Just a reminder -- if you are having trouble getting to weekly meetings for a month or so, consider visiting adjacent towns -- Manchester and Glastonbury  -- which have evening meetings, or check other clubs' meeting schedules on the district website *-- also try an e-meeting once in a while. 

http://www.rotaryeclub7890.org/  our own District eclub!

*Within our district, double click on links here to quickly locate a club
either by Meeting Day http://www.rotarydistrict7890.org/MeetingDay.asp
or by Name / Location http://www.rotarydistrict7890.org/clubdata.asp

You cannot always rely on information on our High Gear printout because club's move around during the year -- witness our club's annual diaspora to make way for the Hilltop Haunted Mansion at the VMC.

New Broad Brook Club meets 6:30 Tuesday evenings, at Sam Buca's 110 Main Street in Broad Brook, CT
Rotary encourages visiting area clubs, not just when you are far from home
Catch them if you can.

Note the District and RI sites are not always up-to-date on all meeting locations.  Call ahead if you can.  Check with a member of the club where you plan to visit.  Check a club's website.  Easily found via Google.

Questions about Rotary International, double click:  http://www.rotary.org/
Questions about  District 7890, double click:  www.rotarydistrict7890.org

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