member Anwar.  In addition 3 people who won’t be guests after today: Anwar Hossain, Ross LaBella, and Jay Stewart.

The Sgt-at-Arms was Carmen Piscatello who had a light day but paid for his 93rd birthday.


Ø      As members have passed a new Rotarian has joined the ranks as Lacee Colwell gave birth to son Aiden Patrick on 3/708.  7lbs 9oz and 19.5 inches long.

Ø      Leo Christmas is going home from the hospital today.

Ø      At this week’s board meeting the board agreed to donate $3000 to scholarships to the EHHS Academy of Finance.  We are also donating $3000 to help purchase a scoreboard for the middle school pool. [Ed. Note:  Actually this is for the high school pool.]

Ø      Herb and Reggie Barall received a humanitarian award.

Ø      The district conference that will be held in Newport, RI will now offer a meal only plan.  Registration is past due.

Ø      The district assembly will be Wed, May 14 in Springfield.  Sue encourages members to attend.

Ø      Paul Harris Dinner next Wed, 3/26, at the Gallery in Glastonbury.  6:30 drinks, 7:30 dinner.  NO LUNCH MEETING NEXT WEEK.

Ø      Mindy Johnson from the Am. Lung Asso. is participating in a “stair climb” and is looking for sponsors.  Contact her at www.lungct.org or at 45 Ash St. in East Hartford.

Ø      Roy Spiller and others are writing a history of East Hartford.  If you have old family photos they would like to see them for possible inclusion.

Ø      The raffle was won by Guy LaBella

Ø      The club received a thank you letter from Larry Frazier and his family for the support they have received surrounding the passing of his wife Doris.

Ø      Tom Westbrook made a donation of $200 to the scholarship fund in memory of Doris Frazier and Larry Churchill.

Induction of New Members

One of the goals of Rotary is to bring new members into the club who believe in our motto of “Service above Self,” and who will perpetuate and expand the good works of the Rotary.  Today Ross LaBella (sponsor & brother Guy LaBella), Anwar Hossain (sponsor Peter Klock), and Jay Stewart (sponsor Gil Wishart) officially became members of the club and Rotary International. [Ed. Note: Peter Klock brought Anwar to his first meeting; Bill Saunders is sponsor of Anwar Hossain.]


Thanks again to Steve Tamiso, the hosts, and the co-hosts for running another successful year of Fireside Chats.  He presented a summary of the reports from the various sites.  The report will be made available to the board and members.

 by Glen Peterson


High Gear -- March 12, 2008

Searching vainly for her hammer, Vice President Sue Klock evoked a wimpy call-to-order out of the Rotary bell at the head table. Eventually the desultory crowd gave her its attention. Sue called for an opening moment of remembrance and prayer for Doris Frazier, whose funeral took place today. Dan Larson followed with a thoughtful prayer for us all.

Lunch consisted of spaghetti and meatballs, garden salad, and cookies. And the sun came out as we dined.

Guests included Laurie Lister and Jeanne Klock (guests of Peter), Jay Stewart and Anwar Hossain (imminent and eminent new members), and Peter Deich of the Glastonbury club. We all sang “Happy Birthday” for Bob Wood, who paid with a handsome fine equal to his years on earth.

Announcements: Gil Wishart presented details regarding the family-activity committee’s plans for an outing at the New Britain Bobcats baseball game on Friday, May 16. The Bobcats have reserved eighty-five seats together for our club. The price of $23.00 each includes the entrance fee, an all-you-can-eat barbeque (chicken, hamburgers, beans, watermelon, etc.), the game itself, and a laser light show after the game. The gates open at 5:05 pm, the picnic runs from 5:35 to 7:05 pm, and the game begins at 6:35. Sign up soon so that the committee can be assured of a successful event.

Larry Hangland reported on our club’s possible participation in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program—both long-term and short-term exchanges. The long-term exchange consists of a ten-month stay and the enrollment of the student for the academic year at a local high school. The short-term exchange consists of a four- to six-week stay with a family whose own child will then participate in a reciprocal stay in the exchange student’s home country. Exchange students can be in the age range of 15½ to 18½ years old. The application deadline for the short-term exchange is May 1, 2008. The application deadline for the long-term exchange (academic year 2009-2010) is mid-September. The long-term exchange assumes that the students either know or are willing to learn the native language of whatever country they will stay in. Application forms and further information are posted on the Rotary website (www.rotary.org/programs/youth_ex) and the ESSEX (Eastern States Student Exchange) website (www.exchangestudent.org).

The board of directors will be meeting next Monday, March 17, at the East Hartford Community Center. Dan Larson will play the part of St. Patrick (or perhaps the part of the snake). Steve Tamiso will be the speaker for next week’s luncheon meeting. The topic will be a report on the results of the Fireside Chats. Frequent-flyer Glen Peterson won the raffle once again, and unselfishly turned the money over to the Rotary Foundation.

Program: The speaker today was club member Peter Klock, who illustrated and reported on the journey that he and his wife Sue took in December to India and Bangladesh to participate in Rotary’s National Immunization Day against polio. They were part of a team of fourteen Rotarians led by a woman who herself is a polio survivor and a man who had previously participated in a total of sixteen other National Immunization Days. Each participant paid a fee of $4,000, which covered all transportation, lodging, meals, and even daily spending money for the two weeks.  The cost was able to be kept at this level because the leaders of the program knew the area well.

The team landed first in Delhi, where they visited several medical facilities, included a Peace Project that is able to provide heart operations for children at the meager cost of $1,600. They also visited a hospital where 72 Rotarian surgeons provide corrective surgery for polio victims for only $250 each. A total of 7000 children crippled by polio have been treated by this medical corps to date. The next stop was an orphanage in Calcutta, where Sue delivered a monetary donation from our club. The beautiful children illustrated in Peter’s photographs tug at the heart strings.

Part of the mission of the team of Rotarians is simply to illustrate an international presence in the fight against polio. In a sense, National Immunization Day is a holiday for the local people, who dress up in their finest attire for participation. During this last one-day campaign, 24 million children were treated. Administration of the polio vaccine must be repeated two to three times for full immunity to be built up. In the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Peter and Sue’s team administered 1,407 doses of the vaccine, using vials that contain enough drops for 20 children. They also distributed pills for the deterrence of round worms and vitamin-A pills for the prevention of night blindness. One remarkable fact revealed by Peter is that many people contract polio and, insidiously, might not exhibit any symptoms except perhaps side effects like diarrhea. Type-two polio has been eradicated, but type-one polio (the type targeted by the vaccine) still results in paralysis in one out of every 200 infected individuals. Type-three polio results in paralysis in less that 1% of infected individuals and cannot be effectively treated until type-one is first eradicated. Polio’s presence is now confined to the countries of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. Rotary’s efforts in this eradication campaign stem from a firm commitment to confront the dehumanizing effects of disease and poverty, but also illustrate how collaboration with, and respect for, the peoples of the world will eventually lead to world peace.                     

Respectfully submitted, Bill Secord

High Gear -- March 5, 2008

Rotarians were delighted to see the rain showers dissipating but disappointed to not hear music emanating from the halls. Our thoughts were with Don Hallquist who is recovering from a mild heart attack and awaiting surgery. We began our meeting today with a moment of silence for our departed friend Larry Churchill. Our thoughts are with Lois and Brad and the rest of his family. Rev Tom Galvin gave a somber and thoughtful prayer. Sue Klock was quickly demoted from Acting President to Treasurer today. A marvelous meal of chicken, rice, veggies was capped by cookies and brownies.

Neal C and Lori G contributed to today’s entertainment by leading the Welcome Song. Welcomed were Ross LaBella, Jay Stewart, Anwar Hossain, Craig Williams of the East Hampton club and speaker Mateen Haiden from the rowdy South Windsor club.

Carmen “the Hit Man” Piscatello presided as Sgt-at arms. Neal C was sung Happy Birthday to. Don Pitkin paid for great grandchildren # 11 and 12.

Dan “I swallowed a Watermelon” Larson advertised the upcoming first district St Patty’s Day dinner. This year’s honorees will be Herb and Reggie Barall. Please see Dan for tickets. Herb will be reminded to shed the ‘70’s psychedelic shirt and tie for more traditional Celtic garb for the occasion.

Peter Klock was fined for grossly exaggerating the death of our colleague Roy Spiller who was both in attendance and in good spirits today. Tom Galvin immediately called Peg Spiller after reading the erroneous report to inquire about purchasing Roy’s Caddy. As Jack Sayre exclaimed “the only place you’ll find sympathy here is in the dictionary”. Carmen always inspires great theatre.

Today’s medical watch: Leo Christmas – awaiting by-pass surgery, Peggy Schoen –mom passed away, Carol Krantz - mom struggling after complications from a fall, Jean Roland - in the hospital – should be out today, Frank Kreson – at Manchester MH with an infection – send a card. 

Per Mary Martin our Interact Club established a goal of raising $750 from their daffodil sale. Our club members contributed $170. Delivery will be arranged the week of March 17.

A Peter Cottontail breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, March 15?  from 9:30-11am. Contact Mary Martin if you would like to participate in selling raffle tickets at the event.  Dan Larson unveiled a scoreboard depicting the progress on raffle ticket sales by team. $5,800 has been collected against a goal of $50,000.

Next week we will hear from the Klocks on their trip to Bangladesh. Don’t forget to send your “preference sheets” to Sue ASAP.

Don’t forget about the Paul Harris/ 80th anniversary dinner on March 26th and the Rock Cats game sign up. Career Day is scheduled for the Middle School on April 30 from 8 – 10:30. Contact Mary Sullivan if you are able to participate/contribute.

Raffle winner was #579 Todd Gartner.

Our program today focused on The Citizens Foundation which provides money to support educating children in Pakistan. A whopping 47.5 % of Pakistan’s population is illiterate. It only takes $14 a month to educate a child there. Our District and Pakistan District 3270 are partnering.

Makeruppers include Frank and Ceil Collins in Tom’s River NJ, Pat Gately and Herb Tischofer in FL.

Three new members are being proposed for the Rotary Club of East Hartford. Anwar Hossain proposed by Bill Saunders, Jeannette Stewart proposed by Gil Wishart and Ross LaBella proposed by Guy LaBella. If any EH Rotarian questions or challenges any of these proposed new members, he/she must state his/her concerns in writing via email to Bill Saunders@cox.net or fax to 657-8727, and mail a printed copy of the challenge via USPS to Rotary Club of East Hartford, c/o William Saunders, Po Box 280722, E Htfd., CT 06128-0722 within 7 days of this notice.

God blessed America at 1:15pm.

Johnny Dangerously subbing for the AWOL Bill Secord


High Gear -- February 27, 2008

I start this High Gear with the sad news that long time member, Larry Churchill, passed away this morning.  This news did not reach us until after our meeting.  We will miss his dedication and service and the classy way with which he always conducted himself.  A true gentleman.

Ceil Collins brought our Club together with an Invocation taken from the 10 Commandments of the American Indians.  An interesting perspective with great emphasis on our relation to Mother Earth.

Even before lunch (my favorite – except for the onions – chicken pot pie with rabbit food – OK , a salad – and a family style plate of pastries), Gil Wishart was at the podium giving news of a Family Event being planned at a Rock Cats game on Friday, May 16th.  This sounds like a fun way to involve many generations and friends and family of Rotary.  Stay tuned for more information.

Our guests today included some repeat offenders:  Ross LaBella and Anwar Hossain.  Also present were Rich Rapp from Glastonbury, historian Ray Johnson, Jen Scanlon, and our own Ruthie Sheehan.  They were serenaded by us under the able(?) leadership of John McNaughton and Neal “Pink” Cunningham.

Lots of announcements:  Sign-up sheet is already going around for the Paul Harris and 80th Anniversary of East Hartford Rotary Dinner.  We will be at The Gallery in Glastonbury on Wednesday, March 26.  Cocktails at 6:30; Dinner at 7:30; for only $40 per person.   Meal choices are Filet Mignon, Bake Stuffed Shrimp, or Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breast.  Please put this on your social calendar and check with your significant other, or guest, to see what dinner they choose.  There is no Noon meeting that day.  Bring a check to Kathy McCabe by the 19th, please.  “Old” members:  please make a special effort to encourage “New” members to attend.  We will be honoring Jim Fallon, George Schoen, and Roy Spiller for their Service Above Self.

Mary Martin, the Empress of the World, was collecting money to pass along to our Interact Club to support their involvement in the American Cancer Society daffodil fund raiser.  Monday the 3rd is the deadline so call her/me at 291-7206 ASAP if you want in.  Ten bucks for a bunch of ten, $25 for a daffodil bear.

Congratulations to Roy Spiller on hearing some good news from the doctor. Whew!  Congratulations to the Liss family for the new addition to their family (Brady William Liss).  And send healthy thoughts out to expectant mother, Lacee Colwell.  She is confined to bed until her bambino is delivered (due in about 3 weeks).  Try a note to her email at laceez77@hotmail.com.  More health news:  our cards and calls must have worked because John Horn’s heart surgery recovery is going better; please send a note or call Don Pitkin at Riverside Health Center (Main Street, East Hartford).  I know he is working on Town Council business from his bed!

Fireside chat reports from co-hosts are due in writing to Steve Tamiso “yesterday”.  Oops, I better end here and get busy on mine.  Tell Tom Galvin (Brian Liss is a little busy these days) if you need more raffle tickets to sell.  Regards to Ted Mosebach and his team of volunteers (some including Rotarians) as they head off to Biloxi, Mississippi to help out with post-Katrina housing.  Can you believe the need exists?  That’s not good (I will step gingerly off my editorial soap box now). 

In-coming President Sue Klock had boxes of envelopes in alphabetical order for us to pick up and give feed back on our committee interests for her year.  This sort of information is extremely helpful to the President and gives us the opportunity to match our interests with Club needs.  Sad to say there were a lot of envelopes not picked-up at the end of the meeting.  Next week for sure, OK?

At the risk of finding a horse’s head in my bed tomorrow (Patticake!), I couldn’t hear much of Godfather Carmen Piscatello’s substitute report as Sgt.-At-Arms.  Of course, I didn’t make an effort to get his notes, either, so I guess it’s the witness protection program for me.  I think it was:  Bill Leone anniversary, Frank Staples on TV, Dave Amberg paying for a photo of Herb Barall, and happy birthday sung by our veterans to Frank Collins.

Bill Leone gave a succinct and very understandable report on the Brewer and Scholarship trust funds (we have two).  The total return on assets this year was .081% for both.  The Brewer Fund will support $859.42 in scholarship, and the general Scholarship Fund $6,142.50.  Background:  Rotary Scholarships to East Hartford students are usually $2,000 per student.  This remains the single most lucrative scholarship offered to the community.  This is also why we sell tickets.  Many thanks for your work all through the year, Bill.

The raffle was won by Ceil Collins.  Momma needs a new pair of shoes. 

Make-ups were Frank Collins at Valley Forge, Frank and Ceil selling tix to the Wethersfield/Rocky Hill Rotary Club, Sheryl O’Connor selling tix to the South Windsor Club, and Florida Snow Birds Sam Leone, Dick McCarthy, Bill Saunders, Doug Willett, Chuck Clarke, and Herb Tischofer.

Mayor Melody A. Currey rushed through the door in time to be our speaker.  We’re glad she made it.  Her news included an overview of the 2008-09 proposed municipal budget with kudos to our own Mark Sirois and his work as Chief of Police.  She spoke of the challenge of providing quality services within the confines of an affordable budget.  This being the second year of the phased-in revaluation, it won’t be easy.  Other interesting tidbits included positive changes to Main Street with the opening of Gateway Square and some juicy gossip about WalMart/Target looking at sites in town.  And Andy Andreo let us know that the new PetSmart opening at the former Ames location will offer 24/7 veterinary services.

Thanks to Don Hallquist, we closed with one verse of “God Bless America”.

Buh-bye as H.G. Scribe for this year,

   Empress of the World


High Gear -- February 20, 2008

Judging by the interest in today’s speaker, there is no point with following the usual text agenda for High Gear.  Let’s just cut to the chase!

 Today’s speaker was Matthew Menchetti, the new managing tenant of what used to be the East Hartford Golf Course and is now going to be known as Long Hill Country Club.  Mr. Menchetti has the contract with the Town of East Hartford to make major improvements to the golf course, restaurant, and pro shop, and manage it all year-round.  Highlights of what are planned include some not so “sexy” improvements (mostly invisible to the naked eye) like drainage, silt removal in streams, and pruning of unsafe trees.  But a lot of the rest of what he mentioned sounds like it will really bring in golfers and non-golfers alike.  These include a re-vamped restaurant in a “grille room” style with flat screen TV and full service menu with liquor; an improved driving practice area, expanded pro shop, and a major facelift for interior decorations.  The first, and most important question asked, was whether or not the greens fees were going to increase.  The answer is “not now”.  Weather permitting, look for a Good Friday opening (that’s March 21 for the rest of us).

Many thanks to Program Committee folks Pat Gately (in absentia in Florida; wonder if she saw Chuck Clarke on the greens down there?) and Sheryl O’Connor for this and a string of good programs.

And did I mention that this was Sue Klock’s first stab as Acting President?  She said she was nervous but you couldn’t tell from where I sat.  We are blessed with a good string of once and future Presidents.  Our Club is so strong in so many ways.

Dan Russell ably performed the invocation and we dove into a lunch of pork roast, mashed potatoes,carrots, and chocolate mousse. The perfect meal for a cold and blow-y day up at the Ridge.

Guests today were serenaded by leaders Dan Larson and Tom Westbrook.  They of the matching camel hair jackets.  In at least one case a lot of “camel” had to die for that jacket.  Guests were the handsome and smarter brother of Guy LaBella, Ross; Glen Peterson’s Magnet School Assistant Principal Jen Michaud, Past District Governor Everett Watson, and Ted Marina.  Ted bought ten raffle tickets and his monetary effort today paid off.  And then announcements……

Fireside Chats are finishing up.  Co-hosts, please give attendance rosters to Secretary George Schoen so he can give attendance credit.

Good health test results for Tom Galvin were applauded (and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good news coming for Roy Spiller).  Tom Jarish was celebrating his son’s acceptance to East Catholic.  Happy Birthday to Dan Russell (no singing) and John McNaughton (singing).  Mary Martin (who?) paid to ask for news of any vacant garage that could house her hubby’s ‘Vette. 

Mike Malinguaggio and Ted Mosebach let us know that Don Pitkin was back in the hospital.  As a follow-up to that, I found out that he should be released to Riverside Health Care Center on Main Street in East Hartford shortly.   Don told Mike to tell everybody at Rotary “hello”.  Cards would be appreciated for both Don and Larry Churchill.

We sat at tables according to our Raffle Ticket Sales Teams.  Tom Galvin very pointedly reminded us that we are doing this raffle because WE said we wanted to do another raffle so quit your griping or come up with a better suggestion for raising these kinds of significant funds.  Keep in mind that the “great things” we do as a Club in this community need money.  Plain and simple.  So get out there and sell, sell, sell!  And while you are at it, be sure to legibly complete the information needed on the ticket stub and front of your ticket sales envelope.  Your help on this will make us legal with the State of Connecticut.  Tom does not look good in orange.

Not verbally announced but printed here in High Gear:  Kathy McCabe is working on the Paul Harris and 80th Anniversary of East Hartford Rotary Dinner.  Factoids for Rookie Members: Paul Harris was the founder of our great organization; East Hartford was chartered in 1928. 

Dinner this year will be at The Gallery in Glastonbury on Wednesday, March 26.  Cocktails at 6:30; Dinner at 7:30; for only $40 per person.  A sign-up will be going around next week for meal choices of Filet Mignon, Bake Stuffed Shrimp, or Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breast.  Please put this on your social calendar and check with your significant other, or guest, to see what dinner they choose.  There is no Noon meeting that day.  Bring a check to pay in advance, please.

A note to the sponsors of new members:  please make a special effort to urge your new member to attend and bring a guest.  The banquet is a stress-free way of getting to know other Club members and recognize those who will receive Paul Harris Recognition for their “Service Above Self”.  Meals at The Gallery are good, too.

And the best thing about Acting President Sue?  We closed at 1:20 with one verse of “God Bless America”.

Bill, feel free to take another vacation.  We are in good hands.

Empress of the World


High Gear -- February 13, 2008

I hear Gil Wishart did an exemplary job with the invocation today.  Sorry I missed it but this job keeps cutting into my day.

About 50 hardy Rotarians and some guests slogged their way to the top of The Ridge for a lunch of Hot Cross Buns, baked chicken and heart-shaped cookies.  The guests were mostly provided courtesy of Guy LaBella.  They included his wife, Jeanna, brother Ross, and a colleague of Jeanna’s by the name of Cheryl Cardone.  I hope we made a good impression on them.  Peter Klock introduced Anwar Hossain, an architect from Manchester (who just happens to work with Rick Lawrence of the Manchester Rotary Club).  Come see us again, Anwar, but don’t tell Rick.

It was good and bad news from Dan Firestone today.  The good news is Past President (85-86) John Horn is doing well in Florida after double valve surgery (one pig, one cow, and a partridge in a pear tree).  You can send a card to John at 1016 Manor Lake Drive, Unit  #201 Naples, FL 34110 The unfortunate bad news is the passing of our Past President from 1971-72, James A. Melley, Sr.   Please check the 2/12/08 Hartford Courant for information on wake and funeral arrangements.  Thanks, Dan, for keeping us in touch with our past.

It took the talented fingers of Don Hallquist on piano to make Glenn Peterson and Larry Frazier’s leading of the Welcome Song sound good. 

Some of the not-so-musical accompaniment at today’s meeting was the sound of ice crashing down on the roof.  Of course, Herb Tischofer wouldn’t know that since he is still down in warm, if not sunny, Florida.  On the other hand, there’s folks like Frank Collins who does his make-up meeting by attending a New England Rotary President-Elect Train the Trainer seminar up in Nashua, NH.  Now that’s showing us something!

Announcements provided by Sgt.-At-Arms Jack Ghagan:  Sue Klock paid for her birthday and then Peter approached Jack and insisted on paying, too.  How chivalrous!  Mike Malaprop Malinguaggio paid for his anniversary and Art Apostol paid for his 29th wedding anniversary (another Cupid’s arrow!).  And Judge Herb Barall paid for his grandson getting 31 points but we are not sure what the category was.  Last but not least, Don Munson is a hero (applause, applause).  This new(er) member was very generous in coming forth to the Sarge and insisting on paying “handsomely” for missing two meetings.  Now that’s called setting a good example.

Folks, give a shout out (that’s what the kids say) to Frank Kreson who is currently convalescing at Manchester Hospital.  We will keep you posted on Frank’s future address.  We miss you, Frank.  Please keep in touch.

President Bill let us know that Bill Leone will be in better voice next week to give us our annual up-date on the Scholarship account.  Fireside Chats continue.  Please keep up the good attendance.  And George Agnelli reported through Bill that a former recipient of one of our scholarships, Anna Drodziak, is now working in the Correspondence Office of The White House.  Oh well, I guess not every recipient can be a success story.  Only kidding!

Up-coming meetings will be include an up-date on the Golf Course, and the week after a program by East Hartford’s Mayor Melody Currey.  Sue Klock will be Acting President on February 20.  I guess Bill needed a vacation from us.

Dan Firestone handled today’s raffle by “allowing” Glenn Peterson to win AGAIN.  Glenn’s such a great guy, he placed the contents of the envelope in President Bill’s “Billy Bucks Bucket”.

Don Pitkin gave us word that this Saturday at 7 p.m. is the Java and Jazz show at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center.  And a sign-up list circulated around to get reservations for a Rotary table at the Mayor’s Charity Ball (to be held March 8th at the Club at Rentschler).  This year’s beneficiaries will be “Circle of Life, Arts for All” (the non-profit arts group led by Herb and Reggie Barall) and East Hartford Inter-faith Ministries.  And while you are filling your social calendar, be sure to mark August 9th as the annual trip to Saratoga.  More news will be forthcoming.

Our speaker today was Alden C. DuPont of the Putnam Rotary Foundation ( P.O. Box 604, Putnam CT, 06260).  He gave an illustrated talk on a “Lifewater” project with the object of mitigating poverty through empowerment.  In other words, teaching the residents of places like Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Haiti how to drill water wells to provide sanitary water sources for drinking and agricultural uses.  One look at the face of a child of Kenya and a picture of the muddy stream from which water is brought one bucket at a time is enough to tell of the need for this project.  Donations may be made to the non-profit at the address written above.

We closed with one verse of “God Bless America”, despite what was announced.  We sounded good, too.

Stay warm and dry,

   The Empress of the World


High Gear -- February 6, 2008

Where was everybody?  Our meeting at the Ridge seemed sparsely attended.  And then Secretary George Schoen gave me the make-ups.  “Everybody” is in Florida!  At least Dan Russell (back already), Chuck Clarke, Dick McCarthy, Doug Willett, and Sam Leone are.  On a damp, raw day like today, they sure know how to make the rest of us jealous.  While we are on the subject of make-ups, Frank Collins paid visits to Shreveport, LA for Rotary Leadership Institute training on two days and then went to Poughkeepsie, NY for Foundation Training.

Well, anyway, George Schoen read a lovely invocation to get us stalwarts started with the meeting.  And then Krause Caterers served our traditional Ash Wednesday fare of baked fish, Spanish rice, cole slaw, and a platter of cookies for the table.

There are going to be two committee meetings next week, both at 11:30.  The Vocational Service Committee (Jacoby, Lessard, Andreo, Bys, Christmas, Churchill, Colwell, Harris, Kelleher, Moshovos, Sayre, Shemo and Spiller) need to know this.  And the Family Committee (Wishart, Cassala, Liss, Mosebach, and Richmond) should be paying attention to this paragraph right now.

The better looking sibling of Guy LaBella, Ross LaBella, was our only guest.  Nonetheless, John Mozzicato with the help of George Stewart, led us in a rousing version of the Welcome Song.

It was now time for Sgt.-At-Arms Jack Ghagan to give his report.  Herb Barall paid a fine in thanks for Mo Moshovos tracking down his umbrella.  It apparently went flying down the hill in that “hurricane” after last week’s meeting.

 Stu Harris paid because some team won the Super Bowl (or was it the Superb Owl?); then Steve Bates paid because somebody hit a home run at the end of the Super Bowl; and then Jackie Danise insisted it was fly-by-night team called the Giants that won the Super Bowl.  Yeah, whatever.  And then we sang happy birthday or happy anniversary to Brian Liss and Jim Reik (anniversary) and Spurgeon Stokes (birthday).  Congrats guys!    

Announcements from President Bill:  Fireside Chats have begun.  This is our opportunity to break down into smaller groups, get to know some newer members, and discuss issues of importance to our Club and the community.  It is very important that you contact the Host or Co-Host to let them know if you cannot attend or need to choose a different time/locale.  The hosts provide seating and refreshments and need a head count.

Kudos to Sue and Peter Klock for their immunization work in Bangladesh and the good publicity surrounding it.  While on that subject, we thank Art Bradbury and Don Hallquist for their consistently fine public relations coverage of Club events.

And more:  Dan Russell and Roy Spiller were honored with Paul Harris pins with four and three diamonds added, respectively.  These are in recognition of their level of giving to the Foundation.  Thank You Notes from two 3rd  grades were circulated acknowledging our dictionary donations.  Superintendent of Schools Marion Martinez accepted a check in the amount of $15,000 as Rotary’s contribution to “Project Lead the Way”.  This project promotes a nationally-based curriculum of science and technology beginning in the 8th grade.  Marion promises to give us periodic up-dates.

“Spurgeon’s Raffle” was won by the very deserving Kathy McCabe.

Our speaker today, introduced by his fellow Town Council member and Rotarian Don Pitkin, was Rev. Eric Thompson.  The Reverend spoke of his experiences traveling to India to provide up-close support to a 40-child orphanage sponsored at a distance by his church.  He will soon travel to Guatemala on a similar mission but this time to a 300-child orphanage.  The need is great for these “little lambs”.  One of the most heartwarming connections made during his talk was the story of how church services were held in a community hall sponsored by Rotary.  This reminds us that we are a part of Rotary International.

We closed with one verse of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.

See you at the Fireside Chat,

                Empress of the World


High Gear -- January 30, 2008

The meeting format was a bit unusual to accommodate Atty. Gen. Blumenthal’s schedule.  He could only speak from 12:15 to 12:45 so he spoke first and we had lunch following his address.  Mr. Blumenthal spoke about a number of issues he and his office currently have on the agenda.  One of the issues is the harm done to investors who invested in things that have dropped significantly in value do to the sub-prime crisis.  Many companies were highly rated and touted by investment banks but were backed by sub-prime loans.  Lots of regular folks, probably some of us, have suffered as a result, and his office is looking into the possibility of fraudulent practices relating to some investments.  Another current issue is unsafe toys, particularly those with lead paint from China.  When toys are recalled, the US companies like Mattel do it voluntarily and the toys often stay on the shelves.  He also spoke about the tobacco settlement, how the state is only using a small portion of the money for anti-tobacco programs and the health care ramifications of the use of tobacco.  As always Mr. Blumenthal was an interesting speaker and he answered a few questions at the end of his talk.

The invocation was given by President Bill Saunders.


            Fireside Chats begin next week.  If you can’t make your assigned meeting please call the host and let him/her know.  Remember they are preparing food and drinks and need to know how many people will attend.  Also, if you would like to attend on another day be sure to call that host to see if there is room for you and to get permission to attend at his/her home.  Thanks to Steve Tamiso for once again organizing the Fireside Chats.  They are great opportunities to get to know other club members.  Don’t miss out.

            Upcoming Programs:     2/6 Eric Thompson to talk about trips to India and Guatemala; 2/13 Alan DuPont, the chairperson of the district’s Water, Health, Hunger Committee; 2/20 East Hartford Golf Course; 2/27 Mayor Curry’s State of the Town

            Some members have recently resigned for work and personal reasons: Phyllis Demers, Marcia LeClerc, Bob Popp, and Jill Fahey.  As a club we now have 94 members.

            Group Study Exchange:   The Swedish group will be staying with the Manchester club for a week and they will visit East Hartford on Wednesday, April 23 for the club meeting and to participate in the Senior Prom that evening.  There will also be an evening welcoming event at Manchester Country Club on Tues, April 22.

GUESTS, were serenaded by members of the Board of Directors.

Ø      Andy Skarzynski, Associate Principal of Two Rivers Magnet Middle School

Ø      Michael Palladino, CEO of 1st New England Credit Union

Ø      Bud Salemi, long time friend of Dan Larson (and many others) and now involved with     the construction of the Goodwin College on Riverside Drive

Ø      Ross LaBella, Guy’s brother

Ø      Sonya Richmond, development coordinator at Goodwin College

Ø      Paula Flack, member of the new Hockanum River Commission

Ø      Tina Orlowski, friend of Kathy McCabe

Ø      Mayor Melody Curry

SGT-AT-ARMS  Steve Tamiso and Johnny Mo celebrated birthdays.  Roy Spiller celebrated 41 Rotary years.  Happy dollars for a variety of nice things.

Brian Liss won the raffle.

Glen Peterson editor


High Gear -- January 23, 2008

Glen Peterson editor

Invocation today was by me, and I presented the club with the book “Graces” which is a collection of invocations for a variety of occasions.

We had one guest today, Elizabeth Cenci from Goodwin College. She was serenaded with the “Welcome Song” by Dan Firestone and Lacee Colwell, accompanied by Don Hallquist.

Today’s Sergeant-at-Arms was John Mozzicato.  Tom Westbrook is celebrating 38 years in Rotary.  Tom, Mary Sullivan, and Steve Jacoby are celebrating birthdays.  Lots of happy dollars were donated by football fans and for pictures in the paper. Mark Sirois paid for his daughter’s birthday. President Bill paid a fine because his cell phone went off during the board meeting.  Jim Fallon paid because Neal Cunningham wore a suit today. 

MAKE-UPS  Frank & Ceil Collins attended the Past Officers reunion in San Diego for 5 days.


            Mary Martin’s mother, Sylvia Goode, passed away.  Our thoughts are with Mary and her family.

            Anyone bringing guests to next week's meeting with Attorney General Blumenthal should call President Bill if you haven’t been counted already.

            We received thanks from the 3rd graders at Langford School for the dictionaries and from the Talking Books program for our donation.  Our donation to Talking Books is being used to defray the costs of building a sound proof recording room at the library.   

We had terrific coverage in this week’s Gazette.  A photo on the cover and an article about the Ambassadorial Scholarship by Bill Secord also appeared.

            Future Programs:  Next week Attorney Gen Blumenthal; 2/6 Eric Thompson to talk about trips to India and Guatemala; 2/13 Alan DuPont, the chairperson of the district’s Water, Health, Hunger Committee

            We received a nice thanks and certificate from the Salvation Army.  Jack Sayre went to a post bell-ringing meeting and was presented with the certificate.

            Posters about the car raffle are in and available for members to use.

            Spurgeon announced that former member Albee Trieber was in the hospital in Florida.


            There are 4 different committee meetings next Wednesday prior to the lunch.  All at 11:30:  International, Program,  Vocational Service, Family


            Today’s program was a Club Assembly.  President Bill began a discussion about how we donate our money.  We have budgeted about $47,000 to give to various groups this year.  Most of the money goes to scholarships $12,000 and to Project Lead the Way $15,000.  There is a long list of recipients such as Shelter Box ($2000) and lots of groups receiving $1000 or less.  In recent years contributions have been just under $50,000.  Bill is asking the club if we feel this is an appropriate level of funding and is the mix of recipients appropriate. 

            Doug Willet wrote a lengthy report based on the Membership Committee focus groups.  Bill presented the membership with the summary of ideas that came from Doug’s report.  Members had questions about some of the items on the list.  Items from the list of recommendations as well as the questions about our donations will be used for Fireside Chats.


High Gear -- January 16, 2008

Lunch consisted of a garden salad, spaghetti & meat balls, Italian bread, and red Jell-O.

The only guest was Deb Isenberg from Glastonbury. The “Welcome Song” was led by John Shemo and Sheryl O’Conner accompanied by the maestro, Don Hallquist.

Sgt-at-Arms, Johnny Mo said there were slim pickings, but Moe Belanger celebrated 39 years in Rotary and Dan Firestone celebrated 32.  Tom Jarish paid for his birthday on 12/26.  There were a variety of happy dollars for pictures in the paper, dentistry, to support football teams, and to celebrate family academic accomplishments.


The board of directors will meet on Monday, 1/21.  Because it is a holiday we won’t be meeting at the usual location, but at the Goodwin College construction office at 195 Riverside Drive.

Next week’s program will be Club Assembly.  The following week (1/30) our Attorney General, Dick Blumenthal will join us.  If you are planning to bring a guest please let President Bill know so we can alert the caterers.

Ambassadorial Scholarship.  Please get the word out. We haven’t had an applicant in 3 years.  West Hartford had one applicant each of the 1st 2 years and has 3 this year.

The International Committee and the Program Committee will both meet next Wednesday at the Ridge at 11:30 prior to the regular lunch meeting.

Doug Willett wrote a lengthy report on the Future Search process.  The board will review it; decide how to share the information with members, and how to use some of the information during the upcoming Fireside Chats.

Fireside Chats: Thanks again to Steve Tamiso for organizing the event.  We have 6 hosts and co hosts (thanks to all of you).  All members have been assigned on various dates in Feb.  If you cannot attend the scheduled evening, please call the host.  If you would like to attend a different meeting, please call that host to make sure there is room for you.

We’ve been getting some good press this year.  A picture of Roy Spiller and friends appeared in the Rotary District Newsletter and lots of great articles and photos have been appearing in the Gazette.

Health Issues:  Mike Malinguaggio’s wife recently had heart bypass surgery.  Past Pres John Horn also had heart surgery in Florida.  Jackie Danise’s husband Molly is recovering well from his recent heart surgery.

The Raffle was won by Bill Secord

Make-ups:  Steve Jacoby, Tri-town Club

PROGRAM:  Brian Liss and Tom Galvin shared information about the car raffle. We’re again raffling a Toyota Prius Hybrid.  Thanks to Skip Guillemette and Lynch Toyota. Ten teams were created with captains and co-captains.  Members were given 4 books or 10 tickets and envelopes.  We need to be very accurate and keep track of all tickets.  There are serious legal issues here that we must respect.  Each member will keep a list of who bought each ticket on a sheet of paper (to come) as well as on the ticket stubs.  When members have sold an entire book they need to record who purchased each ticket and the method of payment on the front of the envelopes.  The envelopes with ticket stubs and cash/checks are to be given to the team captains or co-captains only.  Only entire books should be handed in.  Captains will contact team members regularly and the club will organize events to help sell tickets.  We can earn $25,000 to help pay for scholarships and other charitable efforts through this raffle.

Written by Glen Peterson.


High Gear -- January 9, 2008

This Wednesday we were hosted by Cabela’s at Rentschler Field in central East Hartford. The crowd was strong with an attendance of 67. As we entered many faces lined at the upper railing greeting all. The day had turned warm and sunny with temps heading into the 60’s. The only thing missing were the melodious chords of Don’s piano.

President Bill rang the bell at 12:15 on the dot and the Rotary song resounded through the building. We were treated to Spurgeon holding a ½” pin of the American Flag for the Pledge, but it was loud and clear. President Bill gave the invocation.

Lunch was a top notch buffet composed of roast beef, turkey, ham and 3 types of cheese, three types of salads and a selection of drinks and coffee. Many mounded plates and headed back to the tables.

Our meeting portion of the day began promptly at 12:45 with the introduction of guests: Jennifer McNaughton was introduced by John McNaughton, Marybeth Reid by Guy Labella, Lacy Peterson by the abusive Dan Larson PP, and Chirag Thaker by Dan Russell. Also in the crowd was Ruthy Sheehan. It was great to see Leroy Spiller back with us on a regular basis. Tom Westbrook valiantly led us in the welcome song.

Sergeant at Arms Johnny Mo reported that we had some significant anniversaries, George Stewart 44 years, Don Hallquist 43 years, Peter Klock 18 years and Larry Hangland 8 years. Celebrating first years were John Kelleher and Sheryl O’Connor. Also, we had some WOW birthdays Mike Malinguaggio with 87 years and Nick Cecere with 76. On that note Nick also paid for being off to Aruba; poor Dave Amberg after living through college football season paid for ND’s victory over the UCONN men in basketball and was booed. John McNaughton paid for OUR Sergeant at Arms being the best dressed at the meeting; Steve Bates for the Giants wins and Art Apostol for the Patriots wins. In the Tortoise and Hare category young Tim Larson lost to his elder brother Dan in the Brian Aselton Memorial Snow Dash….that must have been quite a sight.


A special thanks to Pat Gately for arranging the Cabela’s meeting and to Rich Hyland of Cabela’s for hosting the meeting. Rich is the Store Manager who spoke and answered questions for as long as we had questions. In short, the East Hartford store is one of the largest with over 400 employees. It is the leading new store and will be one of the top attractions in the state. As the store gets up to speed, they will be opening a boat house for sales and service. In addition, they will be sponsoring activities for youth instruction in various outdoor actives. It came to East Hartford because of the central location and the access off the major roads. Also, we heard from Sean Langdon, the Firearms Manager, who fielded various questions regarding bow hunting and sales of various guns.  

See you at the Ridge next week.   JFM Jr.


High Gear -- January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!  The club held a Wine and Cheese Social to celebrate the New Year.

2008 is the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese (and Japanese) Zodiac Calendar.  In China and Japan the rat is not a symbol of disdain as it is in the West.  Instead those born during the Year of the Rat are considered to be witty, imaginative, and curious.  “Rats” are full of good advice and are honest, but they may become aggressive or self-promoting.  The rat is the first of twelve zodiac signs and people born during the following years are considered rats: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924, and 1912.  I know that rats are wonderful people as both my daughter and I are rats and all the above characteristics are true (except for the self promoting part).

The invocation was given by Frank Collins.

Today’s meal consisted of stuffed peppers with potatoes and turnips and rice pudding.

Over 70 people attended today’s meeting including guests, which is a big turnout for January when so many of our members move to warmer climes. It was great to see Roy Spiller back at the Ridge after a year away due to health issues.  This week’s guests included three particularly lovely spouses: Reggie Barall, Charlotte Bradbury, and Jay Stewart.  In addition we had program related visitors from East Hartford High School’s Dance Team: Billy Montgomery, Amanda Townsend (and her mother Sheryal), Rachael Nystrom, and Phillip McGhan.


The welcome song was led by Chuck Clarke and Mike Malinguaggio.

Jack Ghagan was the substitute Sergeant-at-Arms.  He collected lots of money from Carol Krantz who paid for a birthday, a new car, and for 10 years in Rotary.  Pat Gately and Guy LaBella also celebrated birthdays.  Don Pitkin paid for a picture in the paper.  Andy Andreo and Spurgeon Stokes paid to celebrate Roy Spiller’s return.


New member Keith Thompson passed away over the holidays.  Keith transferred his membership from the Broadbrook Club earlier this year.  Prior to joining our club Keith frequently made up meetings in East Hartford.  Visiting Hours are tonight (1/2) from 7:00-9:00 at the Carmon-Windsor Funeral Home @ 807 Bloomfield Ave. in Windsor.  The funeral will be tomorrow (1/3) at 11:00 at the 2nd Baptist Church of Suffield which is located at 100 North St. (Rt 75).

Member Louise Mazzioli received her permanent badge. 

The club sends out its prayers and good wishes to ailing member Larry Churchill and to Molly Danise (Jackie’s husband) and Nancy Larson (Tim’s wife) who are both at home recovering from recent heart surgeries.

We received lots of thank you cards. 

Ø      From Sue and Helen for Christmas bonuses.  Sue also announced that she has retired from Krauss Catering. 

Ø      From Interval House and Intercommunity Mental Health for donations

Ø       From students and principals for receiving the dictionaries.


Next week’s meeting (1/9/08) will be held at Cabella’s

In two weeks, on 1/16, we will have the kick-off for this year’s car raffle.  A meeting for team captains and co-captains (they know who they are) will be held tomorrow night (1/3) at the YMCA from 5:30-6:30.

President Bill would like to hold another breakfast for new and relatively new members next week on Friday, 1/11 at 7:30, probably at the Holiday Inn.  This would include all members who have joined since 7/1/06.  Bill promises that the meeting will conclude promptly at 8:30.  Please call or e-mail him if you can make it.

The East Hartford Gazette recognized our Rotary Club as part of its top stories of 2007 because of our purchase and installation of the scoreboard at McKenna Field.

Gil Wishart is the chair of the club’s Family Committee.  He’d like to have a meeting to plan a spring family event.  The meeting(s) will be held prior to a Wednesday luncheon.  If you have any interest in promoting family activities please call or e-mail Gil.

Thanks to Jack Sayre for coordinating the Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  He reported that we raised $3663 this year, a near record amount. Jack thanked all those who participated and particularly those who brought family members such as Louise Mazzioli who brought her husband and her dog.

The Senior Prom will be held on April 23.  Save the date.

Steve Tamiso is organizing the Fireside Chats for February.  Chats will be held on the following dates.  We are still looking for some hosts and co-hosts so please call or e-mail Steve is you can help as either a host or co-host on one of the open dates.





Tuesday 2/5



Thursday 2/7

Bill Leone

Tom Galvin

Monday 2/11

Roy Spiller


Wednesday 2/13


Don Munson

Tuesday 2/19

Dan Larson


Thursday 2/21


Bob Richmond

Today’s Raffle was won by Moe Belanger.


…was introduced by Herb Barall (aka Nate).  About five years ago a dance team was formed at East Hartford High under the leadership of Herb’s wife Reggie.  The team participates in district competitions with dancers from other high schools.  They also participate in regional competitions as well as pay visits to nursing homes and elementary schools to entertain and promote dancing.  Four members of the team visited us and performed salsa, cha-cha, tango, and swing dances.  Herb and Reggie then gave a command performance and wowed the membership with an Argentine tango.  President Bill remarked at the level of talented students at the high-school and reminded us of the wonderful singing and playing we enjoyed at the last meeting.  The students as well as their coaches were truly inspirational.

The meeting closed with “Auld Lang Syne,” although some of us didn’t know all of the words.

Written by Glen J. Peterson

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